Feelings or Logic or Both?


For the next exercise, do the exact same thing but swap out balance for imbalance. It seems really weird you didn’t think to do that already. If you’ll excuse the pun, that’s a really imbalanced point of view!

(it would also be trivially easy to perform the mental gymnastics necessary to claim that all of your examples are actually imbalances, given how poorly defined either of the definitions are)


You make fine points about balance being a human concept, tho I am hard pressed to find a culture lacking some concept of it. Regardless, it is a human concept because of the many aspects of human life to which it applies.

A working man who favors his career over his family may find himself losing said family. A young man or woman who fails to moderate their drinking may be afflicted with liver failure, to say nothing of more immediate ailments and the possibility of addiction.

So while the concept of balance may indeed be flawed, it’s absence can have notably severe consequences, which are generally dismissed by a majority of individuals.


We can argue for ages about what feels right to us or what the definition of balance is, but in the end we’re two animals typing ideas at each other based on nothing but our extremely narrow and limited understanding of an uncaring and empty universe.


Very well. I admit the conversation topic has grown a bit stale. None the less, the uncaring and empty universe can bite my scrawny pale tush.

I discuss such topics for my sake, probably because what I consider stimulating conversation is so hard to find in my offline life.

I wish you luck in getting over your not quite existential crisis. Au revoir.


Ha ha ha, that’s one of the major themes of the story I’m writing for the forum! :wink: How do we make meaning out of a meaningless existence? How much of “making meaning” is just defiance of the inevitable, a pebble chucked at a rhinoceros?


I agree with your opinion that balance is needed for most aspects of life… Well, i said “most” but not “all” because there may be certain aspects where “balance” may lead to disastrous outcome, take example from alcoholic drink, where a balance ratio of 50% alcohol and 50% water will lead to dreadful consequence :-):sweat_smile:

Hence depend on the circumstances , there might be other occasions where “balance” is rather impossible but i agree with you on the sense that feelings based on logical analysis is preferred :slight_smile: and as @Malvastor said , some form of balance is crucial for some of the cases


I have never considered balance to specifically be an even split. Rather, as a childhood tree climber and an adult experimental cook, I think of balance as “the proper distribution of opposing factors to avoid an undesirable outcome, or achieve a desirable outcome”.

Example a, the application of butter and a blend of spices to bland white rice. The undesirable outcomes are “the rice remains bland” or “the rice is over spiced and tastes horrible”. To achieve the desired out come the the portions of rice, butter and seasons much each be of the suitable portions to balance each other out and achieve the desired result of a satisfying side dish.

In seeking to balance emotions and logic, you should not seek an even distribution, but instead try for an effective mix of the two that suits the situation at hand.


That i totally agree, never thought about it until you mention… a mix of the two is definitely the better narrative, i had initially thought it should be balanced out with a 50-50 ratio … but it the case of mixing them out, it all depend on the individual and circumstances … for myself i would think of 65% feeling and 35% logic mix :slight_smile:


I mix both a lot, and at some time realized that it is best to relate more to the feelings side, if the feeling is positive and more on the logic side, if the feeling is negative.


If a human is comprised entirely of logic, they become akin to computers receiving data, emotionless and punctual. If a human is entirely comprised of feelings, they become over-emotional and dramatic (aka histronic), therefore a balance of both logic and feelings are needed for humans to function. :sweat_smile:


Perfect summary. You’d never interpret a balanced application of butter to rice as “1 pound of butter per pound of rice”.


in truth, its obviously a both, everyone uses a mix of both, just how our brains are wired unless your a straight brainlet i suppose