Fields of Asphodel [WIP] [Updated 06.07.22]

@teawithcarina Ah, I see! This is all actually very helpful. I will definitely look at adding more options with the ‘it sucks that it has to be this way’ flavor. As a matter of fact a lot of the others think this as well, but they are old enough (usually) that actively railing against what they cannot change is something they don’t do, either because they’re tired or trying to figure out how to make it better or because they see their role (relative to PC) as listening and trying to be gentle with them about this sort of thing rather than being the one getting upset. (Which has its own implications, not all of them great, don’t get me wrong.) Clearly, more opportunities to get some conversation going around that would be a good idea. So thank you for that bit of feedback; it was really great for me to read.

And thanks for the note on the Hekate thing. I think I understand why that part is reading that way to you. I was being a little too clever and not aware enough of what people didn’t know that I knew and so on. Definitely not aimed at PC and not even in general at other people, heh. She’s making a reference to a handful of folks who think magic should be refined and delicate and arty (or at least productive) only, whereas Hekate has very literally had to fight for her life with nothing else at her disposal.

That said, neither the reader nor the PC has any way of knowing that, and I think she would be socially-sensitive enough to understand that putting it that way could legitimately disturb people with a more nonviolent mindset. So I’ll alter some of that scene.

(I do feel like I should toss in a warning here, though, because you mentioned trauma: there will be some violence in this game, especially in the next book, which involves a war, but also some in this one. PC doesn’t have to directly participate in anything I have planned in this book, and they certainly are never forced to like… kill anyone, but there will be depictions of people fighting and dying. Just so you know. Either next chapter or the one after it will in fact have a warning for this on the update post.)

In general, truly, thanks so much for offering your thoughts. When I say ‘critique’ I don’t mean that I thought you were being wholly or mostly negative, and I definitely don’t mean that I was offended by any of it! I think your comments are all phrased constructively and with kindness, and while I may not be able to take all of them on board, there is a lot that I can and will be happy to, and I think the game will be better for it, so I’m very appreciative!

@Leonard_Gondola Those are some of the implications at play here, too, yes. Certainly, playing a PC that can’t or doesn’t fight is both viable and completely valid. But the nature of some of the plot beats is that some people will sometimes have to use force, even if the PC isn’t one of them, and even if the force isn’t deadly.


@Jaybirdy Any flirting with Hekate in the new chapter?

Well conditionally yes, in a way. If you went on the outing with her and then choose to go see Hypnos, taking the longer route, Pyri will ask after how you liked the outing with Hekate present. It is mostly a plot-focused chapter, though.

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@Jaybirdy Would we be able to kill in the upcoming war you spoke about? Also, are you going to focus on the fighting and training in that as well? I’m pretty curious.

I’m not 100% sure how all the events of that are going to go, but I suspect there will be times when you can choose to do so. There will be probably at least a couple of battle scenes, but the focus of the plot is more likely to be on the politics of it all, and the ethics of deific involvement. I don’t want to say too much about it yet, just because the plans for it are still nebulous (this is second book stuff), but there will certainly be at the very least depictions of violence and a battle scene or two (maybe missable, maybe not).

The emphasis in this is always going to be on the interpersonal connections and sometimes political ones, though.


Thanks so much for the update!

At first, I was apprehensive about offering Hades the MC’s hand at dinner with Hera, thinking that maybe it would startle him or that he’ll take it negatively in other ways. That maybe that’ll be too forward. But the way he started tapping on it right away as if it was some kind of stress-relief toy was unexpectedly sweet. I like it when we can provide something tangible (instead of pep talks) in terms of support to other characters.
Not sure what to make of Hera. For now, she seems a little self-absorbed, but there is potential, I think. I also can’t help but sympathise, considering who she’s married to. So I’m going to sit on the final verdict untill I know more about her. Or untill MC gets to know her better. (My character is antisocial and didn’t stick around for celebrations in the beginning).
A-a-and I’m still ambivalent about the worship. Helping is good, feels good, as is being recognised for your deeds, but the “worship” part is awkward to me. Like… could we be worshiped kind of low-key? Like, “feel free to worship me, but keep it subdued please? I don’t want a temple, but a nice little shrine won’t go amiss?” :sweat_smile: I just have a feeling my MC won’t want too much responsibility for human lives, for fear that they’ll mess up somehow.

How do we meet Kerberos in this chapter? I must have missed the opportunity.


Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Meeting Kerberos is dependent upon resolving the issue of the dream/prayer somehow in the first part (whether by writing to Demeter, having the dreams stopped, or visiting Laus). The option for relaxing during the second part will then show up. If you choose to go to your garden then, you will encounter Kerby along the way and can have a little visit with him. :slight_smile:

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Still in love with this story and think the writing is fantastic! Absolutely love the take on the Persephone story. My main issue is that as much as I am tempted to romance Hermes, I just can’t not romance Hades. Obviously this is my personal problem as a result of excellent writing. I will say after all my flirting, willingness to get married and take an active interest in the underworld, I definitely am at the point where I need some more encouragement from the big guy beyond a hesitant smile. I’m looking at you Hades, you better kiss me soon.


Have you read the song of achilles or circe by Madeline Miller?

The song of Achilles is such a great read. The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood is also a cool modern retelling with Ancient Greek characters/themes (including a chorus).


I am obsessed with this game


Wow, I just found this wip today and your writing is phenomenal in my opinion.
I’ve been replaying for the last 6 hours :joy:


Hello all!

As always, thanks for the feedback and support. :slight_smile:

I figured an update wouldn’t go awry, so: this month, I wrote 64,000 words for Chapter 7, bringing it to over 90k in total. It’s definitely still not done, but I am hoping it will be sometime in September. I’m going to ease off on the writing a bit for August, as I have some real-life stuff to take care of, but I’ll still be writing where I can.



found family trope, my beloved … can’t wait to see more dates w hades!!


There is a point in the early in the story where you can ask if it has a library, garden or a kitchen and so on.

My question is: does these choices mean you have like a hobby or does it just improve the stats?

If I choose kitchen, will the main character be cooking stuff later on?

You can just ask after what you want to ask after. It doesn’t lock you into anything. :slight_smile: