Fernweh Saga (Update: 8 July 2021) [Demo: 119k words]

Hey! I’ve FINALLY found time to play the update. Or updates, since I believe I’ve “missed” the previous one - well, not really missed, but didn’t have time to play it in the meantime.

As usual, a couple of things I’ve noticed while playing:

Chapter 2, Marjorie:

Just a thing I thought about when replaying. At the end of the scene with Marjorie, the narration says: “Beckett follows the directive, giving a wide berth to the old woman as he steps around her like a radioactive road block, so you do too.”
It does seem a bit out of character or like a continuity error in my playthrough, since my MC has been very caring and tried to talk with her and understand what’s going on (the “be attentive and gentle” answer). I feel like if the MC did honestly talk with her etc, maybe the text should be a bit different here, with them just walking inside by passing next to her?


I can’t remember if I had reported that before, but I do remember the issue being there last time I played, so I’ll just put it here. If I DID mention it before and you simply didn’t fix it yet, then disregard!
It’s just that there is no commas or line breaks in the inventory. For example:
Inventory: Car keys Cellphone Grandfather’s keys Walkie talkie”

"Dream" in chapter 3:

I’ve noticed in the menu it says “Role: Beloved Son of the Clanton’s” - but wouldn’t it be “of the Clantons” (or whatever is the surname of the MC) in this case? :thinking:


During the newest chapter, I realized… Milton is the guy the MC and Beckett met at the very start, the one who was posing as a cop? The narrations presents is as if it was obvious, but I don’t recall anything stating it clearly? :thinking:
Unless I’ve missed it somehow on each replay? I’m a bit confused.

That aside, I had a lot of fun as always. The story is getting creepier and creepier, and I’m really curious as to what’s going on. The contents of the journal seem to lead towards an idea I had before, but at the same time, I think there’s more to it, so yeah, I have ideas but I’m also confused.

One thing that came to my mind this time, aside of my general ideas about the plot is hmm… the writing style. The way things are presented by the narration itself are really similar to like… a play? As in, a theater play. Add to that the fact everyone, MC included, has a “role” on the Stat Screen, and some page breaks and other stuff talking about playing… The more I think about it the more I believe the way the story is narrated (with things like “something is being done” etc) is not just a stylistic choice but actually relevant to the plot in some way.

On a lighter note…
I find it extremely funny that I created my MC without knowing which RO I’ll choose and what they look like, and well, I ended up going for J (James in my case), and you see… both my MC and him have black hair and green eyes (but not the same hues), and my MC’s name is Jay Clanton (I always select names from the list), which means both are J.C. :rofl: - what were the chances?
I’m sure they looked like brothers when they were kids.

But I’m so sad there is STILL no “flirt option” with him at any point :sob:
Sure, some choices add “romance points”, but there is no actual in-dialogue flirt option.
This is not a true complaint, don’t worry :rofl:

Also, the MC and Beckett becoming excited at the idea of a puppy, during the cabin exploration, made me smile so much. I just love how the train of thought can be derailed from the serious situation because doggo.

Hmm because of that inconsequencial choice about the contents of the journal, I have decided my MC bakes. I didn’t really think about that before, honestly. It felt like it made the most sense for him though.
Does he collect anything though?.. Hmm I think he collects books, you know? I don’t think he’d entirely leave that old bookstore behind - it probably left a mark on him, and I guess it influenced that. Like, I’d say he likes to read books generally speaking, but I’m talking about collecting old, rare or curious books rather than the mere fact of liking to read them.

If he somehow stays in Fernweh, he’d probably want to re-open the bookstore. But on the other hands, the things that are going on are so creepy, I’m not sure he’d actually want to stay there, or if it’ll even be possible without it being a very bad ending.

On a side note!
Will we get the opportunity to have a scene where the MC “breaks down” because of the accumulated stress and everything? I feel like my MC is wearing himself thin, and like he’s bottling up a lot of suffering and sadness and anguish. I can perfectly picture him breaking down in sobs at some point, not being able to keep it in any longer.

And I think that’s all I have to say this time around! Well, that was a lot already, anyway.


Thanks for the great content

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@Mistyleaf123 Seeing a trend in MCs enjoying baking/cooking may give me an idea for a potential future scene once things kind of settle or we learn more about the overall plot. Lol, R is also competitive in general, but especially over board games; Monopoly would get intense. R would take it very seriously.


