Femboy Dating Simulator (120K words) New Update!

Weekly update!

Most of the week was spent studying and catching up however I was able to write about 3K words! (Mostly cause I’m a tad bit burnt out and lacking sleep XD) Dw though, I’m getting back into routine ^-^

Patreon story was released. I’ll be working on another which involves the MC and Laurel! A little bit of jealousy here, a little bit of protectiveness there, and since it’ll be a glimpse of the future, it’ll show another part of Laurel! A caring, mother-bear part that’s going to make other think twice before they approach the MC XD

That’s pretty much it! I’m hoping to release this Patreon story between Friday and Sunday! (I might not but I’m putting the deadline to commit myself)


Apologies if this had already been answered, or if I overlooked the setting, but would it be possible to include an option to remove the stat symbols from the choices?

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This wasn’t answered or asked, but I’ll look into it! (I don’t know how lmfao so Imma search it up XD)

Weekly Update!

So I’m done with the next short story and the next agenda is creating one more and taking a small 1 week break (Not really a break, I have to write another piece of literature for someone XD) And after that I’ll be focusing on Lost in your eyes!

Before I head out, I’ll try to see if there’s an easy way of removing/adding stat symbols from choices in Femboy dating simulator. See you guys next week!


I’ve been busy these past two days and almost have finished coding the entirety of choices so that you can choose to see the stat symbols or not.

As for the poll on Patreon, since ended up in a Draw, I’m going to have a public opinion on what Patreon story I should write (Since I do release patreon stories a month later XD). You can vote here! <3


Mini Update

So, I may have jumped the gun into thinking every one wants me to work on Lost in your eyes, and since I do admit it does need a lot of work, It would be unfair not to let the people decide as to which book should be worked on until it’s finished. So, without furtherado!

Le poll: