Fernweh Saga (Update: 8 July 2021) [Demo: 119k words]

An in-depth analysis of the plot has led me to believe, after careful investigation, deduction and observation, that, it is/can be …literally anyone


Oh, reading your theories about the code teaser are neat. :eyes:

@Paradox1 @Cat-Toes @Aleksa100

S giving a long handshake could happen, and R trying to get a rise out of the MC by purposefully extending a handshake is also quite probable depending on some of your choices. Ms. Verner doing that would be interesting; she would have to be giving the handshake to someone that the MC feels some degree of protectiveness (?) over. Ms. Verner can be a little cold (we will learn more about her throughout the series), not too touchy feely; however, she also knows how to get under peoples skins.

Y’all are right that it could be anyone, but @Konoi is closest to the answer, since the code teaser is about the MC (potentially) reacting to a side character.

^ :green_heart: Thank you! I do try to allow you all freedom (as best I can) with MC reactions and thoughts with the choices.

Also, back at @Cat-Toes, thank you for the assurances too about irl and my slower pace with things. :sunflower: I plan to take some breaks when I can.

Hmm, great question! It will impact your interactions with A for quite sometime; however, it is also something that you yourself set with a choice. (The in-person A scene in Chapter 6 is pretty lengthy due to how I wrote it; there is a lot of replay value within the one interaction). I would be more so excited than nervous about it because it can tailor your playthroughs that much more. I’m tempted to explain more, but will hold off for now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Best wishes to you all!


I really enjoying this so far, i like the ambient horror and general spookiness of it

Also i am very much liking that J and R is shaping up to be a poly option maybe? :eyes:

Yes, it was confirmed to be a poly route. I’m loving their dynamic as well. Maybe a little sympathetic for J having to deal with possibly having two chaotic loves and trying to keep them somewhat grounded.


Lmao while on my end R has to deal with two lovers who barely talk at all


I don’t think R would be one to mind to do all the talking and shameless flirting…