First vs. Second POV in choices

The story I’m planning is heavily character-driven, with a lot of introspection from the player’s character that varies depending on your personality. I’ve decided to write it in second person, since that’s what I and most others (as far as I’m aware) prefer to read in when playing COG games. The problem comes with the choices. If I stayed consistent with second person, I fear it might sound like the author’s telling the reader how to feel, rather than something more personal. For example:
“You were a fool to think that you played no part in this.”
“I was a fool to think that I played no part in this.”

I was thinking that I could write the choices in first person, and the overall book in second. However, that might cause a dissonance that breaks the flow/immersion. I remember reading a story that used this format (don’t remember the name, could’ve been a WIP) and I personally didn’t have an issue with it, but I’m not most people.


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