Favorite video game soundtrack?


Composed and arranged by Tsutomu Narita.

Granblue Fantasy’s soundtrack is magnificent and the fact that it’s a mobile game shocks me even more. They got freaking Nobuo Uematsu on this! Not to mention that they had the soundtrack performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra a couple of years ago; Cygames really went all out in the music department.

Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link has me excited, the collaboration between Cygames and PlatinumGames is going to be one hell of a sight. Uematsu and Narita are confirmed to be returning for the game’s soundtrack, which further increases my anticipation.


Get that electro-orchestra droppin’


Started playing the free version of Guild Wars 2 yesterday with a friend and it’s great so far. I think I’ll get to level 80 first before buying the two expansions.

The soundtrack is outstanding. You could say this is my first exposure to Jeremy Soule’s music in a game (haven’t played any of the Elder Scrolls games nor the other ones he’s worked on).

Call of the Raven from 1:44 onwards makes me emotional. It’s so beautiful.


Hi guys, these are some of my favourite ones (not mentioned before):
Valiant Heart Full Soundtrack https://youtu.be/l3rClyAOxwA
Stalker - Dirge for the Planet https://youtu.be/WDCNlqMgnvo
Mirror’s Edge - Still Alive https://youtu.be/SUXyoyuJZ8Y
Heavy Rain https://youtu.be/fICLxqk8bbg


Arcanum has my favorite video game soundtrack
Arcanum ost playlist

VTM:Bloodlines is a close second, the original music written for the game by Rik Schaffer that is, I could take or leave the liscensed music in it. All the cut songs from the soundtrack are great as well.

Best track in the game
Great cut song

And lastly I’ll mention my dearly beloved Pathologic.

Skip to 58:39 for the best song on that ost


Darkest Dungeon soundtrack is absolutely amazing as well. This track really bring the otherworldly atmosphere to the game. The whole audio department of the game is just phenomenal tbh. From the orgasmic narrator to the atmospheric soundtrack.


Brutal Legend and Deus Ex are the ones I find myself remembering well enough to hum outside play most.


Nothing beats the original BOI in terms of ambient/atmospheric background.


The GTA games have some great songs on the radio stations.

But my all time fav has to be the Red Dead Redemption, the end theme hits me right in the feels.


In case anyone follows Ace Combat news, I extracted this from a demo gameplay video on youtube.

Don’t expect hi-quality stuff or something; it’s really rough. Even you can hear the sound of missiles flying around and explosions, as well as the cheesy radio comms. But it got better after the 1:40 mark, at least.

Oh, and if you’re on headphones, you might want to tone down the volume a bit.

But anyway, here it is.
Ace Combat 7 - Two Pronged Strategy (Phase 1): https://vocaroo.com/i/s1fAZHiHgvVX


Came across this recently after a long time.


Ice Pick Lodge released some of the soundtrack for Pathologic 2 (which despite its name is a remake/reimagining of the first game, not a sequel). The music is fairly different than Pathologic’s soundtrack (which is one of my favorite soundtracks as posted earlier) but it’s very good too!


I love Halo 5’s soundtrack, even though I haven’t played the game. Kazuma Jinnouchi did an excellent job and it’s a shame that he departed from 343 Industries last month. From what I’ve heard, he did some work on Halo: Infinite’s soundtrack before leaving so I’m looking forward to that.

My favourites from the soundtrack include:

1:42 - Always puts a smile on my face.

1:17 - What I find so cool about this part is that it’s a rearrangement of the track “117” (also composed by Jinnouchi) from Halo 4’s soundtrack… which starts at 1:17. Jinnouchi must’ve done this intentionally.

The comments section for this track, haha.


3:44 is glorious. They actually recorded the orchestra session for “Blue Team” in one of Halo 5’s behind-the-scenes videos. Seeing it performed by this symphony orchestra is breathtaking.


I was baby-sitting a 10 year old yesterday, and we played Rayman Legends. (For like 8 hours. What I’m not the kids mother. You drop her off at a gamer’s house we’re gonna game) The music in that game was amazing. Especially the underwater levels…I’m still humming those tunes.


You exposed the girl now she’ll game her whole life and beat your best records.


Kohei Tanaka is a genius.

It’s criminal that Gravity Rush 2’s soundtrack wasn’t nominated for best score. His work in it is masterful.

Gravity Rush Remastered and 2 are on sale on the PS Store at the moment, so I may look into getting those. :thinking:


I freaking love Mick Gordon.

Seriously: I usually dont really like beat-em-up-fighting games but Killer Instinct was an insta-purchase (on Steam) after hearing the OST(s).

Also: Wolfenstein 2 has quite the amazing OST aswell.


So I started playing old PSP games on my computer, and

(I’m still waiting on the fan translation patch, curse you non exported remakes!)


This is spectacular. I am so excited for this album! :smiley:
0:30 - there’s Keiichi Okabe, music director and lead composer of the NieR series. He is legendary.

Though be warned, Square Enix thought it was a good idea to add a whole bunch of NieR spoilers in this video. I don’t know why they did that.

The composer of Anthem has now been confirmed to be Sarah Schachner. She composed Assassin’s Creed Origins and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. BioWare uploaded the game’s main theme to their SoundCloud (linked above).

After listening to the track a couple of times, I’m starting to like it more and more. It fits the heroic theme very well.


I’m assuming you’ve heard the track Gordon made for DOOM Eternal’s trailer. It is so badass:

Looking forward to the soundtrack. I haven’t played the games though.