February 2023's Writer Support Thread

Just save it as unicode, the rest depends on client-side. (I mean, if the reader’s OS doesn’t have correct symbols installed, it obviously doesn’t work, but otherwise it isn’t device-dependant.)

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How would it work inside CS? How do you save IPA in unicode?

That depends on what you’re writing with. It’s encoding setting. I think CSIDE uses unicode by default although I could be wrong; Notepad++ may or may not need you to pick a setting but it remembers them so it’s not like that needs to be done on regular basis; anything else, I don’t know.

I use CSIDE. Would it show the symbols by default, should I copy the IPA into character roster?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

Would CSIDE automatically transfer IPA symbols into unicode once the game is complied? Would it then properly show on, say, dashington?

I mean, if they show on IDE properly (and if it uses unicode by default, but you have to ask someone else about that because I don’t know), then they are already in correct format. They’re just symbols, when they get messed up it’s not because there’s something wrong with the symbols themselves but because the system trying to read them doesn’t understand which symbols it’s supposed to show.

Okay, thank you. Sorry for bothering you.

Not a bother, beyond the multilingual translation gap.

Highly frustrated here; I was so stoked starting to write the upcoming part of my story. So much fun to write, and so many different parts, preventing me from getting bored (which was good, because I was suffering from fatigue after finishing the previous part of the story, since it was quite daunting.) And now, after having been so stoked, I’ve lost a fair amount of my spark. Such lousy timing! Instead of focusing on what I looked forward to, thoughts about a daunting coding/writing-task that I have been procrastinating nag inside my head all the time, even as I write on the new things. It will be extremely hard work, and I… don’t look forward to it.


haven’t been developing nearly as much as I’d like. chapter 1 won’t be finished this month, mainly because I keep having plot dilemmas over “should this happen early on?” “should I push this for later?” “is the player being railroaded?” I won’t create a WIP thread until I have the first 3 chapters locked and loaded, I think. march will be a busier month, considering my classes will be back AND I’m starting an internship. anyways!! we move :saluting_face:


Ok I’m going to link a friendly discussion that I had in another topic, that unintentionally made me write down how teleport works for some of my characters.

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Ha, yeah. Mine doesn’t, by design, have any limitations… if you’re willing to be taken over by an eldritch abomination.


Eldritch abomination? :thinking: Pfff… What about gifts from the angel of death? :skull:
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: High five

I actually have a snippet of that, although it's a bit spoilery

”There’s too many of them,” Gauge shouted. ”We can’t keep doing this! Vortex, ’port us out of here!”

”No!" Vortex yelled back. ”Too m–”

”Either that, or we die!”

Vortex cursed under his breath. There was a real fear on his face, but then he shook his head in defeat. ”Ah, blast it all. Fine. Get here, and grab something. I need physical contact.”

You all formed a ring around him, catching each others’ hands, clothes, anything, while still staying in a ready stance in the fight.

Vortex grabbed two shoulders that were at arm’s reach and looked around. ”Ready?”


”I really suggest holding your breath for a few seconds.”

And with that, time and space curled into itself.

After a disorienting experience, that lasted a second or a century, you found yourself back at the safehouse, no worse for the wear from the impromptu transporting. There was clear relief hanging in the air, while everyone checked themselves for damage.

And then, a small strangled noise, somewhere between gk and umph, and Vortex collapsed.

Startled, you all jumped back, and in an instant, there was a cleared area around his unconscious form.

Bleeding from the nose and ears. Fading from the edges. Shadows flickering and shuffling.

Neural blinked, then shrugged. ”He’ll be fine. Just… keep your distance and give him a moment.”

Fine? He’s not breathing!

”…yes. He does that.”


Hi everyone! I got stuck and need your invaluable advice!

The MC of my Hindu-Buddhist project is about to find out a very important secret about their alleged RO.

Who should tell the MC about it? (their Best Friend? Their enemy? Their mentor?) And how? (A lecture? A note? A monologue under the moonlight?)

Any advice is welcome, but most importantly I am looking for an idea that fits the mood of my project Last Dream best.

Thank you in advance, I will reward your invaluable advice with Italian Pizza. :pizza:

Well, since it’s Hindu-Buddist… how about a ritual by MC’s mentor to enter them into a dream sequence where they shall meet their RO and realise their secret? Something akin to aromatic oils, incense, calmness and stillness, body escaping the soul?


Their mentor, or another ally, should take them aside and tell them what’s going on with their RO. I admit I’m not familiar with your WIP, but what I just described is rather similar to how Krishna told Karna a very important secret (albeit about himself) in the leadup to the battle of Kurukshetra (in the Mahabharata).


Or receiving a vision?

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I know a little Korean, which is to say I took an intro to Korean class once and have a vague familiarity with the phonetics of the Korean alphabet. Don’t remember what any of the words mean or much grammar unfortunately.

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