Firefox debugger keeps popping up


I know it has nothing to do with CoG, because its been an issue that started weeks before I started writing my game. Its the reason I switched from Firefox to Chrome, but seeing as I NEED Firefox to do my CoG, I’m stuck with this problem again.

Its just what the title says. Maybe 10 seconds into Firefox and the debugger pops up without any reason I can find. I’m running Win7, Firefox 23.0.1.


I don’t have the problem, but maybe this will help.


Appreciate the help, but I already tried that. :frowning:


I believe I found the problem. It appears to be Memory Fox. I went to Options & turned off Event Notifications.

Please leave this thread open until I can confirm there are no more instances of this error over a decent amount of time.

[edit] Yep, that was it. Please close this thread, thank you!