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to play. :slightly_smiling_face:

Replies to Suggestions

I appreciate you taking the time to recommend suggestions and I plan to address those after uploading the next update.

Adding a variation for the scene with Marjorie should be doable if a MC selects a more nice/empathetic choice.

I will add linebreaks to the inventory so it is tidier; I have been hesitating to change the start up in case it breaks saves; however, I had to re-code some things associated with A, so it is now different. (I haven’t uploaded it yet to Dashingdon since I am waiting until after I release Chapter 5).

J makes a comment about Milton’s past history of pranks, which is meant to trigger that past link with how he pranked the MC when they arrived to town. There is also a choice to notice some familiarity with how Mr. Callaway looks, which I thought may imply a familial link even if you don’t click it, but I will check back over that section in Chapter 2.

After Chapter 5 is released and people have time to play it, I will go back in and make edits. I don’t want to mess up saves until I have to.

Oh, that is a really interesting thing that you noticed! I will not confirm or deny anything just yet, but it is cool how you translated the characters having roles and the page breaks into the style of writing; there may be more to it. My style tends to be more structured (?), if that makes sense, sometimes with extra writing to try and set the scene compared to a blended progression or a quicker passage of time. The same scene of getting lunch or something written by me may take more words and the time passing within it may feel slower than when written by someone else. It is a stylistic choice that I think relates well to this story–layering feelings, clues, etc. :smiley_cat:

Lol, what a coincidence. Two J.C’s! :laughing:

There is an opportunity to flirt with J in Chapter 5 alongside a lot of other choices since that whole section is a romantic moment. :heart_eyes: I am excited for your J.C. to try out those options.

I am trying to be relatively consistent with the romance moments across characters; J and S tend to have a slower (potential) burn than the other two at least initially…? I don’t want spoil since something pivotal can impact the romantic progression. I will be adding more flirt options as we progress. I don’t know if adding one when picking up the belongings of the grandfather may seem a little inconsistent with the heavy mood as compared to the hug/noticing J’s physique/the charged silence options that are already present. I will think about it.

I’m glad you liked the puppy choice. I think most players most have opened the pantry door since I have gotten a lot of asks/comments about it, which is great because what was learned will come up again.

Collecting books, especially those that are limited edition or rare, would be a nice hobby that also ties into the past history of how the bookstore used to be a special place for the MC and the grandfather. I can’t say too much, but the bookstore will come into play in an upcoming chapter as well.

Yes! There will be chances to react in a variety of ways–I will keep in mind that your MC feels that stress has been accumulating over the course of the trip when writing/editing those choices. Chapter 5 and a bit of 6 allows that build to increase; I will be sure to allow a lot of range in the emotional payoff. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts! I will consider and address those suggestions.

@RoyalistDestroyer500 Thank you! :smiley:


Yeah, I remember that line, but like, I linked it in hindsight only :rofl:
It’s because they talk about a “missing boy” all the time, so I was certain it was actually a kid - like 12-15 years old or something, not a young adult. So all these hints were of no use to me.
I understood it was not an actual kid only when they found the car, and I was a bit mindblown then. Like, I even remember a line where the MC thinks about having met the boy eh! But I thought they must have met “off-screen” or something, because I didn’t even consider the possibility it could have been the guy from the beginning of the story. :sweat_smile:

I somehow missed that one though, so it didn’t help.

Nah, I don’t think it would help this specific scene, really - though that’s up to you, obviously! I’m complaining more in jest than anything else - I select the “shy flirt” options when I can, so obviously for these my MC wouldn’t necessarily say anything, which wouldn’t “break” the scene - but I can’t imagine a “bold flirt” action during that segment of the story, and it would be unfair to only include a shy one.
I was rather expecting something during the cabin part actually, since despite the serious situation there are some more lighthearted moments too.

