February 2023's Writer Support Thread

Honestly, this is the best way to describe my progress this month.

There’s a looooooooooong road ahead for me…


Mwhahahahaaha! Ha! Ha! Ha! No!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Make 1 hour (being generous) rewatching (again) your notes.

Started reading Fallen Hero. I discover that me and @malinryden use the same word for empowered people: Enhanced. I took it from bioethics, it’s used for real in the scientific/philosophical debate.

On the bright side:
I conceived a Scooby Doo videogame during a just for fun discussion. Does it count?

Here for details

PS thank you @Eiwynn and @HarrisPS for your work as moderator. I know that some time this month things are not been easy. and I feel partially responsible


Very tired today, but this month I did a lot! I did write up the Noblesse Oblige retrospective, did major work on the other things I’m doing, and made an outline draft. Very pleased with how things are going (despite the tired).


Ahaha that is nice to hear! I just needed one that wasn’t trademarked…


This month’s been a real drag for me, word count wise.

Honestly, I don’t think my original plan of writing a small amount every day is going to work out. Coupling that with a full-time job makes writing feel too much like work.

Next month I’ll be be trying a different approach, letting ideas and notes pile up during the week, and then writing for longer over the weekend. Hoping that works out to be a better way of working for me.


I’m at a point where I basically know what I want to write, yet I find myself just sitting there staring at the document. Highly frustrating. I do write, but it’s way too slow for my liking.


Moderate success, I guess? Did some research, but not enough to really permanently structure anything yet. Didn’t even get to researching civil wars/internal (military) conflicts yet. Only army stuff in general and special operations units in specific this far. (And there are a lot of units that either directly or indirectly fall under that banner. And that’s with research this far being limited to the US army in specific.)

Actual writing? About 350 words of fanfiction.


February was made up of the semester going into full steam ahead mode, turning 21, 0 words written, and deciding to lean more into drama and fun royal stuff and less plotty, important stuff happening for WIP #2. The plot will still be there, I just want it to be more on the back burner, as opposed to the other stuff being subplot.

Sometime soon, I want to write a test scene for the “explicit” content. I want it to be vague and illusionary enough for it to be PG13. And that would make it easier for writing the different combinations. But I don’t want it to be so illusionary that it’s all flowery and you have no idea what just happened. After a couple try’s, if I just can’t make it work, then I’ll either make it eventually fade to black, or I’ll have to make it a bit more clear with some gender locks. I’ll decide if it comes to it


Finished one of my subscenes, started with another. I’m not sure on the pacing yet, but I’ll be able to check once I’ve fully finished all the flashback sequences (which if done right should be a nice intro/character building segment that also introduces some of the MCs relationships).

Which brings me to a pacing question actually. How do y’all manage to slow down while writing and avoid telling instead of showing? My method so far has been doing a telling draft, then rewriting it until it feels like it isn’t too direct. But I still suffer from telling too much.


Between sickness and a week-long visit from my sister and her family, I didn’t get as much actual writing done as I’d hoped this month. But I have a lot of maps and numbers I didn’t have before, all shaping stuff that will be relevant for the rest of the series. :slight_smile: So I’ll focus on that, and look forward to March!


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