Fields of Asphodel [WIP] [Updated 07.09.21]

Finally checked the forum thread for this :>

Maybe it’s because I’m excited but chapter one feels too short (HA). Can’t wait to see what happens next

Based on the tumblr what ifs, very excited to see potentially how Olympus drama might unfold


Strange for me because link doesn’t works
It say site is unavailable

Dashingdon’s down. Incoming traffic for TWC Book 3 made it go haywire.


Ah Ok Thanks you

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Actually the site is upgrading since yesterday. It’s the main reason and it explains all the troubles yesterday.

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Ah, just poor timing then. Still it’s kind of funny to imagine a series being so popular the event of a demo drop crashes the hosting site, heh. I could believe it of Wayhaven, all things considered.

EDIT: Oh wow this was apparently a whole thing, huh? I didn’t even realize. I think it goes without saying that a free service provided to the community like this is invaluable, and should be appreciated for what it is rather than derided for the occasional issue. Not that anyone here was doing that, of course; apparently it was a thing elsewhere recently is all and I thought I should clarify that I deeply appreciate what Dashingdon does for the CoG community!

Also @squarelyblue it feels a little short to me too, given the average length of a Diaspora chapter haha. I’m thinking either I’ll just have shorter chapters in a larger number or it’ll sort itself out as I go and content creep rears its head. I’m really trying for manageable chunks with this one, so it can update, uh… more frequently than that one at least. :slight_smile:


I’ll be following this one. Excellent demo. I’ll forgo repeating all the praise already been stated many, but you’ve got yourself a new fan. Bravo!


I love this. I love this, so so much x) I love greek mythology, so this is checking a lot of boxes for me, and I’m already so soft for all the characters.

I will have to replay a dozen times to give everyone the love and adoration they deserve…

Your writing is so beautiful and fitting for the setting and the hair tugging option? I am was so happy to see that; I don’t even know why x) Details can really make a difference sometimes.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks, y’all; it’s seeing stuff like this that gives me the little extra serotonin kick I ned on days when writing is hard and I’d find it so much easier to just play a video game haha. :slight_smile:

This is like… exactly what I can only sometimes admit I’m shooting for. xD I’m aiming to make replayability really viable for this game; I know most people don’t tend to play more than once so I guess in those terms I’m just trying to make every possible path through a satisfying one… but do that for a lot of paths.


I often only play IF one or two ways because I get really attached to a certain playstyle, MC, or RO. (I’ll still replay, just…making the same decisions the whole time.) But so far, I am interested in almost everyone in your story, which is super awesome.


I. LOVE. THIS!!! Congrats on a fantastic start! :smiley: Also, I can’t believe folks don’t play the crap out of all of the games they enjoy…I always play every romance route then head back to my fav ones after a few weeks. (When I miss the characters) I have even played all of the Dragon Age games all the way through, a dozen times each. Anyway, can’t wait to play the crap outta this one! :heart: Great job!


Really like the writing and world building, so far this is really awesome!


Finally, I have time to sit down and read this and, needless to say, it was really fun! The descriptions were beautiful and the range of reactions the player can choose to have is great as well.

I’m so excited to see what comes next in the story!


Kinda disappointing that the only poly routes involve Hekate, but oh well. I’ll still be happy with my monogamous relationships. :slight_smile:


So. Good thing I’ve returned to tumblr, because the recommendation posts out there are literally goldmines. That’s how I discovered this gem. :gem:
I love the MC’s dialogue choices. I can build the personality I want - that’s always nice. (More appearance details in future?)
I wish you all the inspiration for continuing with the story. :hugs:
(Have mercy. There are only so many times one can replay the demo without going insane. I’m already predisposed to love Hades and Charon. And we’ve only just met!)


I will definitely admit to coming back to stuff I like a lot too haha.

Ahhhh, thank you! I always worry about my descriptions so this is reassuring.

Yep, planned! Next chapter will definitely include height at the very least. I’m trying to work them in organically when they become relevant, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll do my best! :slight_smile:


I am a huge fan of Greek mythology so that made this was a fantastic read! I always like the Hades/Persephone myth so it was really fun getting to play it out. The writing was excellent! Can’t wait for the next update!


This was awesome!! Your writing is b e a u t i f u l :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


very fun game! can’t wait for more :slight_smile:


Playing through Hades rn and I’m on a real greek mythology kick. Can’t wait to see more!