Ah, something I forgot to talk about before, but I’m very very curious about A too. It’s not often that you have a non-RO gender selectable character, so I’m really curious as to what’s going on with that. I want to meet them so badly :rofl:

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I agree that adding a flirt with J in the office would be really out of place, but if you wanted to add a way to get a romance point you could do something completely internal that would not necessarily spoil the mood. Like when MC hugs J they noticed that the hugs is different than when they were kids, and you could add a choice for how MC feels about that difference which could range from MC feeling sad about the change, comforted that they still have a friend, completely unbothered, and include completely internal romantic feelings that way. Or after the office conversation maybe B could ask MC if the know the detective similar to how J asked MC about their relationship with B which also wouldn’t disrupt the heavy mood.

Obviously those you just suggestions, and you should stick to whatever you think fits your story bsst. Not every interaction needs to have a romantic option, so don’t feel stressed to include one.

Side note: could there be an opportunity to establish MC having a childhood crush (that they either still have or grew out of) on one of their Fernweh acquaintances or will that be left to headcannon?

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I don’t think that’s a good idea either since the hug is optional. Which means the players who don’t select to hug J wouldn’t get to that choice… :thinking:
I selected that so it would be valid for my playthrough but eh, doesn’t work for everyone.

I like that idea though! I’d be happy to see it introduced!

Weekly Update: 30* July 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.:green_heart:

*(I’m a little last posting this here, but irl has been hectic. It’s actually August 3rd.)

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- I’ve been answering/queuing asks on here and on Tumblr. I appreciate your patience and interest.

- I finished the first read through/edits for Chapter 5; it is now 72k words. I am happy with the variety of
the choices, especially those in the romantic^tm moment in the Chapter (you will know it when you see it).

- I am still working on Chapter 6. I added more variation/choices so that you can now flirt or witness flirting in a few instances alongside a few other unique things depending on your choices. Possibly get a hug too… :eyes:

- There is an edited code snippet below. The ‘surname’ subs in for your MC’S last name.

An emphatic thank you for all your support and kindness. :green_heart: Best wishes!


“Hmm, what’s the password and then I’ll listen?”

Reese’s voice emits from the walkie talkie, though it is a little warped, you can tell that he is bored and using this as a game, which is why you hesitate to reply.

“…$!{surname}, do you want a hint? It’s effervescent and hard to find.”


“Hmm, what’s the password and then I’ll listen?”

Ruby’s voice emits from the walkie talkie, though it is a little warped, you can tell that she is bored and using this as a game, which is why you hesitate to reply.

“…$!{surname}, do you want a hint? It’s effervescent and hard to find.”

@Cat-Toes I will keep those suggestions in mind and appreciate you making them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have an idea in mind for crush mechanics with it eventually coming through more obviously with some planned choices (at least based on my outline thus far.) I didn’t want to set it too early, preferring to have you meet the ROs and then it naturally come up along their route or when selecting certain options if your MC would like to have a past crush. Sorry if that’s a little vague; however, I appreciate you mentioning it.

Rn, it can be more headcanon based. I plan to see how having a past crush will impact the text enough to decide if I need to set the variable or not.

I intended to link an older ask on here about potential past crushes, since I have never said which ROs may have harbored feelings for the MC in the past.

A crush can work both ways; the MC could have had a crush or the ROs. :wink:


I’m so glad you are curious about A! Their section has grown quite expansive with all of the variations since how you decide to set your past relationship with them in Chapter 2 directly impacts choices available to you. You being a J-mancer can make those dynamics even more interesting. Yeah, I wanted to make their gender selectable to tailor the playthroughs a bit more–A can take on a variety of roles depending on your choices (e.g. friend, frenemy, supporter (as in they support your relationship), etc. etc.)


Big spooky thing shows up
My MC: this fine, we can win. It’s either by the power of friendship is magic or THIS F**KING CHAINSAW IS SCIENCE
MC: not now bestie I’m in the middle of a RAGE FUELED MELTDOWN!!!


All of the mentions of R 's car on Tumblr have inspired me to headcannon that my MC romancing R has a cat of the opposite gender so MC and R can raise a bunch of kittens together.


Weekly Update: 6 August 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.:green_heart: I just realized it was Friday.

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- I’ve been answering/queuing asks and replying to comments on here too. I appreciate your patience and interest.

- I am working on Chapter 6. I have added a certain interaction that required me to change some coding stuff in the earlier chapters that I am going to try and keep quiet about…:eyes: (Highkey doubt I will make it until then, but let’s see! A hint is: red.)

- The A variations are all done. Saying that talking to A is close to 20k words doesn’t give you all a good idea of the scope of scenes; however, just know that your choices heavily shape the interaction. :thinking::heart_eyes::broken_heart::hocho:

- I plan to wrap Chapter 6 very soon. Chapter 7 is going to be an interesting one with how you can choose to navigate through it.

- I made two other playlists that I won’t be sharing now…for Reasons.

-I updated Reese’s reference pics on the Long Form Description document because tumblr user victoriel found the name of the model I used and better pics for him. I would recommend using the Google Doc over the Tumblr post, since it will be the most up to date.

An emphatic thank you for all your support and kindness. :green_heart: Best wishes!

@Abstract_One Lol, B would be worried, but supportive of that meltdown with all that has happened to the MC. A chainsaw may or may not be a possible weapon; it is a horror movie staple. :wink:

@Cat-Toes Aw, that would be so soft. R would spoil those kittens and want to dote on them, for sure. I eventually will share R’s cat name with you all, since it will come up in-game; I kind of feel bad referring to him as [redacted], haha.


@Cat-Toes @Konoi

Hello to all of you! I have been meaning to post this on here for a while; this is an ask from my Tumblr that mentions how the ROs could possibly (or possibly not) have a past crush on the MC. I basically teased how or why that may have come about. I think you all may enjoy it, since I know of you wondered or asked questions about the crushing aspect, etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Anon Question from Tumblr: “Did some ro have a crush on MC?”

My answer:

"Oh, that would be a bit spoilery, but you’re asking a really great question.

I think some readers may have guesses as to who may have had past feelings for the MC or still have some now, though I’ve not confirmed anything yet…

I’ll tease you though.


B is B. You know B and they are your friend who represents a part of your new life outside of Fernweh. The borders of a small town and childhood isn’t what brought the two of you together, but something else that led to a friendship developing by choice, not by circumstance. Why do they still remain by your side? Their loyalty isn’t something that is freely given, but you have it (for now).


Next door neighbors are kind of unique, not as familiar or as sacred as one’s home, but S was always around in the background or passed by when going to and from your house. You knew each other, perhaps even looked out for each other or got used to waving to the other on certain days. They eventually learned some about your schedule and you about theirs. That consistency was literally burned down to the ground, but S still watches out for you in their own way. Why…?


R was your rival since childhood; they always tried to compete with you or placed themself in opposition to you from playground disputes to more formal classroom debates. Why you? Why them? A Verner should be taught that they have no peers; they are unparalleled, so why did R pick you out of everyone else to start a rivalry with? They still seem to have an interest in you, though it is hard to know the true extent of it with how R can slip on a mask as easily as a three piece suit.


Leaving Fernweh meant leaving J. They felt that absence just as you likely did to some degree too, except you got to go and they stayed in the place that was once yours and theirs. Reminders were everywhere. Spending so much time with you during their childhood left quite the impression on J; a natural concern for you that did not dull or turn entirely bitter even as the years passed by. They missed you. Does J’s interest go beyond what happened in the past? Is it just a remnant of a past childhood friendship and nothing more? Who knows.

Basically, I’m not ruling out anyone having a crush…

We will have to wait and see how the story unfolds and how your choices impact things. :D"


Aah, you tease!
I DO have my ideas, but well, I prefer to wait and see rather than think too much about it :rofl:


My probably crazy theory is that there is going to be some non obvious choice that changes who it is that actually has a crush on MC, and that’s why the author won’t confirm or deny any guesses.


Weekly Update: 13 August 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- I’ve been slowly answering/queuing asks and replying to the occasional comment on here. I appreciate your patience and interest.

- I finished Chapter 6! :sunglasses: I added some new things that should surprise you ( I want to spoil so badly ), though you may get a new hint in Chapter 2 once I update the scene files…There may be some unexpected romantic moments.

- I won’t be updating the startup/earlier chapters until after the Chapter 5 update because I don’t want to break your saves. I will go ahead and remind you that your end choice at Chapter 4 sets up 5, so it may be wise to have a save for each RO you are interested in for ease of replaying the next update

- I added a few new songs to the playlists; they are still a wip, but Heat Waves by Glass Animals became a fixation song so I added it to R’s. :musical_note:

An emphatic thank you for all your support and kindness. :green_heart: Best wishes!


will the poly route have an option for both characters to have a crush on them in childhood?

