First Bull Run - Completed demo - 89,000 words

First Bull Run demo link:
Dark background version:

This is a demo of my U.S. Civil War game. The player is a Union officer at the battle of First Bull Run.
Once it is done, I hope to make more stories following the main character through some of the early battles of the Civil War (Eastern Theater) as they work their way up the chain of command. I am going for as much historical accuracy as possible with this game, while allowing the player to influence the outcome of the battles and campaigns.

The demo has been complete and publicly available since June 11. It is currently undergoing public beta testing, with edits and improvements being implemented.

Violence warning: This game contains realistic war violence including death and mutilation, as well as violence against horses.

Your most affectionate and obedient servant,
Dan Rasmussen.

Discord link: Sailing and soldiering - Dan Rasmussen story group
(This discord contains additional stories that I have written and a choicescript sailing game that I programmed)

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@Random_Person @Snowflower Hey there, I know you two were asking questions and offering feedback on my demo. Here is the page for it. Thanks!

Random, to answer your questions from the other thread:

I intend to cover at least two battles with this game. If I get that far and get it published and whatnot, I will likely produce a sequel or two with more battles. That’s getting way ahead of myself, though. I still have to write this one, after all!

General of the army? It’s possible you could be general of an army. Currently, I imagine the player will achieve brigade command by the second battle… maybe divisional command by the third? Not really sure yet how it will all shake out.


I’m guessing that the story you want to tell has us gender-locked to male? That makes sense.

Also, will we get to name our PC?

I will have more feedback soon.


right now, i think yes, gender locked male. I could maybe add more options later, but since I’m going for high realism, that’s the way I’m leaning.

Player name will be customizable. I’ll probably add that tomorrow.

i think much more will be made customizable as I work. player info will also be available on the stat screen eventually. i would like the player to choose their own state and maybe a more in depth background.

For a lot of this stuff and other things that have been mentioned, I am currently pushing forward with the story to maintain my momentum. Small improvements will be made to the story as I go.

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming :slight_smile:


Can we be black? :rofl:


It looks fun, but I seem to be running into errors everywhere. Did this get quicktested?

A challenge for every writer here, I believe :sweat_smile:


I’m surprised to hear that but no it hasn’t been quicktested. I coded it all today in about 30 minutes of furious rush lol… I will fix it tomorrow.


@Facepalmcity Hey there, I just watched Glory tonight, one of my favorite movies for about 25 years now. However, I’m going for high realism. I may add options later that aren’t technically historically accurate. Not certain yet.


I love history and the Civil War is a very interesting part of it.

It’s understandable that we are locked into being a male, no worries here :laughing:

The only problem I have are the huge walls of words :laughing:

Make the huge sections smaller with ‘air’ between them, so reading will be more easier and more enjoyable.
(And can we have a black background with white font, please?)

Great work and I’m looking forward to more :grinning:


For sure! Either way, this is an interesting IF and I’ll be looking forward to what comes o7


@Queen_Zelda Thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean as I try the game now. More paragraph breaks, got it.

I can make a separate demo with white text on black background for you tomorrow :smiley: I am putting everything off until then because I’m already in bed with a dog sleeping on my feet.

Facepalmcity, o7


So which historical figures and battles are we going to meet, and will we face off against the likes of Lee or Jackson?

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Looking very good so far!

I love the way you build the atmosphere.

The only bug I noticed:
march line 225: invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block


I enjoy the settings and the story so far, it’s well done. Here is something I encountered:

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@YHGS and @AdvWall Thanks for the encouragement and feedback! I will fix the bugs this morning.

@Random_Person For battles, I think I will follow the eastern theatre. After First Bull Run, I think I will do the Peninsular Campaign and some of the Seven Days Battles. After that the logical progression is Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, etc. As for Lee and Jackson, you can’t really avoid either of them in the eastern battles. I think it’s safe to say you will run into Jackson’s troops at First Bull Run, though I’m not sure if I will mention him specifically.

Now, I will use everyone’s encouragement to drive myself to write. The goal is 9000 words by end of today. Hopefully, that means you all will “see the elephant” by nightfall. :sunglasses:


So what will the choice of either being a senator or attending West Point before the war affect our character and game?

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The bugs should now all be fixed. I need to get in the habit of using quicktest, that was really handy! I have also added an early version of the map I am working on.

Random, it should already affect some dialogue options.


A Civil War game sounds awesome. Would you ever think about expanding the scope of it and cover an officer’s entire career?


Thanks! I hadn’t considered that option, and in all honestly I probably wouldn’t do that, at least not with this game. It’s not a bad idea at all, just not really where my interest directs me.

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I see. Shame.