Fields of Asphodel [WIP] [Updated 10.13.21]

Hades is so dense and it is absolutely hilarious lol. I really liked getting to have more time with him. My MC is determined to make that man love her lmao


Wow I loved this demo. All the characters were so fun to interact with, Hades especially. Hope that in the future we can interact more with Makaria. Plus it’s was really cool to have so many ways to react. Can’t wait for the next uptate.


I just came back from reading a wlw book about hades and persephone so I was a tad disappointed hades is only male in this game :frowning: I’ll try to finish reading later, after gathering my thoughts and feelings… xD

I just read this for the first time, and I have some feedback that I guess comes pretty late as it’s about the previous chapters. As the player character is the deity of spring, I played mine very into like flowers and colors and basically like sunshine in a demigod form.

I like that there’s the option early on to ask if you can garden in the underworld and then even start said garden. But I wish that there was an opportunity at some point towards the start of the story to express that you miss Olympus, not because it was your home necessarily, but because of the environment/nature/colors/sun etc. Because you naturally thrived there, basically. I feel like a deity of spring of all people would have trouble adjusting to the lifelessness of the underworld, you know what I mean?

And it would even bring more meaning to the scene later on when Hades brings the MC to the field if I had at some point had the opportunity to express that, or that the “lack of life” is something I’m having trouble adjusting to. There’s, I think, a scene with both Charon and Hades early on where they ask MC how they’re doing, and there’s even a question asked at certain point about what the MC thinks of Olympus, the option to say something about that would work as an answer to any of those scenes.

If there is in fact a scene where MC can express this then please point me to it, there might be one hidden behind choices that I didn’t pick.


Thanks for this; I think I very barely touch on this occasionally, but it would definitely make sense to have as an option in those scenes particularly. Thanks for the feedback; I’ll see if I can write some things in to this effect! :slight_smile:

And to everyone in-thread, thanks so much for the continued feedback, reactions, and ideas!


Progress Update for July!

Since the release of chapter three, I have written a lot more, both adding stuff to older chapters and working forward on the new one. Chapter Four (which is unreleased, obviously) is now sitting at almost 25k, and there’s still lots to do for it.

I foresee my progress slowing down a little bit this month, but I’ll still be trying for another 20-25k words on the new chapter. Part of the reason for the slowdown is that I am attempting also to implement a toggle-able ‘dialogue indicator system’ which will mark particularly humorous or antagonistic options as well as ones which the game (if not necessarily the characters) will interpret as romantic or flirty.

This is for people like me, who have a heck of a time reading tone. Friendly and/or neutral options will remain unmarked, and of course it’ll be on a toggle, so those of you without this difficulty, or those who find dialogue wheels and the like to be immersion breaking, can toggle it off.

I will of course, still endeavor to write the choices as clearly as possible, so that those of you without the toggle on can interpret them.


That’s nice! Good luck with it - and congrats on the progress already done.

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Having just played this demo for the first time, I am absolutely in love with it. I really enjoy your writing style and the way you describe this setting. (Also, my heart belongs to Alekto.)

I played an angry/reluctant Persephone at the start, who ended up warming up to the situation when she learned how kind Hades is and found peace in working with her garden. I can’t wait to see how things play out for her in her new home. Also, getting to give treats to Kerberos made me so. happy. I love all the little characterization variations and details you include!

However, I didn’t meet Makaria in my playthrough (unless I did and was somehow oblivious??), and yet I have the option to bring her up in conversation on the walk with Hades. There was also a mention of her tutor, but I’m pretty certain Makaria herself had not actually been introduced yet, because early on my MC spent time in the courtyard instead of going to dinner with everyone.


Ohhh, thank you. This is very important continuity information, and I really appreciate it! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game, too. :slight_smile:

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@silvertree hmm well the first chance to meet her is if you explore and then continue to explore. Other wise your first encounter is at the first meal and the walk is after that at some point.

But you have to explore the right place… So if you don’t and if you don’t eat with the group later on, it’s easy to not meet her yet.

Meh true enough lol but it’s how actively you don’t want to interact in the end I guess.

Checking the code, it looks like what happened is because I spent extra time at the party in Olympus (and got a really nice scene with Artemis :slightly_smiling_face:), Persephone was tired and didn’t get presented with the choice to explore, automatically going straight to sleep instead. So I missed both possibilities, haha.


This is soooo good omg. I absolutely adore playing as a very chill Persephone who’s glad to be free from Olympus and wants to stay in the Underworld. Everyone’s reactions to Persephone going “This is beautiful”, “I’m happy to be here”, “F#ck Olympus and especially f#ck Zeus” had me in stitches. Thank you for letting us pet Kerberos and cook him some treats, that was my favorite scene.


You are very adept at writing, and with every chapter, your skill becomes more obvious. I love every character, except, perhaps, Stix; however, my favorite is Charon. As someone who is familiar with writing stories, I understand that making sudden changes can be difficult, so if you were not planning to do this, it is completely fine if you refuse this request, but, can you make Charon a love interest?

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Hmm unless it changed Charon is a RO? :thinking:
I don’t believe it changed? I’m confused now :rofl:

Oh. Wow, I am so unobservant. In the character stats it says wip, but, I forgot that does not mean that his status as a suitor character is undecided. As it seems, I’m an idiot.

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Aah, I see - for a sec I thought I was unaware of some changes, but I didn’t see any announcement about Charon not being a RO anymore so I got confused :rofl:
And well, since I’m going for Hades only, it could have made sense for me not to be attentive enough to what happens with the others.

Glad I could be of help though!

Thank you! And, I will try not to misunderstand in the future.^-^;

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Hi! Sorry the current dossier is confusing, heh. I’ve been writing forwards in the game itself a lot and haven’t gotten around to completing it yet, so there may be some blank spots and other omissions. Charon is definitely an RO though, yes. :slight_smile:

In a way I consider it a good thing that you asked—it means I’ve been writing them well enough to prompt that request!