First college interview


First college interview in a few hours and I’m kinda losing my mind… Anyone have any advice for how to not completely and utterly embarrass myself? And any tips on how to suppress vomiting would be lovely as well.


Damn. Wish I could help. I can only reassure you that you’ll do fine.


Just answer the questions from your heart - if you feel passionate about something they ask about, explain why you are passionate about that subject.

They know you will be coming in anxious and nervous, so that aspect is something they see from everyone - you won’t be the only one. If you can, take a look around you and enjoy all the little things you see - that really helped me - I concentrated on listening to the questions, answering from my heart and enjoying all the little things I was seeing in the interview room.


Most likely everyone they will interview are feeling just as nervous. I’ve never been in a college interview, just job interviews, but I tend to do two things.

The first one is letting the interviewer know at the start that I am nervous, and make a little joking comment about hoping that I don’t make a fool of myself. That tends to break the ice in my own brain, if they know I am nervous, I don’t have to pretend to be cool and unfazed.

The second one is breathing. Preferably before the meeting. Just take a while in the bathroom and breathe. Deeply, slowly. Cold water also helps, sometimes I just let it run over my hands to have something to distract me. I tend to be nervous and be there quite ahead of time, so the bathroom is my best friend there. The breathing rhythm I use is breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, breathe out with a bit of force for eight seconds, Or around there.


First of all, you can do this! Look over some common interview questions that are typically asked and plan answers. I know at one point I was asked “How has your high school prepared you for college?” among other things. If you have a resume bring it with you and be prepared to talk about experiences in and outside the classroom pertaining to your resume. Dress professionally and don’t forget to breathe.
I know the college application process is really stressful. Although I don’t know your credentials I believe you will get in somewhere, and believe it or not what you do with your education is more important than where you go.
Having said that have faith in yourself. You’ve probably worked really hard to make it this far, and like the school you are interviewing with. Be sure the interviewer knows you know the school and what makes you drawn to it.
You got this! Good luck!
P.S. the Calm app might help with breathing/meditation if you feel sick before hand


Trying to act a certain way will screw you up more don’t think about how to act, just be yourself and you will show them the image they need to see and the one you want to show at the interview speak from your heart.


Completely concur with malinryden on the joke part. One of my interviews was MMI format conducted interstate, and I managed to say something embarrassing or commit a non sequitur at each station, but I’d laugh it off with “Sorry, just flew in this morning,” and make a joke about sleeping on planes. If you do do something embarrassing, you can use it as an opportunity to show you don’t take yourself super seriously. Chances are the interviewer would be feeling awkward as well.

As for avoiding those situations in the first place, don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat the question or specifically say, “I’m sorry, can I have a moment to think?” or even “Can I get back to you on that one?”

If worst comes to worst and you have to finish an answer but you’ve already dug yourself into an impossibly deep hole and there’s no time to change direction, I’d recommend just going forth with enthusiasm. With my example above, at some stations I realised I was going off-topic but ploughed on because I truly found the issue fascinating and they would definitely have seen that. If you’re making a mistake, at least make it passionate, so they’ll likely see youthful enthusiasm and earnest involvement. Then you can fix it afterwards (“Sorry, got carried away” + innocent smile) instead of stopping abruptly and making several false starts and ramping up the awkwardness like nobody’s business.

Apparently squeezing your left thumb in your fist suppresses the gag reflex if your nervousness is that bad. Maybe go for a walk around campus and try to imagine you’re on a treasure hunt or something.

Best of luck!


Oh welp, I guess I’m late to the party :sweat_smile:

A tip from me when I’m on my 1st interview: don’t over-explain.

Just say what needs to be said, never go roundabout and bertele-tele. You might invite more complicated questions than supposed, and you’re generally wasted too many time if you did that.

Other than that, don’t forget to keep smiling :blush:
Just don’t get too creepy :grimacing:


Thank you so much everyone, and although this may sound a little weird I feel a little better knowing you all care enough to comment advice. I will definitely take up the breathing techniques to calm myself, and the little snippets on how to get the conversation back on track and less awkward has helped me to think of more conversation segways in case I get stuck… So again, thank you, I really appreciate the support.
:blush: (Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain a non-creepy smile. Yay social awkwardness)


Research the college and bring up a lot of interesting facts about the college and how awesome it is and why it’s so much awesomer than all the other colleges. :yum: