Fields of Asphodel [WIP] [Updated 07.09.21]

Hades is so dense and it is absolutely hilarious lol. I really liked getting to have more time with him. My MC is determined to make that man love her lmao


Wow I loved this demo. All the characters were so fun to interact with, Hades especially. Hope that in the future we can interact more with Makaria. Plus it’s was really cool to have so many ways to react. Can’t wait for the next uptate.


I just came back from reading a wlw book about hades and persephone so I was a tad disappointed hades is only male in this game :frowning: I’ll try to finish reading later, after gathering my thoughts and feelings… xD

I just read this for the first time, and I have some feedback that I guess comes pretty late as it’s about the previous chapters. As the player character is the deity of spring, I played mine very into like flowers and colors and basically like sunshine in a demigod form.

I like that there’s the option early on to ask if you can garden in the underworld and then even start said garden. But I wish that there was an opportunity at some point towards the start of the story to express that you miss Olympus, not because it was your home necessarily, but because of the environment/nature/colors/sun etc. Because you naturally thrived there, basically. I feel like a deity of spring of all people would have trouble adjusting to the lifelessness of the underworld, you know what I mean?

And it would even bring more meaning to the scene later on when Hades brings the MC to the field if I had at some point had the opportunity to express that, or that the “lack of life” is something I’m having trouble adjusting to. There’s, I think, a scene with both Charon and Hades early on where they ask MC how they’re doing, and there’s even a question asked at certain point about what the MC thinks of Olympus, the option to say something about that would work as an answer to any of those scenes.

If there is in fact a scene where MC can express this then please point me to it, there might be one hidden behind choices that I didn’t pick.


Thanks for this; I think I very barely touch on this occasionally, but it would definitely make sense to have as an option in those scenes particularly. Thanks for the feedback; I’ll see if I can write some things in to this effect! :slight_smile:

And to everyone in-thread, thanks so much for the continued feedback, reactions, and ideas!