Finish polishing a hosted game

Okay, so I looked around a little and didn’t find anything specific to what I would like to inquire.
So when making a hosted game obviously I write, edit, gather art and icon, and beta test it. Hosted games will do the rest. In regards to editing, I cannot afford professional editing. Would my own editing, editing software and anything that comes from beta testing be sufficient? Thanks for answering.


Some HGs get editing assistance from the company post-submission, but most do not.

When you say “editing,” I am guessing you mean copy edit/line edit type of services, as opposed to developmental editing, which is more of pre-submission thing anyway? Frankly, most people use beta testers to help catch typos/continuity errors. Writers who use WiP threads and post as they write generally get helpful “developmental editing” suggestions from other forum goers.

So yes, with the size and complexity of these games, it’s just too much for one person to copy edit, line edit, developmental edit, etc. The author can get tunnel vision and miss stuff that others will catch. This is one of the reasons that beta testing is required before submission.

I hope this helps!


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Though I’m pretty new here too I have been working on my game a long time, one thing that helped me a lot is to be really organized with my “goto” and stats and all kind of variables using a mind map, it gives you a clear quick view of what jumps go where and what happens on what branch, I’d say that it would be much easy to build it along the writing of the story, but you could do it if you already finished it (though I don’t know if all that work would be helpful on that stage). I don’t know how much useful is this answer for you but here you go.


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