Favourite love interest in a Choice of Game or Hosted Game?


Semryu from way walkers


Well, I can’t remember the names of all the games, but I’ll try to list them.

Miss Carraway from Tin Star.
JJ and Evelyn from Slammed!
Tress, DG and Mob from Community College Hero (I was sad cause Stoic wasn’t a RO. She is my favorite character).
Denise and Scarlet from Unnatural (They’re so cute and strong. And I have a big love for werewolves).
Prodigal and Jenny from Heroes Rise.
Morgana from Guenevere.
Calypso from Children of the Gods.
All the RO’s from Monster High (I can’t just pick one, they’re all loveable. But I fell in love hopesleesly with Artemis, Wendy and Victoria).
Annika from Orpheus Ruse.
Shelly from Way Walkers (Cause I can’t remember the name of the other two).
Heather and Mindy from Zombie Exodus.
Breeze and Oli from Versus.
Asadi and Hawkins from Mecha Ace.
Karla from The Lost Heir.
Clotho from Choice of the Vampire.
Patch from Fatehaven.
Empathy from Freak (If she’s a RO. I loved this character.).
Feng from Choice of Kung Fu.


Wow lol, I came here to post my fave RO’s and I see this list, pretty much exactly this for the games on the list that I’ve played, which is a good amount of them. I also like Watanabe from mecha ace, and pretty much every companion in Samurai of Hyuga, you can’t really romance them in part 1, but part 2 looks like its heating up a bit in this regard =P


I just went through the games I actually have saved to my phone and could remember characters from.

Zombie Exodus - Devlin and Mindy

Way Walker - Semryu, who else?

Tin Star - Yiska. I feel like I should try Miss Caraway since she seems to be a huge favorite here.

Study in Steampunk - FINCH oh my god. I think this is the only COG I ever got all the achievements on because I wanted to see every scene no matter how horrible (and if you love these characters it can get painful)

Lost Heir - Theo or Gale

Hero’s Rise trilogy - Jenny. Think she was the only RO in that game who didn’t get on my nerves.

Samurai of Hyuga - Probably Toshio, if that’s in the next chapter. I feel too protective of Masashi to want a relationship even if he wasn’t super young. I won’t romance Jun for the same reason - hurt Masashi and I’ll end you.

Psy High - Went for the friend who turns out to be into the MC. Can’t remember her name right now.

Community College Hero - Stunner and Tress.

Choice of the Pirate - Caesar

MetaHuman - Brett. Aaron came close but there were a couple serious dealbreakers that spiked him.

Choice of the Vampire - Jesse, Clotho

Unnatural - Lakota, Sarah


I honestly don’t have a lot of romances that really resonated with me, but I do have a few!

Deathless/city thirst: Vega and Jess. Jess’s romance in city thirst hit me paticular hard cause he and my mc had a lot in common. Also that kiss with Vega hoo boy clutches chest

Mecha Ace: I haven’t fully romanced Hawkins cause with my first go around I screwed up majoraly but, oh my god I love their character arc??? it’s so good.

Community College Hero: I at first went for Crook but upon finding out that he had a wife and kids I was just like haha, you’re cute and all but I’m not a homewrecker bye.

Heroes Redemption: I. LOVE. WEAVER. SO MUCH HE’S SO CUTE

Unnatural: Def Victor

Way Walkers: Like pretty much everybody else I adore the heck out of Semryu

As for some WIPs

From Ashes: Specter, he’s really intriguing in the short stuff we’ve seen of him

Monsters of New Haven: Hunter, I would’ve gone for Caleb but?? he just seems really skeevy to me

Myrmidon: From the small bit I’ve seen of Radjack I’ve already fallen head over heels for him. His personality and thing for dramatics really reminds me of Thancred or Balthier


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Favourite romance scene in a Choice of Game or Hosted Game?

Prodigal from heroes, Cazador from Apex, Junko from Hyuga and Elizbeth from Vamp house…Lancelot would also be high up on my like list…and wow im really into people who wanna kill me, i might be screwed lawl.


