Fight Club (18+ Adults Only)


Fight Club (18+ Adults Only)

Hi everyone, first of all, happy 2014.

Just wanted to let you all know that you can check the progress of this game at the blog

Current version is 0.072.

Please leave your comments and suggestions there, at the blog. Not here. Please.

Link to the game is -

Thank you very much.


Very interesting game so far. I had an error on my second playthrough at the end when I selected the option that gave the ending with the landlord. The fight is pretty hard, too, though I did a lot better the second time around(still lost). Though I imagine it is suppose to be like that. The opponet seemed to be almost twice as strong as MC… Well, mine anyway.


Hi Outrageous, as Magma said, we’d prefer to get comments on Fight Club over at his blog.