Femboy Dating Simulator (70K words)

oh ok im sorry if i annoyd you i was just confused

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It’s okay! I’ll hopefully post the update next month! Just got finished with chapter 2 part 2 and only 3 versions of chapter 3 are left <3

Okay, so update time!!

Before we start, I just want to say, February is going to be hectic since my finals will be starting, but I’ll do my best to finish the update by March!! So without furtherado, let’s get into the updates!

  1. Chapter 2 part 2 has been completed. That means 30K words have been read and an addition of 15K words has been written.

  2. 33K words are left to rewrite though this will be slower since battle mechanism and all that. I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can!

  3. River has a lot of moments, some goofy, some serious but I’m liking how she’s turning up.

  4. For those who like my other book and are familiar with the character, I posted a short chat with Vigil.

That’s pretty much it! See you guys next monday! <3


Nice to see some updates. Good luck on your finals.

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Thanks!! Good luck to you as well ^-^

Okay! Monday’s Update:

  1. I was able to work on 5K words and on the chapter where you burn Harag’s house down.

  2. Unfortunately the update won’t be released on March but on April, but don’t worry! I’ll be releasing small stories like I have been doing for Lost In Your Eyes!.

  3. The reason only 5K words were looked through was because I was working on a short story for my Patreons related to my other book. More details here

  4. Hopefully I’ll have read through at least 6K words, it’s not a lot since I’m working on another Patreon short story while studying for exams so sorry >.<

That’s pretty much it! See you guys next week!! <3


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Thanks for the find! Will fix it ^-^

So, this update will be a little short, but this week was pretty productive over all.

  1. About 5K words were read through and an additional 2K words were added.

  2. I’ve read through almost 40K words which leaves 47K words left.

  3. The whole book is now 87K word long.

That’s pretty much it you guys! Hope you guys have a good one <3


also just saying i find it funny that this started as a joke and we felt so butthurt and rebeld to the point of manafesting it in to reality love this book thank you Kathy for that joke :rofl: :joy: