Favorite video game soundtrack?


Kessen 2 is the oldest on the list.
Followed by jet set Radio future.
After that we have the dynasty warrior series.
The Fallout Series, new Vegas in particular.
Call of duty, but only Zombie mode soundtracks.
God of War had fairly a dramatic soundtrack. It feels weird to use dramatic as positive description.
The final fantasy series is generally good, but XIII is especially nice.
Skyrim obviously.
Saints Row 4’s soundtrack was both amusing and invigorating.
I’ll finish with undertale.


This one is always going to be one of my favorites just because it brings back so many memories from when I was young.


Ah…I still have the original…one…

Ya know…the older one lol


The fact that Touhou hasn’t been mentioned yet while Undertale and Cuphead have is highly concerning. Let’s correct that shall, we? :stuck_out_tongue:

My overall favourite soundtrack of the Touhou games is in Imperishable Night (TH8) with the Stage 4 boss and Stage 6 boss themes being personal favourites (Reimu/Marisa and Kaguya’s themes respectively). TH10-13, has some good themes too with TH11 Stage 6 boss theme being my most favourite (Utsuho’s theme). The PC-98 games (TH1-5) should also be mentioned as well, since they don’t get enough love. Mystic Garden’s (TH5) Main Menu Theme is a good starter.

Of course, Touhou isn’t the only one on the my favourites list, so I’ll give some more though they tend to be more obscure.

Super Robot Wars has some good OSTs such as ‘Raise the Anchor’ from SRW V and ‘The Knights of Fury’ from Moon Dwellers. A lot of the character themes come from their respective shows though, so I’m not sure if their themes count.

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky has some good music, with special highlight to the battle theme ‘Sophisticated Battle’.

Rise of Nations was the first game I had ever played as a kid which had a substantial soundtrack. ‘The Russian’ would be a good introduction to the game’s style of music.

Railroad Pioneer was not a great game and it was full of bugs, but it did have, in my opinion, decent albeit limited selection of tracks. It has a rather catchy installation and main menu theme.

Panzer Tactics DS has a good main menu theme as well. Certainly has better soundtrack than the PC version found in Steam.

Zwei!! has some great JRPG sounding tracks. I’d encourage to check it out.


I have a couple (STAY and Undertale come to mind) but the most recent for me would be Detroit: Become Human! It’s wonderfully done, and perfectly matches the story, graphics and gameplay. (And this isn’t a video game soundtrack but I swear the startup sound of windows xp is burned into my brain!)


But you didn’t mention a specific soundtrack from Detroit.


Oh, that’s a hard choice. I love Connor’s theme (especially in the hostage mission!) for certain, plus Fly on Foot. I liked Station as well, but I think I liked it more when playing, rather than listening to it separately.


I like “Now” (Deviant Chase) and “Run with me” (Kara Chase).
“Run with me” is basically a mix of “Now” and Kara’s theme.

If I still had to choose, I’d have to go with “Now”. The other one is of desperation, but this is badass.


Two great songs for certain. Though interestingly enough I think I prefer Run with Me over Now, to be honest. (the chase scene with Conner was 10/10, for sure badass)


I like Run With Me because you can hear both character’s themes. Connor’s is in the background before it overlaps.

Now looks pretty similar to this.


Composed by Joris de Man.

I bought the Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack today. For 80 tracks coming up to 4 hours of music altogether, getting this for £9.99 was a steal.

This track is used as the theme for Meridian; it is very enchanting and evokes tranquility. A stunning piece.


Finally found the time to play Frostpunk and dear god: The OST is just wonderful.

Especially the Storm-Soundtrack is amazing:


Joris de Man got the knack to compose this serene melody on his musics.

All 3 game-phases in Vainglory are composed by him. I’ll just put the link to my previous post.


That is a very nice track. Need to look into more of his works. :+1:
Back in May, Horizon won another award for best score, which I’m really happy about:

Assuming they return for the second game, I’m greatly anticipating their work on that.

  1. Dragon Age Origins - main theme, Leliana’s Song DLC - intro, “Day in a life”, “Market Place”,
  2. Divinity Original Sin II OST - main theme, “Rivellon”, “Divine’s Lament” (vocal)
  3. Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines - pretty much any theme. Main menu, Downtown, Santa Monica, “Cain” from Asp Hole, Asylum theme…
  4. Mass Effect 3 - Leaving Earth
  5. Morrowind - Nerevar Rising, Peaceful Waters
  6. Stardew Valley has some nice music. It’s cute and relaxing, for the most part.
  7. SWTOR - Clash Of Destiny


Nothing, and I say nothing will ever come close to Dont Ever Forget in my heart. It’s the one time I cried playing a video game or watching a movie.

It just conveys so many emotions at once: the hope for the future, the nostalgia for the past, the bitterness of victory and so much more.


As Octopath Traveler is coming out tomorrow (well, the game and its soundtrack are already out in Japan), time to post a couple more tracks:

Another soundtrack on my wishlist…
Dammit Square Enix, why is your music so good?!


I really like Battletech soundtrack. Jon Everist captured that unique futuristic feudalism feel of the battletech universe. There are a bunch of times when I had to stop dismantling mechs with missiles and lasers to listen to the music.


Just going to leave this little bad boy right here.


What a thrill…
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