Fifty Shades of Grey is a movie


So as some of you may know, inexplicably popular former Twilight Fan Fiction smut novel Fifty Shades of Grey now has it’s own full on big budget movie in production. Why? For the love of all that is good in this world… WHY?! Discuss.


O.O so…porn is going into the theaters?


I was not impressed by the book. The book was annoying because the MC Anastasia was terribly annoying :stuck_out_tongue: , or at least to me, she was. I wanted to learn more about Christian Grey and his past but no matter how many pages I skipped all I got was more of ‘stop biting on your lip, Anastasia, or I’ll want to bite on it’ (or something similar - and it drove me nuts v.v ).

The movie…eh. I’d only watch it when it comes to TV. Certainly wouldn’t pay for it.

And by the time that happens, my son will be old enough for me NOT to let that kind of content on our TV. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: As for why…well, imagine how much all those Fifty Shades of Grey fans would actually pay for the movie. :stuck_out_tongue: It was only a matter of time. In fact, if it had not been officially declare, I imagine fans would have made a home-made version and put it on YouTube. :stuck_out_tongue: Imagine that!


Yeah, that’s a movie that’s gotta be rated M. I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet, but based off what I’ve heard it sounds like it was a big hit. Movies never get the same recognition that the book gets though so it probably won’t do so well.


Ahaha, I’d say that depends on who they cast as Christian Grey. :wink: Or Anastasia Steele, I guess.




Just going to throw this out to my fellow single fellas out there: not a bad idea to dress up and hit the bars opening weekend. :wink: It’s Magical Mike all over again…

In all seriousness though, smut is a powerful force indeed. I don’t like 50 Shades of Grey, but I do respect it for what it is.


Isn’t emma watson the main character in the movie? Atleast, I read that somewhere


Weep humanity, weep.

Edit; Taaaaags.


Fifty Shades of Grey the movie…that seems pointless. You can just look up X rated videos for the same effect. XD


Or you could just go to one of those sites which i am not sure if I am allowed to name but it is one of those sites with people and them doing things


My inner Goddess wonders if it’ll be as inexplicably popular as the book…


Some people drooled for this and some don’t. I hated it, but my husband loved the damn book. I even burned the book and the next day he had a new copy and it was hard bound copy so it was harder to burn. I gave up and let him have his fun.

I remember another tittle with the same concept it was “Fifty Shades of Alice by Melinda DuChamp” and yeah the concept is the same only this different is that it’s Alice in smut land.


Jenny Trout’s readthrough is hilarious, and I can only imagine much more fun than the source material…


What if 50 Shades of Grey was a guyxguy novel and movie.
And Anastasia Steele was Adam Steele…
*contemplation intensifies*
:"> :"> :"> :">


Now, that, I’d watch. ^^


Urgh… Something that generated a popular following for being genuine trash, is now getting a movie that will probably be listed on alot of worst top ten movies of the year.

Why Hollywood? Why must you keep subjecting us to trash that you know is going to make bank but piss off alot of people in the process?

I’m a person who actually appreciates quality. I’m gonna go hunker down in my bunker and re-read Sunstone again.



I’d join you there ;D



Don’t count on Hollywood making a movie that has good character development, no overused cliches, and different stories, or good video game movies anytime soon.


Good video game movies? Hahahahahahahaha!!! Oh that’s a funny joke. But you got it wrong it’s supposed to be don’t expect a good video game movie ever!