First info on Pluto from New Horizons' flyby!


This may be a bit outside people’s interests here on this forum but the New Horizons probe flew by Pluto yesterday and the first of the info it gathered during the flyby has arrived, including a high res image showing a lack of craters in that particular area and tall mountains. It’s been speculated to be geologically active. I’ve got more interest in this than knowledge, but is anyone else here a science nerd?


Uhm, I’ve looked it up on wikipedia a few times (and pretty much ever other object in the solar system, mainly for naming some of my characters) (And a whole lot of (altered) pictures from 9gag about the subject.) Does that count?


Well I’m a physics major and astronomy minor, so yes? :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t been paying too much attention to the overall information of the flyby, just the basic stuff. I’ll probably post my own ideas later, when I’ve read more information.


We pay attention to that filthy non-planet?
(Just kidding pluto isn’t filthy)
I’m a nerd but I don’t watch the news so I miss all this important stuff.
I’m gonna research more before I make my opinion.


There’s all sorts of information on New Horizons [here][1]. And pictures!

Isn’t it a ‘dwarf planet’ at the moment? Or is there even a consensus?

And, ice mountains! Remember the days of ‘LIFE ON MARS?!?’ Maybe it’ll be Life On Pluto next. Poor Pluto does deserve some attention after all the demoting these last few decades.

And yes, I am a huge science nerd, I admit, and astronomy is right up there with theoretical physics and nonlinear mathematics, in my book, so I’ve been excited to hear about the early data.


I was definitely following! I read The Martian on the same day we got New Horizons info, so it was a wonderful day of GOTTA GO TO SPACE.

(Okay, The Martian is all about Mars trying to kill the protagonist, but still. GOTTA GO TO SPACE!)


I read somewhere that one of the new requirements to be considered a full planet is having a strong enough gravitational field to be able to clear their orbital path of debris, and I guess Pluto doesn’t have that qualification.


You’ll hurt pluto’s feelings.


I don’t know much although I’m very interested in this.


I am one of those persons who wish for space exploration soon. I would volunteer to join a colony. This is VERY interesting. But seriously all space info is greatly appreciated.


One part of me would love to be on a colony, because of exploration and space and all that neat stuff, but another part of me would hate it because the ping would be just awful.


Come on they will find a way to do some space internet or something. There’s alway a way. And if not then you can alway compensate by driving your own spaceship!


If we get sent to colonies in other planets, there should be internet so we can still play CoGs, HGs and WiPs.


Imagines getting a ping of 2000 in the space colony.

Oh dear god…

Still would be worth it though as long as I have some good offline games to play.


Just to bring some science into this. There’s a hard limit for our all our communications technology of the speed of light. As an on topic example, when New Horizons started transmitting back all the data it had acquired yesterday it took roughly four and a half hours for the signal to reach earth. I also read that New Horizons transmits at about 2 Kilobits per second, which is slower than a 56k modem.


Ping of 2000? Lol mate.

Multiply that by 20. Now cube that.

That’s your ping.


Well if you really need to play in multiplayer I doubt lan wouldnt work. There would probably be a sort of central you could connect into to join others on the planet too.


I’m not sure what you think LAN is but it would work just the same on other planets as it does here. In other words it’d be limited to your immediate Local Area.


Thats why I doubt it wouldnt work. I know what LAN is.


6400000000000 As a ping?!?!?!?!?
Can you imagine the lag on all your multiplayer games?
you would be getting .000000005 frames per second.

I’m with cyanide now LAN is where its at.