Evelyn from Slammed!
Elly from Choice of Robots
Tress from Community College Hero (The love note in the sequel is too adorable! :heart: )
Denise and Sarah from Unnatural (Sarah’s coming out made me tear up).
Black Magic from Heroes Rise. (Was happy to see the guest appearance in Redeption of her and my MC :smiley: )
Morgana from Guenevere.
Kess from Way Walkers
Heather from Zombie Exodus.
Karla from The Lost Heir.
Sylvana from Fatehaven.
Empathy from Freak (I’m banking on this one since she is clearly interested lol.).
Queen Agustina from Choice of Romance (I wish things would have ended happier for us :cry: )
Berenice from Choice of Alexandria
Almost forgot, Sydney from So, You’re Possessed!


I’m glad to hear you liked the scene where Sarah comes out. I tried my best. The romance in general is something I hope to refine and improve during my edits of season one. That scene will change slightly now its possible for a female MC to be friends with Craig as well as a male MC be friends with Sarah. (The player chooses which one is their old friend) either way both remain gay they just won’t announce their love in those instances.


I still like Denise better, but that’s just because she seems more cuddly, especially if you research at the end after romancing her lol Scarlet was also great, the point where my wings came out with her was a wonderfully memorable scene :slight_smile:


Scarlet was my favourite female LI to write I like how nervous she got which was in contrast to how she acts. Austin was my favourite male LI to write I especially like the scene where he is about to get rid of the mask and the baggage that came with it. I really need to do a poll see how many pushed him to show them the box and how they felt when they found out what was inside.


The scene with Scarlet was great, entering her bedroom and seeing her uncharacteristically vulnerable so humanized her, yours is one of the few games where I get torn on RO, normally I lock into one and each play-through she is the one…like the Heroes series, Black Magic was my all, part of me wanted to see what Jenny and Lucky would be like but I was invested. With Unnatural I found Sarah, Denise and Scarlet captivating in their own rites, all three were so different and they had their own appeal…now ultimately like I said Denise was my top, but I’m a girl who loves her cuddles lol


Black Magic. There was something wonderfully crafted about BM that made me desperate to see how the story would play out. Although not necessarily integral to the plot, it became integral to the way I played, wondering how my hero would act given his tempestuous relationship ship and how much of BM’s behaviour he would tolerate and how much he could forgive in the end. An awesome character and an even more awesome RO.

Honourable mentions to Ash Wakefield and James from Creatures both of whom I loved.


If I’m being honest, Craig was the only RO whose romance I played through in Unnatural. Lakota never interested me, and Victor’s unfortunately bugged so… he was kinda my only option in the long run. I’m one of those (stubborn?) players that refuses to play as the opposite sex even if it would let me play through the romances I’m interested in. :sweat_smile:

Let me tell you though, I would’ve jumped on Austin if he swung that way. He was the companion that most interested me, but, if I remember correctly, most interactions with the companions were essentially gated to their romance arcs so I didn’t really get to know him as much as I would’ve liked to. I remember on my very first run through the game, I always picked him as my partner on missions hoping to get to know him better but alas. :joy:


I’ll try and add more none romance gated interactions for you. Victor will certainly be unbugged when this is done. I’ll make sure of it and triple check it.


Ashleigh Wakefield from Choice of Deathless, definitely. Mecha Ace’s Camille Hawkins, though I would have liked it if certain scenes had been more accessible for us aro aces. And not really a romance, but I’m a huge fan of Apex Patrol’s Scientist!Kasador when the MC is both sympathetic and a match intellectually for them. Something about the scenes where you can see that they regret their actions and wish you were still working alongside each other is quite touching.


So far I’ve seen very little about Sidney from So You’re Possessed. Honestry he was my favourite, but also because he served more purpose than just being a romantic option.


JJ from Slammed!
SEMRYU!! from Waywalkers
Patch from Fatehaven
Black Magic from Hero Trilogy
FELTON!! and Adrian from For Peace We Die
Hunter from Monster High
Arthur from Guenevere
Just to name a few off the top of my head.


Rebellion from the Hero Rise Trilogy & Jun from Waywalkers University. Only in my dreams though.


D’aww! Glad to hear. We’re pretty fond of Sidney, too. :wink: More than anything, we wanted Sid to feel authentic and like a fully fleshed out friend and character, so I’m glad that seems to have come across for you. That whole relationship and it’s many iterations will be expanded on in the sequel, along with some new ones!