Favourite love interest in a Choice of Game or Hosted Game?


Whew I love romance but only a few lasted a good impression on me.

Finch from A study in Steampunk, he’s just so… I love the bond between him and MC, feels really organic and realistic, please more of that.
Tal, Vance in Choice of Magics, best wife, best husband
F, M, A, N from Wayhaven Chronicles, beautiful fleshed out characters
Haze & partly Rory from Tally Ho

Everyone seems to love Fallen Hero, I should check that out even if superhero themes aren’t that high on my list :thinking:


Yess!!! Whatever else happens with Choice of Magics, it broke into the “favorite love interest” thread!!!

I am here to accept on behalf of both recipients. Tal’s acceptance message reads, “I’d like to thank my father, who gave me his sense of humor - nice going, Dad - and my Mom, who told me that when your RO gets weird, just ask yourself if it’s weird in a good way, and if so, roll with it. And of course, Noodles! I’m sorry darling, there’ll be a favorite monkey thread someday!”

V just rolled his/her eyes when I told him/her and muttered, “Oh, the Internet.” But I think V is secretly flattered too.


Who’s Jules from Tally Ho?


I’m an idiot and not well fed enough sorry–meant Rory ofc!


Except Wayhaven Chronicles tho. It’s HEAVILY romance oriented with a dash of supernatural detective mystery


I love so many ROs! I don’t even know where to start!!


I know I’ve commented before I would like to say that Evan/Evalyn Ecstasy from Slammed! Is one of the best ROs in all video games ever.

And every member of Unit Bravo from Wayhaven are top tier Babes :ok_hand: