Fields of Asphodel [WIP] [Updated 10.13.21]

Same on the dislike of wine, but I kinda wish there was a choice to reflect not liking it, but partaking anyway because “it’s what everyone else is doing” similar to the not cutting with water choice, but different in the sense that the MC doing this is just trying not to stick out, or be perceived as different. That MC would have the unfortunate side effect of being way weaker to it, though. :sweat_smile:


One bug to flag in addition to the ones already mentioned – the favorite color question doesn’t seem to account for capital letters, so it will recognize “purple” but not “Purple” (which is an issue on mobile phones which will usually auto-capitalize words).

Chapter two was really fun – I really enjoyed the dinner and the chance to express the MC’s personality and hear more about the others as well. I am also very intrigued and interested in the differences between Olympian and Chthonic magic so I hope that continues to be a theme! Especially for my snobby Olympian MC.

Speaking of which, I continue to enjoy the availability of the snobby options. They’re really fun! Though I do feel kind of bad for picking them, especially when everyone is mostly going out of their way to be welcoming (such a contrast with the usual version of the myth, this version of Hades is quite interesting). I especially enjoyed the dialogue option where my MC could say that she only related to Hekate because Hekate was a more refined conversationalist than the others, and I appreciated that Hekate herself even suggested my MC give the other characters a chance. I like how nuanced and not one-sided it all is, and how everyone is patiently encouraging my character to grow a little as a person. :slight_smile:

It’s such an interesting way to show status and class issues in a mythical setting.


Well yeah it should also depend on the player’s choices as well.

Rest assured that I am well aware of all of these things. Some of them will be reflected in choices eventually that may or may not be taken, others may be referenced or shown as the story moves on. At present, the PC hasn’t come into their full power, so some of these would be a bit out of place, but in time the story will get there, worry not.

I have plans for this. It may not go exactly as you’re expecting. :slight_smile:

I thought so too! I don’t merely intend to flip the script, but certainly no few antagonists will be on the Olympian side of things. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Ah, a good idea. I’ll see about adding something like this!

Ah, huh. I’ll see what I can do. I presumed no one would be capitalizing since it would appear in text in the middle of sentences, but you have a good point about the phones thing.


I don’t mean to rush you if it came out that way, your work is amazing.

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Saw this had been updated and got so excited! Awesome writing! Love the characters and look forward to seeing more.


Heya! It’s been updated since my last comment and I wanted to say I love it so far!
I love Makaria I hope we get more interactions with her soon ;o; she’s like a lil’ sibling or child that i just wanna :sob: hold and be nice too…

I love how there is like, no real super high stakes (yet?) in this story, like my friends aren’t dying nor is the world in danger of collapse and it’s like a nice, sort of mellow relaxing story (imo) where you get to interact with other characters and learn what their personalities is like!

one sugesstion is for the “free time/hobbies” options, love the plant stuff, (yay gardening!) it would be cool if we could get some artistic choices, like singing, playing music/instruments or sketching/painting and drawing your surroundings, garden architecture etc! ofc, this is not needed, :sweat_smile: i just noticed in the hobby section arts/music seems to be missing (I also do not know a whole lot about gree mythology so it could be that another god/godess is more fit for this part so the MC dosen’t do it i guess?)

anyways yea ;v; love it! will probably lurk on ur tumblr now heheh


Hey there! I’ve been wondering whether the story will cover a lot of the Underworld’s myths like Orpheus and Hercules doing their respective quest? If so, will there be time skips involved?

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Duly noted, and thank you! I had meant to include stuff like this and then just apparently forgot to do it, heh.

Some, but likely not all. Eventually there will be time skips, yes.


That reminds me I think you forgot to tell me something I asked before - I kind of forgot about it until now too :rofl:
Unless I’ve missed the answer? I dunno…

So just in case, it’s about the orchard. Up until now, we had I believe one to see it - as alternative to eating with the rest of the group. My MC is pretty social so he went with everyone, but that means I’ve missed all the gardening related content. Will that still be avaible later at a less “unconvenient” moment? I’ve checked that out in the code and it’s interesting and definitely fitting my character to try and take care of the tree etc.

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There will be other opportunities to do gardening related things, certainly. The fact that things are hard to grow in the Underworld is a rather significant plot point, after all. :slight_smile:


which of the NPCs take the initive? The male and nonbinary ones I mean. (My charater doesn’t like females that way.)

Hermes is the main one that comes to mind. Possibly Pyri as well. I doubt Hades or Charon would initiate things, but they might - it just may take them longer.

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Yeah it’s not so much which as when. For some players, Hermes already has, but of course it’s not simply a one-off opportunity. The others will take time and development to get there, and some may not outside of very specific circumstances; I haven’t totally worked it out yet.


me: ok im reserving judgement until i know the characters better
hades: protect me when im overwhelmed
hades: is nice
hades: has a dog and cute kid


This game is amazing and I adore it! Small note, you might want to add a temporary “this is the end of the demo” screen, for me it just froze on the save point 3 screen so I thought I had broken it or it was bugged lol


Eh, sorry, does it end in starting of chapter 3, it stays forever in loading.

Yep, that’s all there is so far! I’ll eventually add a screen saying so, per @alliebee 's suggestion above.


I am so glad I just checked this :joy: I’ve been trying to reload the page over and over again!

Your writing is utterly stunning! I cannot wait to see where you take us with this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love your writing style! You are quite a talented author. You have created interesting characters and a cute alternate tale of Persephone and Hades, and I really enjoyed the demo of your story. Keep up the amazing work!

Will Charon be a love interest?