Femboy Dating Simulator (120K words) New Update!

oh ok im sorry if i annoyd you i was just confused

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It’s okay! I’ll hopefully post the update next month! Just got finished with chapter 2 part 2 and only 3 versions of chapter 3 are left <3

Okay, so update time!!

Before we start, I just want to say, February is going to be hectic since my finals will be starting, but I’ll do my best to finish the update by March!! So without furtherado, let’s get into the updates!

  1. Chapter 2 part 2 has been completed. That means 30K words have been read and an addition of 15K words has been written.

  2. 33K words are left to rewrite though this will be slower since battle mechanism and all that. I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can!

  3. River has a lot of moments, some goofy, some serious but I’m liking how she’s turning up.

  4. For those who like my other book and are familiar with the character, I posted a short chat with Vigil.

That’s pretty much it! See you guys next monday! <3


Nice to see some updates. Good luck on your finals.

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Thanks!! Good luck to you as well ^-^

Okay! Monday’s Update:

  1. I was able to work on 5K words and on the chapter where you burn Harag’s house down.

  2. Unfortunately the update won’t be released on March but on April, but don’t worry! I’ll be releasing small stories like I have been doing for Lost In Your Eyes!.

  3. The reason only 5K words were looked through was because I was working on a short story for my Patreons related to my other book. More details here

  4. Hopefully I’ll have read through at least 6K words, it’s not a lot since I’m working on another Patreon short story while studying for exams so sorry >.<

That’s pretty much it! See you guys next week!! <3


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Thanks for the find! Will fix it ^-^

So, this update will be a little short, but this week was pretty productive over all.

  1. About 5K words were read through and an additional 2K words were added.

  2. I’ve read through almost 40K words which leaves 47K words left.

  3. The whole book is now 87K word long.

That’s pretty much it you guys! Hope you guys have a good one <3


also just saying i find it funny that this started as a joke and we felt so butthurt and rebeld to the point of manafesting it in to reality love this book thank you Kathy for that joke :rofl: :joy:


Lmfao, if anyone’s to thank it’s @leekyo1999. Who, in his folly, consumed images that had him acting unwise and conceived ideas that forced a conundrum. The visionary spoketh of a tomfoolery known as ‘femboy dating simulator,’ and unleashed characters (through a greater being (Me, cause I’m
obviously great)) that sowed seeds of doubt within the hearts of man (and women) till they questioned (their) sexualities - Femboyticus 1:5
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Update! But first,
I’m proud of what I wrote above, Bite me (The future me will regret this lol)

About 2K words were written putting the book at 90K words!

About 4K words were reviewed and a little rewritten

My exams are finished so I’ll be focusing on the book until the end of the month, then take like 3-4 days to make a short story for LIYE and focus here again.

That’s pretty much it! Goals for next week:

Write 4K+ words (94,000 words)

Read through at least 15K+ word (Unrealistic goal, but if I aim for the moon and miss, at least I’ll wander aimlessly, out of fuel, looking out into the space and take solace in the fact that I tried)

See you guys next week!


Had a lil heart attack when my laptop went kapoot but thankfully no damage done XD

So! Updates!

  1. I didn’t just shoot for the moon, I blew a hole into mars! Almost 17K words were reviewed and I could have done more if not for my laptop going bust. The slight set back was that I had to rewrite from Chapter 2 (Mostly because the new character uhh… Well, you’ll find out when you read it XD)
  2. About 4K words were added!

So my previous goals were met! Next up is me working on a Patreon story that will be about Valerie/Vale! Goals for next week:

  1. Read through 10K words for FDS
  2. Add 2K words for FDS
  3. Add 5K words for the new Patreon story.

Heads up that all my Patreon short stories will be free after a month, so since I released John/Elizabeth’s side story on Feb 27th! <3


Is it just me or is it impossible to not burn Harag’s house in chapter 2? The game crashes and the only thing that might be the cause is the inconsistent capitalization of the labels in the code, I’m not sure if that matters or not.

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You can choose not to burn Harag’s house in chapter 2, I don’t think there’s any problem with that, there is, however an an error if you romance Thor though but that will only occur if you try to burn Harag’s house down which will take you to Laurel’s ending and not Thor’s, I just found out about it, literally a few hours ago and went OH NO! since I can’t update it this month (Well, I’ll try my best to, but no promises)



  1. This week was very fruitful, all my set goals were met, the book is at 96K words (Well, 95,899 something, but we’ll round it off to 96K)

  2. The Patreon story is almost complete, I just need to complete the whole thing and polish it a little.

  3. The entirety of second chapter is now completed.

Goals for next week because WOOO! Setting goals have REALLY been helping me push myself, and thank you everyone who have helped me along the way <3

  1. Now that second chapter is done, I’ll be moving to “Burning Harag’s house” which is 20K word, so I’ll try to read through 15K this week, and maybe complete the whole scene, so about 4K words.

  2. Release the Patreon short story by the end of next week.


I need all of your opinion on something. I’m writing words, Majestic words, Words that will change the course of history. Words like “Ula’s arms” and “Kraun’s lightning and thunder!”

However, I am at an impasse. My brain, sleep deprived and high on caffein, has written something… Something forbidden. I cannot say, what exactly, but I want to ask your opinion on the following…

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  • It is true.
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i am scared to vote i dont wanna be juged life is alrady hard dont make me do this :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Thick thighs save lives.


Reminded me of this:

Wait till you see the new character

Update time!

According to the poll, a lot of you are going to hate me (or laugh your ass off Lmao) for a single sentence that I might have added :skull:

Most of my goals were met. Unfortunately it was a bit too much for me, and I ended up only reviewing 13K word, and only 3K words were written, putting the game at 99K words.

The new character is coming along just nicely! I’m pretty sure you guys would like her (HIM FUDGE I KEEP MISGENDERING THE DUDE CAUSE HE’S A TRAP :sob:) Lots of people are going to get confused about this one :skull:

Goals for next week.

Finish off the branch in the Harag’s house where you bull doze through Noah and all four people look at the horrors he has stacked inside.

Introduce a minor character, (Another goddess) who’d give you a boon, which would pave the way to the fourth and final character! (Hopefully)

Sneak peak as to why the poll was made. (I know ya’ll are going to do the French revolution on me, but hear me out-)



Please dont tell me you made one of the characters have a foot fetish


Errm, Actually, it’s a toe fetish :nerd_face:
Also, No… Not yet at least…

I mean, let’s say hypothetically, if I were to give a character foot fetish, and speculatively, that character was interested in toes, it would be more for comedic purposes, because “Haha, it’s funny” but also because it gives the character more depth (Not really LMFAO)

But yeah, no, no foot fetish. No one’s getting feet.


i love this IF so much you dont even know also unrelated note why do i have the feelng that i will pamper the hell out of noah i will do it and you cant stop me!! i will beat hag to a pulp :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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Wait till you see the new character :smiling_imp:


  2. Even though I surpassed my limit, I still have 5 days to complete the whole thing, which I don’t think I’d be able to do since there is 15K words that I look into. I’ll try my best though, Hopefully not at the cost of my sleep but no promises XD
  3. I added a character customization in which you can customize your character even after you have already chosen! I added this because I it’s annoying to restart the whole book because you accidentally clicked next when you didn’t mean to.
  4. I also added the Character review scene (I’m working on the name lol) where you can see what the characters look like. (Had it coming tbh)

Goals for next week:

  1. Complete the review of the whole book.
  2. Make a pact with a demon so I no longer have to sleep and finally finish the rewrite of the book.
  3. Something something because there should be 3 points.

That’s pretty much it! See you guys next week! <3