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Weekly Update: 20 August 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- I’ve been slowly answering/queuing asks and responding to questions on here. I appreciate your patience and interest.

- I have been writing Chapter 7 after fleshing out and adjusting the outline to add some more variation to it, including a few scenes that directly relate to how you handle some things (and people :eyes::coffee:) in Chapter 6.

- You will get to explore more of the town in Chapter 7 and learn more about how it operates. There are a lot of both little and big things to learn, depending on how you play…

- I added even more songs to the playlists; they are still a wip. It’s okay B-mancers–there is double meaning to one of the songs I added, so don’t take it too literally… :relieved::musical_note: I also plan to listen to songs suggested by readers eventually! Thank you for sending them in.

An emphatic thank you for all your support and kindness. :green_heart: Best wishes!

I am including an ask from Tumblr about the ROs cooking ability, since I know some of you mentioned baking as a hobby for your MC.

Anon ask: “Hello dear author! May I ask how good are the ROs at cooking, and will we be able to see this display of skill in the game? :eyes: Because honestly I just want to cook them their favorite foods to remind them they are loved :weary:.”

My answer:

Hi Anon,

I hope you’re doing well! :green_heart:

Oh, wanting to make someone’s favorite dish for them is so soft and sweet; B relates to you.

You will be able to see or learn of this skill in the series. I somewhat tease the cooking skills of B, kind of R, and J in the facts on their RO aesthetics.


B loves to cook, preferably to bake, and enjoys both the process and conceptualization alongside preparing the actual dish. Really, they get the most happiness out of other people enjoying what they made specifically for them, which is something their grandmother taught to them. Being cooking buddies with your MC would make them very pleased. :smiley:


S helped their mom and dad in the kitchen while growing up and still offers help today without being told to; they are the type to support without being asked to, even in a culinary capacity. S is probably one of the best helpers out of all the ROs and will also offer suggestions to elevate a dish. I would say their cooking ability is probably second best overall; S is better at cooking regular meals, while B is better at baking.


Lol, R is used to being cooked for and not by their mother or father. That being said, once of a certain age, they were left alone quite a bit so they learned the basics needed to get by and that’s that. Galas, fancy parties, luncheons, tastings, etc. have shaped their ‘palate’, but truthfully they like simple, homemade stuff where the effort outweighs the cost or glitzy/fanciness of the meal itself. They would be a bit of a chaotic helper…


Uhm, J isn’t the best cook…They will burn toast and then not want to bother with waiting for a new slice to toast so eat the darkened piece. It’s not about skill, more so time with them. Since becoming the Detective and dealing with some things, they are inclined to seek out quicker meals (sometimes even meal bars, shakes, cold sandwiches, etc.) as opposed to the homemade, farm-to-table cooking they were raised on. ( A gets on to them about this and does not approve.) The MC may be able to get them to slow down and even teach them that it’s okay to take things slower. J is ever polite and will help out in the kitchen if the MC would like to cook (e.g. washing, dicing things, being your sous chef), thought they are unlikely to take the lead and will wait for your instruction.


JR together in the kitchen would be controlled chaos with R trying to offer ‘suggestions’ and get off topic, while J is a dutiful sous chef and tries their best. Your MC may have a Gordon Ramsay moment, or enjoy it. They would both be proud (R ridiculously so) of having helped you make something; it would be kind of adorable, imo.

@Sheaon13 Hello! Hmm, I think that would present a unique dynamic and it is something I have thought about, since R and J would handle the crush differently given their backstories with the MC, so it could be interesting. I am still writing and working on how and to what degree the crushes will be present in Book 1, so I can’t say for certain just yet, but appreciate you asking the question. :slightly_smiling_face:


Meanwhile my sarcastic MC(who’s cooking pinnacle is heating up water) seeing the controlled chaos in the kitchen …" Hmm yes, I’m not sure if I’m enjoying this or dreading it"


So far all of my MCs are fairly good in the kitchen. I plan to have four as I typically make a character for each RO in every game I get. (I’m still undecided on making one for the poly route at this point.) At this point only two of my MC have even partially developed characters, (I may have mentioned before that I tend to take a while to develop my MCs, especially for series), so we’ll see how it goes once I finish my other two.


