Favourite Guitarists?


My tentative top 10:

  1. Jimmy Page

  2. Hank Marvin

  3. Richard Thompson

  4. Eric Clapton

  5. David Gilmour

  6. John Williams

  7. Joe Bonamassa

  8. Tommy Emmanuel

  9. Les Paul

  10. Django Reinhardt


My top ten:
1.Jimi Hendrix
2. Alex Lifeson
3. Wes Montgomery
4. B.B King
5. Jimmy Page
6. Pete Townshend
7. Chuck Berry
8. Steve Howe
9. Terry Kath
10. Eddie Cochran


(No particular order)
1.) Mick Thompson (Slipknot)
2.) Jim Root (Slipknot)
3.) Munky (Korn)
4.) Head (Korn)
5.) Brad Delson (Linkin Park)


Favorite Classic Rock Guitarist: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
Favorite Modern Rock Guitarist: Zach Blair (Rise Against)


How can you like hank Marvin and not love mark knopfler?
Props for knowing who djngo Reinhardt is tho.
My favorites would have to be the usual suspects: evh, slash, knopfler, Chet Atkins and jerry reed, Adrian smith, Emmanuel, Hendrix, Phil x, randy

I guess I like a lot of different things, but I would have to go EVH as my favorite and it gets blurry from there

Ooh almost forgot Eric johnson can’t forget EJ

Sorry to list everyone ever :slight_smile:

You guys all play?


@Lobo420 Actually, all three of the people I mentioned ARE guitarists, but Robert MacKillip happens to be particularly well known for lute as well. @gkex I do play (and sometimes with bands) but my primary instrument is keys…


I used to play the sampler and turntable and I did screamed vocals, but I don’t play guitar xD


wow all these guitarists & no one mentions some of the best imo

Angus & Malcom young - Ac/Dc
Flea - Red hot Chilli Peppers
Peter Frampton
Paul Stanley - Kiss


Frampton I can see, but Paul Stanley? Are you kidding? He’s not even the best guitarist in his own band. And isn’t flea a bassist?


I included a bassist :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing against them or anything, but I’m not exactly ready to put Bach up here either.


But I would, if I thought I could get away with it! Although that would be lute. :smiley: Sorry … speaking of which, yes, favourite guitarists. Robert MacKillop, Eduardo Fernandez (who is AMAZING; I was able to attend one of his concerts once), and Andrei Krylov.


@122BCooper Thanks for reminding me of Reinhardt. I’ve been meaning to check out his album for awhile and I just did a day ago.

If classical counts, obligatory Andrs Segovia.


@fiogan if you are including lute & Ukulele players we cant forget Tiny Tim or Garfunkle & Oats


Nice ^^

  1. Pete Townshend: Started playing guitar at the age of 12. One of rock music’s most gifted and influential artists.
  2. Carlos Santana: Helped shape the concept of ‘world music’ by his experiments with blending many styles of music from a multitude of ethnic sources.
  3. Elmore James: Rightfully known as ‘The King of the Slide Guitar’.
  4. Tom Morello: Wonderful work in the 1990s with Rage Against The Machine.
  5. Johnny Marr: Lead guitarist with the cult British rock band, The Smiths, one of the most influential bands of the 1980s.