Feudalism Simulator 2019

Ok, so I’ve started planning out a WIP where the MC is the heir to a technologically advanced (in some aspects the technology is more developed than now, in some less, with the lack of an internet being the main one) feudalistic empire, with a brutal caste system. I’m going to loredump some of the more developed parts of the lore soon, and brainstorm the undeveloped ones here. I’ll start by talking about the MC. Of course, because this is a COG you will obviously be able to determine almost all of the stuff about the MC, but there are two things which will not be determinable.

  1. The MC starts at fourteen years old.

  2. The MC is genderlocked to male. Because the empire in question is quite patriarchal, if the MC was female I would have to write a completely different story.

Interestingly enough he is not the child of the reigning Empress, nor is he the child of anyone in her branch of the family. I will explain how this works a bit later.

I will loredump the rest during the course of this topic, and I shall answer any questions regarding the lore, and brainstorm the lore which I have not worked out yet.

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