@Paradox1 Love the gif. Lol, I am sure that JR in the kitchen would be somewhat entertaining. Your sarcastic MC could make quite a few quips or jokes about the chaos that may distract R and cause more mistakes to be made. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Cat-Toes It’s cool that you make different MCs for each of the routes/ROs in a game. (The poly route will appeal to some and not others, so no worries and please always do what you are more comfortable with.)
Taking time to develop characters can lead to a more rewarding experience of playing through. Fernweh Saga being a series is something I am excited for; there will be opportunities for your characters to change, grow, contract, etc. over each book due to the arcs within the plot and within the differing relationships. :smiley:

Since writing IF, I have learned that a lot of readers actually make OCs and sometimes even more than one to play the same book, instead of self-inserting or using a single, really developed or go-to OC, which was kind of surprising to me…What I have read on this thread makes it seem like the trend is to make up OCs? :thinking: I usually self-insert or use my favored OC (that is a better self-insert, lmao XD) when playing, though I’ve not played any games in a long while.

Playtesting for Fernweh Saga has made me make up a few MCs to test the stat triggers and scenes, which is interesting because I usually go with a certain set of choices.


It depends - a lot of people have a go-to OC - or like, two or three of them, and they select the best suited to a game. But for a lot of people, these OCs are still self-inserts to a degree. Like, they share some personality traits with the player, their general physical appeareance, their sexuality, their gender… So even if they don’t play AS themselves, they still model their MC AFTER themselves.

But yeah, there are more and more people who create actual OCs. I never ever self inserted, and I actually still feel a bit uneasy by most IF using second-person narrative, even if I got mostly used to it - that’s why I’m overjoyed when a game uses first person narrative. To me, each of my MCs is a person, and thus I prefer to know their thoughts instead of the game treating it as if these were MY thoughts, if that makes sense? The way I see myself as a player, is as some sort of “guardian angel/spirit” to the MC, trying to lead them to happiness in one way or another.

Mostly because of the second person narrative, I feel more confortable if I create MCs who are very different from me on fundamental levels, so I always go for male MCs, since I’m female. That way, it creates a neat barrier and helps me negate the second person narrative. But on the other hand, all of my MCs romance male ROs (sooometimes NB), which coincides with my romantic attraction, cause in this case well, I would be bored and feel awkward having romantic interaction with girls, even if I distance myself from my MC. Hence, my MCs are gay males. But as opposed to me, none of them is ace! I don’t have issues with female protagonists in visual novels for example, since usually it’s first person narrative (as long as the protag has a design and I can see how different she’s from me - if there is no design, I go for male too, if I can select).

And by the way, I have only one MC per IF, because I consider each game is “this person’s story”, so if I created a different MC suddenly, I’d feel as if they stole the life of the first one, and that would hurt. I also always have a “canon playthrough”, so when I replay a game, I make exactly the same choices (unless I want to “perfect” that playthrough) - it’s all noted down, so I simply can do the same thing each time. It extends to romance - I VERY VERY rarely romance more than one character per IF. Not only because my canon playthrough mentality, but also because it makes me uneasy to “betray” a previously romanced character with another one - in the same way as ROs falling in love with each other or NPCs if not romanced makes me uneasy - it goes both ways for the same reasons. There are VERY few games where I liked more than one RO enough to actually play two or three romances, and it always makes me feel a bit uneasy and very guilty.
All of that is also the reason why I loathe random elements in games, since it “breaks” my canon playthrough. Usually if I see in the description of a game that it uses random elements, I won’t play it, even if it sounded interesting. Not worth the stress!

Okay, this went on a tangent, but I always find this matter interesting!
And this is by no means a statement “against” second person narrative - I was raised on VNs, and in the old ones third person narrative was used - this is still my favorite narration type - and I had a lot of trouble getting used to first person narrative in more recent VNs. Now I like both, and none bothers me, but second person is too much as it tries to force self-inserts. So basically, it’s natural for me to feel that way, and I don’t consider it wrong to write in second person. I still play a lot of IF after all!

To get back on track though…
My MC would TOTALLY cook for J and try and have them have a healthier lifestyle. And also for the genuine enjoyment of cooking for someone he likes, too!