Favourite Musicals?(no cartoons)


so i just finished a spree of musical watching:The Phantom Of The Opera,The Devil’s Carnival and Phantom Of The Paradise.
(first was awesome,second had a great second half and the third had a couple of good songs)

anyway it got me thinking:“hey i wonder what the awesome community of COG thinks about musicals?”
so i decided to post this Discussion.

my favourite musicals are:
(not in order)
1.Chicago: fun and spunky music
favourite song:Cell Block Tango

2.Wicked: great retelling of a classic tale
favourite song:tie between Dancing Through Life and What Is This Feeling?

3.Phantom Of The Opera: admittedly it IS overrated and the plot isn’t the best,but the music IS great
favourite song:The Phantom Of The Opera

4.Jekyll And Hyde:The Musical: can’t believe i only found out about it this year.haven’t seen the play yet,but based on the music it is by FAR my favourite musical.(Anthony Warlow’s version is by far the best)
favourite song:Confrontation

5.Evil Dead:The Musical:soooooo funny(and fantastically campy)
favourite song:It’s Time

6.Reefer Madness(2004):a comedy musical that makes fun of the original Reefer Madness from 1936
favourite song:Reefer Madness

7.Repo! The Genetic Opera:a fantastic(and dark)rock musical
favourite song:tie between Night Surgeon and 21st Century Cure

8.The Devil’s Carnival:made by the same people who made Repo!. if you ignore the first half then this is a very good,dark and creepy musical
favourite song:In All My Dreams I Die(CreepyPasta material for sure)

9.Sweeny Todd:at this point it should be fairly obvious that i prefer dark and/or funny musicals
favourite song:A Little Priest

10.Little Shop Of Horrors:Steve Martin as the comically sadistic dentist makes this movie unforgettable(to me at least)
favorite song:Feed Me

honourable mentions to:Flight Of The Concords and Dr.Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
the only reason i didn’t include them is because they are neither plays nor movies.

so what are YOUR favourite musicals(thats right i’m looking at you)


note: the reason i said no cartoons is simply because i don’t want this discussion to be ONLY cartoon musicals and there are a lot of them out there.
if you want to have two lists one cartoon and one non-cartoon,then i’m okay with it
(as long as you have a non-cartoon list)


Moulin Rouge.


@Havenstone haven’t seen that one myself.


I feel the need to say “Les Miserables” and be a complete pleb.


I’d say The Pirates of Penzance, but that’s more of an operetta.
Fave song: A Policemans Lot

Man of La Mancha might do as a favorite
Fave song: The Impossible Dream

Tied with Little Shop of Horrors
Fave song: Dentist


West Side Story


@Cataphrak I’ll see your pleb and raise you one. Phantom of the Opera (my favourite is the scene towards the end where they weave, oh, five songs into one), Cats (my girls and I like the Heavyside Layer song), and then Porgy and Bess. But generally I’m more familiar with opera…


@everyone operas count too.

@Miki i like(what i can remember of)West Side Story.

@Cataphrak i actually haven’t seen Les Miserables surprisingly.

@Flogan i hope to see Cats someday.

@lolli04 i also hope to see TPOP.what is Man Of La Mancha about?


Operas count? In that case!

The Magic Flute
Don Giovanni
The Fairy-Queen
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
The Love for Three Oranges
The Nightingale
Don Quichotte


I’ve only seen one or two episodes from the show, but I love the songs from Once More with Feeling (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), if that counts.


@gkkiller they do count but i would prefer to focus on “full” musicals.
personally i have found that there have been a few shows with good musical episodes (the scrubs one was hilarious)


South Park the movie
Cannibal the musical
Mama Mia
Les miserable
Phanthom of the opera
Sound of music
Spring Time for Hitler


No shame, @Cataphrak – I’m also a total sucker for Les Mis.


Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop of Horrors.

I’d say Bedknobs and Broomsticks but that is live action with cartoon bits.


The Producers is probably number two on my list. I can sing “Haben sie Gehort das Deutsche Band?” from memory.

That would leave, what? Probably Avenue Q at number three.


Lol missed avenue q n rocky horror picture show loved “everybody is a little but racist” and “time warp” . Deutschla band is also my fav


You gotta love singin in the rain :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve made two lists, one for the musicals i have seen, and one for the ones i haven’t.

Of those i have seen these are my favourites:

Into the Woods
Legally Blonde
High School Musical (all of them)
Avenue Q

Of the ones i haven’t seen, i really like the music of these:

Next to Normal
The Book of Mormon
Pippin (the new broadway version)


@Pepper Repo! The Genetic Opera is soooo awesome. TESTIFY!!!
also i loved cannibal the musical.

@idainn i’ve heard good things about Into The Woods and Avenue Q
to be honest i have only heard bad things about Spamalot,but as a Monty Python fan i want it to be good.

@AgentGuineapig funny that you mentioned that, since i just watched A Clockwork Orange.(if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know the connection)

@Nocturnal_Stillness FEED ME SEYMOUR!