Fields of Asphodel [A Greek Mythology WIP] [Submitted to HG]

Hi everyone!

This is the thread for a little side-project of mine, called Fields of Asphodel.

The short version: it’s the Hades and Persephone myth, but with gender and RO choice. So basically “spring deity moves to the Underworld via contract marriage with the unwitting god of death.”

The longer version: The H & P myth serves as the springboard for a character-driven plot in which the PC gets to build relationships, platonic and if they so desire romantic, with various residents of the Underworld. The world itself is vastly different from the PC’s former environs on Olympus, but the specific circumstances that brought them there provide an opportunity for an often-overlooked demigod to claim some power and influence for themselves. There will be at least a handful of other myths that make an appearance, and the plan is for the PC to be able to influence how events go!


Q1: Can the PC get out of their arranged marriage?

A: Yes, absolutely! As I hope will swiftly become clear, the Underworld characters are in general very respectful of autonomy and choice, and as soon as it is possible for the arrangement to be annulled, Hades will be more than willing to do so. It’s a plot device to get things started, and not meant to restrict people. Of course, there may be political reasons to keep it, for some more pragmatically-minded PCs.

Q2: Does this game cater to any particular gender/sexuality?

A: I haven’t written it to do so, and if it seems to, I’d really like to know how to make it not do that. I’m queer myself, and all the ROs are available to a PC of any gender. Be gay, do crimes. Be trans. Be enby or bi or ace or aro or poly. There are options here for all of you, and I welcome your feedback.

Q3: Weren’t Hades and Persephone technically related?

A: In the original myth yes. Not here; I’ve split the parentage of the first-generation Olympians like Zeus and Demeter so that this is not an issue.

Q4: Is this going to be a self-contained title or a series?

A: The current plan is for a series of 3. I hope, however, to write it such that the ending of the first installment is reasonably satisfying on its own, with the understanding that some plot threads will of necessity be unfinished at that point.

Q5: What genre is this?

A: Fantasy/Romance, hopefully with touches of mystery, intrigue, action and adventure. We’ll see how I do on delivering all that.

Q6: Can I play as nonbinary or binary trans?

A: You can, and these options are given at the end of chapter one, where everyone selects gender. There are also options for genderfluid folks to change their pronouns whenever they want, and custom pronoun input for those who prefer, e.g., neopronouns.

Q7: Say more about the ROs?

A: That’s the next post; just scroll down a tad. :slight_smile:



About the Characters

The PC, Deity of Spring: Raised by their mother Demeter, in a rather confined situation that they can have resisted or cooperated with. Now, on the whim of Zeus, they’re Consort of the Underworld. I’m always happy to hear about more options you’d like as the PC to respond to things; I’ve tried to write a fairly wide range of options for most things, but if you run across a situation where “nothing feels like my character” please let me know!

Hades (M), God of Death: That guy you’re married to now. Also King of the Underworld, but mostly just tired and uncomfortable.

Hermes (M), God of Passage: And travelers, and thieves, and loads of other things. Energetic, boisterous, youthful psychopomp who doesn’t quite feel he fits in anywhere.

Charon (NB, he/they): The Ferryman. Patient, serene guide of the dead with more than one uncomfortable secret.

Pyriphlegethon (NB, they/them): Deity of the River of Fire. Better known as Pyri. A burst of energy in a gloomy Underworld, if maybe a tad dense.

Alekto (F): Minister of Punishments, and leader of the Erinyes. Suspicious of the PC’s presence, and a grump.

Hekate (F): Goddess of Witchcraft and Crossroads, and one of Hades’s chief advisors. Confident, curious, and fighting off the last vestiges of a long millennium’s loneliness.


I’ve always had a soft spot for anything involving Greek Mythos, so can I just say that I was INCREDIBLY excited to see this! I can’t wait for more!


Just finished the demo & I’m super excited!! I’m absolutely loving it so far.


Most pressing question of all: can you pet Cerberus and give him treats for being a good boy?


The demo was excellent. Greek Mythos has always intrigued me for some reason, and to say that I’m looking forward to this would be quite an understatement :smile:

Good luck! :+1:

Asking the real question here.


I really love Greek mythology. So I am definitely interested for this story. I loved it so far


Saw this demo on dashingdon a while back and was disappointed to find no forum page. Glad you made one for it, and great game so far!


Lovely! I’ve got a similar soft spot, I must admit.

Awesome; I have to admit I had a bit of update anxiety, since there seemed to be a pretty positive tumblr response to the prologue and I was like “how do I live up to this?”

The opportunity to pet him does indeed already exist. Treats and further interactions planned for later. :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly; and for your support in the writers’ thread. I’m glad to have all you folks there.

Thank you! I have to admit I was a bit worried the initial premise would scare some people off, heh. Maybe it has, but I’m glad at least some people don’t mind it!

Ah, yeah. I really hadn’t planned to make any sort of thing of it until I had more than the 10k word prologue to show of it; I know a lot of people really don’t like short demos, even if they’ll be updated. I’m glad you checked again and found me though!


I think you’ll be pleased to learn the answer to that question is already in the demo.

Anyway, very nice start. I really like the character interactions so far, and this is shaping up to be a great story. I admit, I’m really curious to see what place the MC will be able to make for themselves in the Underworld (I mean, I suppose there’s also the escape option, but where’s the fun in that?).


Idk, escaping from the Underworld with our spouse and his minions possibly chasing us does sound like it would be fun…


Wow, that was sooo good. I’m hooked!!


Absolutely love the demo so far keep it up i can’t wait to play the full version.

A few question:

  1. Do we have any powers? If so what are they.
  2. Would be get to make major political changes in the game?
  3. Do we get to fight sometime. Maybe an attack on the castle or a breach maybe.
  4. Where are some places that we can visit other than Olympus?

I am happy to see this demo; I shall read it by this weekend!

27 days writing every day is quite an accomplishment @Jaybirdy – we are very proud of your effort and your determination.



Yay! It’s finally here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m so excited to see a topic for this WIP on the forum. I was lucky to stumble upon Fields of Asphodel some time ago on tumblr and I’m following it ever since. I absolutely love this WIP, from writing to concept and characters (His Deathliness :two_hearts:). Besides… Well… I might have a soft spot for Persephone and Hades story in general. Gimmeeee more of this!

If only my Persephone could have a flower crown tho… I love me some cliché stuff… :sweat_smile:


As a suggestion for a new option: When Hades is late, maybe have an option for mild concern or something? Or maybe just idle curiosity - ‘I wonder what’s keeping him?’ or something like that.


Kinda wishing there was a “Oh no, he’s hot” option when the MC meets Hades. Anyhow, I am already loving this. Can’t wait for more interactions with Hades.


After eagerly following this wip on the blog I am excited that there’s now a thread in place!

My persephone is shy and overwhelmed and sad to be leaving olympus but feels somewhat drawn to Hades… I look forward to seeing how their love story develops and also the plot. This is one of my favourite demos so far honestly love it :heart:


YAY! I’ve been following your Tumblr for a while now and loved the demo (I was too eager to comment on here, so haven’t played the update yet lol).

When I played the demo I honestly hoped Hades was the voice that helped MC (which you confirmed afterwards since a few people asked, iirc). I swear, he’s so adorable. I love him already. Best boi material.
Also, so glad we can pet Cerberus! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I honestly think your writing is amazing.
Looking forward to more.

Now off I go to read the update~


Really enjoyed the demo! Really lovely writing and cast of characters. Can’t wait to see more. I can tell I already have a soft spot for Hades, haha.