Favorite video game soundtrack?


It does fit since Connor’s segments are the times where you are mostly investigating, so I think it’s the appropriate music for some murder deduction.


Ruiner has a really good retrosynth soundtrack. But the highlight has got to be this gem by Susumu Hirasawa (of Paprika fame).


Two and a half mins of marching your army.


The Last of Us has amazing acoustic music, some of the quieter songs like The Path are my go-to for writing or drawing.

My favourite soundtracks by far for drawing are Journey and Ori and the Blind Forest. Both of them are just so beautiful and atmospheric and really nice for doing creative work.


An obvious/not very unique answer, but the Halo soundtrack is my favourite, though I also love the Hitman blood money soundtrack…Oh wait I forgot about Shenmue 2(probably because you can’t get that soundtrack on cd) so no actually Shenmue 2’s is my favourite. Bu t thinking about it now I also love pokemon Black and white 2’s soundtrack quite a lot, and the streets of rage and golden axe soundtracks. In fact I’d say streets of rage’s comes close to my top pick too.


NieR:Automata. I love the soundtrack so much, MONACA have outdone themselves with it.
(the track below is composed by Kuniyuki Takahashi)

Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5 and God of War are very close too.


Here are some of my favorite soundtracks.

Sonic R

Sonic Runner


Drakengard 3

IIRC Higurashi VN


My current favorite? The King Dice theme song.


The original NieR’s soundtrack is outstanding. Really nice choices.

“Grandma” is so hauntingly beautiful. I tear up pretty much every time I listen to it.


Anodyne - Windmill
Breath of Fire - Fate
Breath of Fire IV - Landscape
Castlevania II - Bloody Tears
Child of Light - Metal Gleamed in Twilight
Chrono Trigger - Memories of Green
Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time
Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers
Chrono Cross - Dragon God
Divinity: Original Sin - Original Sin
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Sins and Gods
Donkey Kong Country - Jungle Groove
Ducktales Remastered - Moon Theme
Earthbound - Because I Love You
Final Fantasy VI - Terra’s Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Aria di Mezzo Carattere
Final Fantasy VI - Kefka’s Theme
Final Fantasy IX - Freya’s Theme
Final Fantasy IX - Place of Memory
Gray Matter - Never Going Back
Hotline Miami - Deep Cover
Hotline Miami - Hydrogen
Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks
Transistor - Paper Boats
VA-11 Hall-A - Showtime
Wild Arms - Into the Wilderness

Well, there’s more but i think i posted a lot already haha, some were already mentioned like LoZ, Mario Galaxy, etc.
Also, i think almost all the FF games have at least two good songs.


While I don’t own a Switch, Octopath Traveler’s soundtrack is shaping up to be an excellent one. Decisive Battle II (linked below) is my favourite track from it so far:

Composed by Yasunori Nishiki. Octopath seems to be his proper breakthrough as a solo video game composer. He’s worked with Nobuo Uematsu and Tsutomu Narita on Granblue Fantasy before, but Octopath is definitely his biggest project to date.

The recording session for Decisive Battle II was uploaded on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, which is really nice:


Darkest Dungeon has one of the most atmospheric soundtracks i’ve ever heard.


I agree with Zarzunabas, Darkest Dungeon has one of the most and best atmospheric soundtrack that too only for a video game.


Yakuza 0’s soundtrack is pure badassery:

Composed by Hidenori Shoji, a member of SEGA’s sound team.


Composed by Yoshitaka Suzuki.

It basically sounds like Final Fantasy meeting God of War.
I remember first hearing this when I was doing the final chapter on my first playthrough and holy shit, this song is absolutely glorious. One of the most epic tracks I’ve ever heard in a video game.


Chrono trigger, final fantasy during my childhood
now its just the more popular genres like persona and nier


Persona 5’s OST is fantastic. NieR:Automata’s is phenomenal, it really deserves all the praise it gets.

Kind of annoyed that Atlus hasn’t bothered to license P5’s OST over here in Europe. They did so in the U.S. by putting it on iTunes but not here, so I’ll have to buy the OST as an import which will be expensive.


Ark’s soundtrack is beautiful.


I’m gonna be honest about Yakuza’s soundtrack, I’ll get pumped up once those badass tracks hit my brain, but I don’t truly get fully pumped up until I hear those damn incredible KARAOKE TRACKS


As my friend put it:

“Yakuza 0 is a serious game about the crime syndicates of Japan, with a deep plot and well-developed characters.”

Yakuza members doing karaoke? Hiring a chicken as a manager?

Shit doesn’t hit the fan more than that.