Fields of Asphodel [A Greek Mythology WIP] [Updated 30 November 2023 - Now Editing for Publication!]

Oh gosh I’m so excited about you putting this in CoG :heart: I saw this WIP while browsing Tumblr and I absolutely fell in love with it, so I’m extremely happy that other people will be able to see your hard work, amazing writing, and story! Very excited to see more of this WIP! :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m hoping to have several options for how the PC orients themself in the Underworld, including one where they take a very active role in the politics there—we’ll see how that shakes out over time.

While there is eventually an, uh, escape option, it might not end up going quite like one would expect.

  1. Yep! The PC has several powers, including the typical enhanced physique of a demigod (not quite Herakles level, but certainly with that kind of potential), as well as deific magic, currently mostly centered around plants, but there will eventually be options to expand and/or alter the repertoire. There may also be glimpses of prophesy in their future, or something akin to it!
  2. This is definitely something PCs can work towards! There’s a few opportunities for them to influence some political stuff planned for this game, and my current hope is later games will offer greater expansions on this capacity.
  3. Oh, there are definitely potential fights, don’t you worry about that. I consider fight scenes to be one of my areas of relative competence, so while they will not play the extensive role here they do in my other project, and most will be quite optional, there will certainly be chances to have them!
  4. The mortal world (ancient Greece in particular) will play an extensive role in later installments, so you can count on being able to visit there at the very least.

Thank you Eiwynn! And thank you so much for continuing to run the support threads; it’s been so invaluable to me to be able to keep up with other people’s exciting work. Very motivating, for sure. I look forward to your thoughts. :slight_smile:

I’m a total sucker for the myth too. And flower crowns might well be in your Persephone’s future!

Thank you! This is a great suggestion and completely doable—I’ll start a list and put that on it!

Haha, now that one I had not anticipated a need for. This is why I love getting feedback. On the list it goes!

Thanks so much to everyone for the feedback and encouragement. I’m sitting here grinning like an idiot while I think about how to map chapter two, heh.


Oh, huzzah, there’s a forum thread! I’ve been super in love with this since I first read it. I haven’t read the update yet because I’m theoretically working but I’m VERY EXCITED to get to it at lunch. <3


This was amazing, I love everything about it! Can’t wait to see how it progresses and if Hades can win my heart that already belongs to Hermes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Great demo!


Any demo that allows me to romance Hermes is a favorite in my book. Keep up the amazing work! :heart_eyes:


Yes YES YES, ive been obsessively listening to Hadestown for the last year and now a game where I can marry Hades?
I gotta actually play the demo now.


Omg I love this already!! The characters, the world, the MC and of course Hades!!! The choices are all very satisfying and ranged. Characters already feel well defined and veery real. Can always appreciate that! Definitely will save this WIP under my favourites and stay curious about its development♡

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Oh, I happened across this WIP on dashingdon a while back, and loved it!

Very happy to see a thread for it!

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Really solid demo. Good job!

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I really enjoy your writing!

One thing I was thinking about (because I’m not a big Greek mythology person) is whether or not the circumstances of the situation that led to MC’s arranged marriage will be explained later in the story and if not, whether you’d be willing to add something explaining them earlier in the story. Even just like a couple sentences, maybe a paragraph max. Without it, and without my own outside knowledge of Greek mythology, I’m like… so MC’s mom is mad at Zeus about this… so I guess Zeus set it up… but Hades is also not really sold on it so… why is it happening?

Other than that, this is really great. I like the NPC romance pursuit toggle option idea and the diverse group of ROs. I’m looking forward to seeing how relationships develop.

Also, I second someone’s idea above to include an option that’s akin to worry when Hades is late. Since my MC is like “Underworld = freedom,” I feel like she’d be worried he changed his mind or something and just wasn’t gonna come.


Hi, I just played your demo and I really enjoyed it! I did have a question: when talking to Hades at the “party” before the MC leaves, can we have the option to tell Hades we’re actually happy about leaving? All the other options seem to have various shades of “I don’t want to leave” baked into them, which kind of went against the playthrough I was doing with an MC who was happy to leave and ready to tell everyone but his mother.

EDIT: I found the “pet Kerberos” option. I didn’t know I could be this happy? This was a need I didn’t know I had until this very moment. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good demo :heart: I’m going to romance Hermes because he is a daredevil sweetheart and having Zeus as a father-in-law is :bomb::+1:


I remember reading this on dashingdon! I love the new content, especially the option to pet Kerberos and the introduction to Makaria (who I suspect might be Hades’ child from her description).

Anyway, I really enjoyed the demo and I can’t wait to read more!


So I’m not the author but here’s a little tea on Persephone. First of all, if you’re not familiar with Greek mythology, there are tons of variation for each myth so take it all with a grain of salt. In some myths, she is the daughter of Oceanus and Demeter. In many, she is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter (which I assume is why author opted to make Persephone half human. No one wants an uncle-dad-brother-in-law or an uncle-husband. Yuck).

In most stories, Zeus does not arrange the marriage; she is in fact abducted by Hades and forced into the underworld because Hades saw her one day, innocently picking flowers and fell in love. I imagine author isn’t using this common mythos because of our obvious (and correct) societal horror of abduction, although the trope is well-captured by author’s use of arranged marriage. Either way, the motivation of the Olympians is usually, “because I wanted to,” without much explanation to us mortals. In all these myths, Demeter is always super-pissed. So much so that she withdrew from her duties, causing famine etc.

What I personally love about Persephone myths is that while she started as a fertility/harvest deity, she became something darker after her abduction. One of her epithets is “Dread Persephone” indicating her nature changed post-abduction (and can we blame her?). She became more of a life/death cycle goddess as opposed to fertility/growth. A cool myth whichever origin story you prefer, I can’t wait to see where @Jaybirdy takes us on this journey!


Me, realizing Hades has a whole child already: :unamused:

But I guess that’s normal for the Greek gods…


It was a delight to read this :heart: I’m eagerly waiting for the second chapter!

One thing that I really liked is the fact that we can have the RO’s pursuing us for a change (because I always play with a shy MC).


Really interesting I like the fact that I have a lot of choice of how my PC can act. I am very curious to know where you are taking this game because Greek mythology offers a very wide setting for exploration anyway good luck with your project!


what choices do i have to pick to meet cerberus?

@Autumn19 thanks

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When given the option in your room of turning in for the night or going out to explore, choose the option to explore then choose to explore further into the keep rather than staying close to the areas you know, you should get the option then I’m pretty sure. :grin: