Fields of Asphodel [A Greek Mythology WIP] [Submitted to HG]

He’s demisexual and pretty close to demiromantic as well, but there will definitely be a romance in the sense people usually mean, if the player opts for it (you can opt for the friendship route instead, of course). It’s just a very slow burn.


Keep up the great work @Jaybirdy! :revolving_hearts:

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FoA has officially been submitted to HG. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in with continuity errors, typos, and suggestions, both in this last editing push and in general. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Please note that the game is now unavailable at all hosting locations, and will remain so. I hope you will consider supporting me by purchasing a copy when it eventually becomes available.

In any event, I’ll be taking about a week off now, and then launching into Blood of the Living (the sequel to FoA).

There will be a new thread for that, once I have a decent amount for a demo (I anticipate maybe the first couple of chapters at least, so it may take some time).


Fantastic, congratulations! You’ve earned that rest!