Femboy Dating Simulator (70K words)



Hello! I think I found a bug. After the prologue, we immediately got into the part where we decide what nickname laurel’s gonna call us and then suddenly it’s the start of chapter 2. I remember in the previous version of the demo we got an explanation as to how the mc got into the situation they’re in right now. But I can’t play that part of the story now.


Oh woops, forgot to turn test off :sweat_smile: sorry! But it’s fixed <3


Hiya Kathcutey, Clownie here! Decided to finally give your book a shot (the Patreon version), and while what I’ve read iz gud, when I reach the scene prompting you to either ask Laurel/Thor to let you ride on their shoulders or have them sandwich you, this message occurs no matter which option I choose, sending me back to the start;

dashingdon . com says
Uncaught Error: burning_a_house line 1873: label ‘*goto laurelstronk’ is not allowed to contain spaces.

I might just be bein a dummy and caused the issue myself unwittingly, but on the off chance iz a bug, thas my experience.
No rush ofc, and while it might be a mobile-only issue, jus thought I’d letcha know about it ^w^


:heart: yesssss update time!!!



found a error right off the bat :smile: i chose to be a woman.


Hmm, I don’t really know if it’s a bug because it doesn’t come up on my end. I tested it myself, and for some reason, it works fine.
Here’s me testing it out on all three routes

So yeah, I don’t really know if it’s Dashingdon, or the game itself.

Woops! Sorry! Should work good now, thanks for the find <3


Well duh, you fixed it with me over Discord yesterday. But yesh, it is fixed, tankyu.
Alsho, while I’m here, remember to drink plenty of water, eat 3 square meals, and take care of yourself. Remember your health is and should always be top priority, okay? Keep up the great work, you’ve got this~!


Really love this WIP but i think there are still some code problems. When you meet thor the first option should decrease Innocence but instead it increases.

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saw the title on the homepage and ran through 5 stages of grief but this is actually more interesting and less degenerate than i thought it would be!


Working on it from the beginning! I can’t upload the fix unfortunately cause I’ve already begun working on the update. Sorry!!

People who were here on April’s first went through worse XD And thank you! I’ll try to keep it as interesting as I can! <3 As for the less degenerate, well, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” :sweat_smile:

Hello world! Coming back here after 2 months lol, been working on my other project which still needs some heavy re-reading. Which is quite funny because re-reading that, and re-reading this shows just how long I’ve come to becoming a better writer then who I was. I also have all of you to thank for being a motivation of course, so yeah! Love you guys <3 Now! Let’s see what was added in this update!

  1. Patreoners got a glimpse of who’s the new character. She (Or is it he? :smiling_imp:) will start at the beginning and will come with you from Earth.

  2. 5K additional words were added into the game with about 17K words read.

  3. Laurel’s made more of a stoic rather then expressionless. She does have her moments, when she graces you with a rare smile, but usually tends to constantly observe and act.

  4. Thor is given a more homely personality. He smiles, he compliments, and he’s just one of those wholesome jocks that you read on tumblr lol

  5. As I said before, this update may take longer then a month, so I really apologize for that. My final term exams will also be on march or at the end of feburary so things may get delayed, so yeah, sorry you guys :face_holding_back_tears:

Drink some water!! <3


I enjoyed this more than I think I should of, good stuff


Haha, Mission accomplished then :sweat_smile:

Okay! Update time!

  1. Integrating River into the game has brought it’s own challenges but I’ve been tackling them quite nicely. 3K words have been added into the game.

  2. I still keep falling into the trap of looking at a sentence and thinking it doesn’t sound right, then spend hours trying to see if it’s okay or not, reorganizing them, finding synonyms etc etc.

  3. 20K words have been read through which means that I’ll complete chapter 2 today. Chapter 3 has been updated a little as well on Noah’s part, and another goddess has been introduced. The goddess of forest. I migghhtt add the option to romance a goddess, but fingers crossed. It’s either that, or introducing another character after River and then that would the entire Roster. You could choose to romance all of them of course. (I’ll keep the degeneracy limited lmao)

That’s pretty much it, have a great time you guys!!


If possible we will indeed romance all the goddesses!



  1. Chapter 2 is now finished, and I have gone through 1.5K words of chapter 2 part 2.

  2. I’m taking a small break, only today and tomorrow, I’m a bit too sick to write, sorry ;-;

  3. A little bit of River’s powers has been shown, and well, Harag will be gunning for you even more then before.

  4. The book at the moment stands at 82K words including code.

That’s it, see you the next week stay safe folks <3


Haha nice work. If you feel under the weather take off as many days as you like. Your story is so weird but enjoyable! :rofl:


is the new cpntent for patreon or something? becouse the game ends the same way as last time if there is new content i dont see it or is this just a progress update?

Everybody here wants a femboy but where is the tomboy dating simulator? :sob:

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Everybody wants the new and not the classic which is a sad reality

Haha, thank you! I really appreciate it! <3

Oh these are just updates as to tell you that I’m still working on the game :sweat: I can’t really release it for Patreon or the public because I’m rewriting from the beginning and adding a new character that I wanted to add so you all would be terribly confused the moment you reach the 2nd part of the second chapter because then they would vanish (since I didn’t continue there)

Hehe April’s coming up again XD

Lmao, I couldn’t put in the classic or else Nintindo would’ve sued me for stealing their storyline and making it better with hot beaches with fat tibbies or Hot dudes with massive pippies XD (So good, I had to make it rhyme)