Favourite love interest in a Choice of Game or Hosted Game?


I should also bring up Vera from Choice of Magics. She’s such a fun bad idea.

Also, Queen Thecla. So responsible, dutiful and merciless.


Thank you! We hope you’ll enjoy how the relationship continues to develop. And you spelled it right. :wink:


Raf from the wip Model Citizens. He’s so sweet :sob:


Updating to include:

  • Evan Ecstasy - Slammed! (My GOD what a sweetheart. He was there for the MC during his lowest point.)
  • Wren - Weyrwood (He’s such a peculiar and interesting character and the way he looks at you like you’re something dear…)
  • Mayor Cos - Choice of Magics (A man with dice on his belt is a man after my own heart!)

Currently Romancing: Black Magic - Heroes Rise (He’s sort of a disaster but I’m enjoying it :slight_smile: )

  • Luis de Vega was the first RO that really hit me–I’m always weak for slow burns.

  • I love both Rory and Valentine in Tally Ho, because their personalities are such fun, adoring counterpoints to the MC. Valentine’s ending in Hollywood is might be my favorite ending, period.

  • Ortega in Fallen Hero is probably my favorite romance overall. I always forget about Mortum until I romance them again and remember how fantastic they are, but Ortega wins out.


Perfect (!!!) description of Preston and gdi I can’t stay away from that guy… :sparkling_heart:


I LOVED WREN TOO!!! :heart::heart::heart: But I am a Haze gal all the way for Tally Ho…I tried the Rory route several tines and just couldn’t make it interesting, and I loved Dev as well…until I read the sex scene a second time and realized that i just laid there while he had sex on me. It doesnt take away from his character AT ALL it was consentual and he was like the best romance by far (bastion was cool, and you atleast got to participate except he did oral over clothes even though you wanted more and when you tried to do the same he was all “dont tease me” so you had to go full on…which was fine if he hadnt denied you like 12 hours prior…) i am ranting because I LOOOOVE heart of the house and its written by a woman so i dont get these instances…seems sort of sexist in a way…i am off topic. Just got excited because we like some similar ROs! :heart: cheers!


After reading Guns of Infinity, Lady Katarina had becomes one of my favourite love interest as well… i had never thought Guns of Infinity could provide one of the most memorable romance route , and most importantly it seems like the romance with Lady Katarina will carry on in Lords of Infinity :-):hugs:


I keep meaning to make a new MC and romance Valentine, but every time I try…I just go back to romancing Rory! X’D


I would go gay for Ortega from Fallen Hero.

“But you can change his gender though”

My head canon cannot be changed imaginary person who asked this question.


I need to add Grey from SUPERNATURAL IN NEW YORK up in here… :heart:


Don’t forget Dominic! :heart_eyes:


And Morgan…it’s really a win/win/win with that game, yes??! :heart: