Femboy Dating Simulator (70K words)

will you speak latin backwords to summon the demon :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I spoke latin backwards, and got possessed by a demon to make this horrendous game.

Ultimate Foot fetish Adventures! (20K)

This should upgrade me from a cook to a certified chef

April! Ah, new year! The anniversary of the joke that turned into something that made me proud of myself (Not really :skull:) I know I started working on this game on June, but still, it really fills me with pride how much I’ve accomplished in this year.

But before I get sentimental, lemme bring the bad news:

  1. I was uhh, not able to complete the whole game, hopefully I’ll upload it in the upcoming days! Just need to complete 2 scenarios, even though I was able to write down 8K words.

  2. The game is now almost 120K words! (118K to be exact)

Sorry for that you guys!!


what unholy thing have you birthed :rofl: :sweat_smile:


on a another note did not know you could add sound to choice script

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Small Update!

So, I may have underestimated myself (again) this may take a taaad bit longer than a few days XD HOWEVER, a dear friend of mine who chooses to be anonymous, drew this fan art of Laurel! They also have some AWESOME art work of FDS in progress and good lawd, they are amazing at this lol Once I update the book I’ll create a seperate fan art section!



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Blegh, I am so very sorry you guys, but I’m not very satisfied with how the story is right now, and I really don’t want to give you guys something that I’m not satisfied with (Cause you all deserve the best)

I’d say I’d post it on Monday or Tuesday, but just to be safe, I’m extending the deadline to 15th and completing all the pathways, and doing my best to do right by the new character. I won’t be updating on monday cause this is an early update XD. so yeah!

Burning down Harag’s house is at 30K words.I expect to add in another 2-3K

About 4K words were added, putting the book at 124K words.

It has now been 3 months, and I’ve written 50K words, (Add 20k If we count Patreon short stories) while reading through 70K. Quite something ngl, but still not enough for me.

That’s pretty much it. Thanks for being patient you guys! I promise to deliver something that you’d all enjoy!!! :heart::heart::heart:


She got me felling things, good things. Keep cooking, wordsmith.

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As a person who ate, you’re really cooking something good with this one. As far as uniqueness goes, you’ve really captured the horny gremlin energy well with some of these choices, and I am super behind this wip.


Hm- wait, so this is real? How come the two character designs I see aren’t femboys though?

The first femboy we will be “taming” does actually have artwork up thread, but it hasn’t been added to the top post. It could probably do with touching up later, but Kathy is pretty busy being a college student. I don’t really remember which post had the sketch, though. :sweat_smile: