Fields of Asphodel [WIP] [Updated 10.13.21]

I haven’t read this in a while and I’m not entirely sure if this has been addressed but I am glad that there is an option to play as a main character that has autism. Media tends to exaggerate it to its worst so it’s nice to have an appropriate example to read. It also helps that I really enjoy the book as well.


This is slightly spammy, but I have to @ Pyri, and maybe everyone else who shares a hobby but be warned; this is a rabbit hole you might not be able to climb out of if you find these sorts of things deeply satisfying to see come together.

The "spammy thing" @ Pyri is a youtube video...

And maybe a future gift idea they’ll be inspired to give with a high enough relationship with the MC?
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Additional warning: I wasn’t kidding about calling watching this a rabbit hole. I am contemplating gathering some crafting materials the next time it is viable for me since I like little handy crafty things like this far too much to have exposed this weakness to the yt algorithm. :sob:


This might just be a minor bug that is not too important for the finished product i think

Sometimes the save system gets nutty as fruitcake

problems with loading and saving and i have to restart (kinda like the save gets corrupt) need to use a older save if i want to continue) (or the save sends me to the statistics page and i get stuck there)

since the game dont have the save system in the finish product its not that important, but when it comes to testing the game for bugs it can be a bit tedious.

have not found anny big bugs when playing on PC (browser) so you have done some solid work!

save system issues are typically because of the way dashingdon handles the save files, and as such is out if the author’s hands unfortunately :slight_smile:

these kinds of problems can happen with all WIPs that use the dashingdon save plug-in


Aha i understand :slight_smile:

then forget all i said above

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No worries; I know it can be difficult to source where an issue is coming from. Alas, sometimes it just happens. I have learned that it’s generally better not to save on the stats page as I think that tends to mess things up. I don’t know if that might be part of the issue sometimes or not, but it’s there if it’s helpful!

And thanks, @wanamingo, for clarifying!


Yeah, as others have mentioned, it’s more of a dashingdon issue. I find it happens less when you save on the game page after a while has passed since the last time you accessed the stats page (or any page that is not the game).

So, don’t save on the stats page, and don’t save on the game page immediately after accessing the stats page.

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yeah i noticed that saving 2 times in quick succession really messed up the saves

and saving in the stat page is really bad X)

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is there a changelog to the updates somewhere?

tried to look on tumbler but its just a mess to find things there

You mean a “changelog” for the game? I usually include some sense of what’s changed (besides the obvious) every time I update with a new chapter, and occasionally otherwise. Did you mean something other than that sort of thing?


Speaking for myself here, as I was not the person asking, but I do agree it’s useful to be able to check the list of changes made over the time. Like “(day X, month X, year X) - chapter 2 + bugfixes”, “(day Y, month Y, year Y) - chapter 3” and so on. I dunno if that’s what they were asking for though.
Sometimes I’m unsure which update I played or not, and the update post you make gets buried somewhere so it may not be the easier to find. Not to mention, when consulting a list of changes made over the updates, it’s easier to compare them and to know which one I played.


aha alright

i just like to have the list of changes made to the game up when i am doing testing for bugs

was just wondering if there was a list :slight_smile:

this was what i meant yeah :slight_smile:

sorry for being unclear

Hello author,
Amazing work on your story so far! I got so invested in it and I was absolutely heartbroken by the time the demo ended lol. The story really stuck with me for a few days after I read it tbh, really well written but also the themes are very relatable and heavy-hitting so to speak.

(SPOILER WARNING): So I went into the story with the basic understanding of the myth of Perspehone and Hades, and immediately expressed disdain for my situation as the PC. The whole time I was thinking ‘whats the point of this game? I already know Im gonna hate the underworld and hate Hades for forcing me into this relationship againat my will etc, etc,’ and so I started off by making my character blatantly angry and unaccepting of the situation.

It was such a surprise to me and actually a really cool take on the story that Hades turned out to not only be an unwilling victim of the marriage plot but was also a soft-spoken, thoughtful and even considerate figure in his representation of Death. I actually fell in love with a lot of the characters and your whole take on Olympic/Underworld society is so unique and interesting!

One thing I wanted to ask, and I understand this is an absolute reach and I feel presumptuous for even bringing up something like this and I would realistically have zero expectation of any author to have to change their story around for a request thats not even super-necessary, but if you would ever be willing to/have the time to I think I wouldnt be alone in possibly asking for options for gender choice for the possible ROs in the story? Obviously it might be weird with established myths and legends that have such a close tie to their gender throughout their historical representation, but if it’d be at all possible in the final version of the story or something I’d appreciate it. Again, feel free to ignore this entirely, youve written an amazing enough story so far and you wouldnt be at any blame for not implementing something like this but I think it’d be cool for people to be able to romance all of the characters they wanted without being limited by gender. With that said, I’m truly looking forward to any future demos/your finished story down the line and wish you luck with it!


I’ll keep the changelog thing in mind. It’s unlikely it becomes very detailed unless I find some way to make it especially useful for the way my brain works, but I’ll try to make one up at least starting from the next chapter release. There is at least an update panel on the sidebar of the proper tumblr layout (on the blog itself, not anyone’s individual feed).

@Crynonne Thanks for the feedback! I will not be making the characters gender-selectable. I have several reasons for this, but I guess the most important note is I’m immovable on the point. I’m glad the story went somewhere interesting for you—I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to write the uh… let’s say ‘straight take’ on the myth any more than it seems you’d have wanted to keep reading it!


I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I do find that sentence odd especially if we’ve chosen to be close friends with Hermes


Very fair point, thank you!

Hello, all. Chapter Four is now here and ready to play. I think saves might be okay, but there’s a chance they’re kinda broken, particularly for those of you who have PCs who wrote letters to Olympus in the last chapter. Anyway, the new stuff:

  • The complete Chapter Four, of course. At 96k words, it’s a relative biggun, though pretty branchy, so it may not feel quite so long for those of you sticking to a single playthrough. This brings the game to 300,116 words in total, sans code. My branching isn’t the most efficient, so sometimes things are repeated, but I’m nevertheless quite happy with progress so far!

  • In this chapter: do some sleuthing, get some training, write some letters, and potentially get a job! (Very exciting stuff, I know.)

  • A dialogue indicator system is now operational! You select at the beginning whether you would like symbols indicating when an option has a humorous [☆], flirtatious [:heart:] (though it’s not big and red like the forum makes it heh), or hostile/petty/aggressive [✘] tone. All other options are assumed to be friendly to neutral. If you don’t want the symbols, just opt out. Easy peasy, as they say.

  • Updated pronoun selection, though as always pronouns can be fully customised at any time through the stats screen.

  • I added some more hair customisation options. As of yet they don’t change any flavor text, but I expect they eventually will.

  • A few bug fixes here and there; I think I’ve swatted all the ones people have informed me of.

Still to come:

  • I haven’t finished the character codex yet, like at all haha. Bit of a mess, but I’ll get to it eventually.

  • The save creation system will probably come along with the Chapter Five update. Expect that very late this year or early 2022.

  • In the next chapter: a weird dream, some developments in the mystery, and an actual date. Sort of.


Thank you for the update! :blush:

I’ve noticed there’s several occasions where you’ve typed ”that” as ”tat”. Just so you know. :slightly_smiling_face: