Fields of Asphodel [A Greek Mythology WIP] [Submitted to HG]

Thank you for your work!
I found continuity error: I choose “I want to live on Olympus, but have free visitation rights to the Underworld.” Zeus agrees. After that goes conversation with Demeter where she asks why MC choose Uderworld (well, he definitily didn’t) and then why he ate the fruit (again, he definitily didn’t). I looked at the code and it seems somehow “olympusmostly” and “fruit not eaten” got me to the farewell with Demeter scene. I play MC who likes Hades (and flirted only with him, so Hades route), but doesn’t like the Underworld.

Ahhhh I know what I’m doing later!! Can’t wait to play and see my hades :heartpulse:

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You are not the first person to get this, but the error is clearly not what I thought it was haha. Thank you so much; I’ll go back and see if I can figure out what on earth is going wrong there.

ETA: I just adjusted some things and did a runthrough like this, and it seems to all be working as intended now. Hopefully that fixed it for you also, but if not, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone, for the support. I’m really thrilled to have made it this far, and looking forward to the next part!


Congrats Jess!

I am so excited for you because not only are you an inspiration, but I am a fangirl of your work all the way.

. :revolving_hearts:

I knew you’d reach this stage before I would. Way to go!

. :partying_face:


Congrats on finishing the draft! i’ll for sure be buying this once its released, its been my favourite wip since you first posted. You’ve done an amazing job!


Wow huge congrats on the completion of your first draft!! So exciting :tada::tada: Best of luck for the final stretch :blush:


First of all, I wish you success in your story!
Also surprised to see the name of Alekto, rn I’m in the middle of playing the other fantasy game and my name is Alekto Althea lol! (Even the name of “Althea” is such a surname coded) :joy::+1:t2: Now to the game.


omg how did you max out the stats??

AAAA hades’ hand kiss!!! this slowburn is killing me, i cant believe i have to wait even more for a proper kiss :pleading_face:

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He’s a good man, he has propers :sneezing_face: he’s a gentleman at best. oh my heart :heart:

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I could have sworn that at one point it was possible to have Hades start to assume either gender, saying they could take either form going off your preference.

Did this get weeded out at some point?

  1. F12
  2. Go to “Console”
  3. Type in “stats.”
  4. Depending on what the author has coded the stats as, (for example persuasion here is called charisma) you continue to write in “stats.charisma=(whatever number you want that stat to be up to 100, I suggest not setting it too high in case it breaks the game if you boost it naturally) and press enter.
  5. Enjoy.


• If you do this while in the stats menu it will not work.

• Always wait to check your stats after you’ve gone to the next page, or once again, it will not work.

• Everything is on one line.

• If you aren’t certain what the stats are called, then just play around and look at the key-words after pressing the full-stop, or go through one letter at a time.

Good luck!


I never saw that, though it could be something that depends on the sexuality of the MC.

Does seem kind of tedious to code if it’s like hades switching gender on a whim throughout.

Nono, it wasnt a swap when ever you please thing. I thought there was a specific scene where you can choose. And its pretty much just Hades asking which form you prefer them to be in

I think you confuse that with something else, because in the very first post it’s stated that Hades is male, not gender selectable


So I ended up with someone other than Hades and they asked on his behalf if I wanted to stay married to him or not and I picked yes because it’s safer for my MC and it’s a dynamic as far as I know we haven’t seen in a choice game before plus I love the idea of my MC and Hades being platonic partners raising Makaria together. :blush:

But when I did say yes it said how do they feel about me being in a loveless marriage and to me a loveless marriage means you don’t like the person you’re married to at all and yeah my MC isn’t in love with Hades but he does care about him very deeply so I wouldn’t say it’s a loveless marriage. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, What are the polyamorous routes and how do I get them? because I read that you can have a poly relationship with either Hekate/Pyri or Hekate/Hermes but I can’t seem to get it to work.


Congratulations on finishing your draft!

This is one of my favorite WIPs. I love the cozy feeling and found family of the Underworld. Really good job with this story.

Best of luck with your edits and I hope we can see the finished game soon.


That’s a valid point. Love can be platonic. Just like some people believe in platonic soulmates and romantic soulmates. Might be better to just leave “loveless” out of it.


Wait it’s been possible to help Orpheus and Eurydice this entire time?

Was I the only one who didn’t know this?

My Dionysus has been just standing their like a dope and then finally I did something that gave them a partial success.

I think you have to have established a somewhat friendly relationship with Eurydice in order for her to listen to you, but I’ve never really checked any stats for this game (which is actually a bit unusual for me.)

I’m not sure what choices matter, but I know that I was nice to eurydice then chose to speak with her before they started, said love is foolish but that shouldn’t be punished, and emphasized they could do it.

I don’t think I’ve ever been mean or even lukewarm toward eurydice, but there was one playthrough where I spoke to him instead of her, and it didn’t end well. So idk if speaking to her is part of the trick?

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