Favorite video game soundtrack?


The soundtrack for Zankyou no terror have a few pieces that I love. Specifically “hanna” (06), “walt” (09) and “bless” (18).

Other than that, I like the the soundtrack in Okami.

There’s lots that I can’t remember currently, so I’ll probably come back and edit this.


Oh yes the soundtracks from AC series. One of my favorites.


My Top 3 favourite Soundtracks ( atm :wink: )



Divinity Original Sin 2:


Here is my top

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

The Last of Us - The Quarantine Zone (20 Years Later)



I second that.

Mine are:
Any game from the Ace Attorney series, as I said.
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky
The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks/Twilight Princess
Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates (all three paths)/Echoes/Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
Pokémon Black/Black 2
And that’s pretty much about it.

Edit: I forgot to mention Professor Layton!


Now that’s my kind of topic!

Hollow Knight: absolutely beautiful and atmospheric, without the music the game wouldn’t be half as good.
Dragon Age Origins and Dragon age 2, dragon age inquisition is a tad lackluster but also good
Final Fantasy 14: my favorite mmo, probably the best music in existence for the mmo genre
Skyrim: obvious reasons
Rule of Rose: classic melancholic soundtrack
Fire emblems: almost all titles, more so thr newer ones
Castlevania dawn of sorrow
Nier!!! All of them and let me throw in drakengard as well.
Dark souls, every one of them God I love the soundtrack so much
Shadow of the colossus/ico/guardian (my favorites)
Doctor layton

I really have a thing for game soundtracks


I see a lot of people saying that giving one title is impossible, and I would have tend to agree at first, plus why would you need to ? You are allowed to enjoy all the music in the world there is no limitation to it…
But if I really think about it, if I truly have no other choice than to name one… The Fields of Ard Skellig… In term of in-game experience, or evocation, just when I hear it… of course, even in the same game there are some other musics I fell in love with, so don’t get me started on others as well… But damn this song symbolise everything I love about video games, because each time I hear it, I remember a story I played a part in, I miss characters that are not even real, and I wonder how on earth was I able to leave this marvellous universe, and how I want to go back one day…
So yes whether it is Shadow of the Colosus, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, Vice City, The Last of Us, MGS2, TOS… yes there are some great soundtracks out there, but I could chose one single music and I feel lucky I can


that passion! I love it! and yes , I completely forgot about the witcher 3! argh!


I mostly use my own music, quite rarely pay attention to it
but still elder scrolls have real good theme and brutal legend has amazing soundtrack too


Super Mario Galaxy, especially egg planet.
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Midna’s Lament+ Hyrule Field/Main theme, Ocarina of Time Gerudo Valley and song of storms, The dark world, Link to the Past castle theme and Zelda II Temple Theme and Basically everything from Professor Layton.


What about Twilight Princess?!?!?


Kingdom hearts 1-2
Final Fantasy IX
Dragon Age Origins
Mass Effect 2
Nier: Automata

These games have some of my favourite tracks, some have been in my mp3 reader for years, now…


I love the halo music and the Batman Arkham games soundtracks
And mass effect


Boo! Boo! Only link to the past! :grin:


Depending on whether we are counting visual novels or not, because if we do, Umineko, bar none. It has a ridiculously massive and varied soundtrack, just a pity it isn’t more well known.

Otherwise, games from Super Giant Games (especially Transistor), the Persona games, Deus Ex and Mass Effect.


how about old castlevania ! :kissing_heart:


Just wanted to put this one here.

Rock, orchestra, chorus, and a bit of electro.
Oh, and an army’s marching band, too.


Back at it again with percussion-string soundtrack!
This is from PW’s new scenario mission. It ends rather abruptly, but probably that’s because for the looping.

If you want it to be played on a loop, simply right-click and select the “loop” option (if you’re on pc, that is)


That reminds me… not exactly a favorite, but a really good piece of music.


Hm. I don’t think it’s my style, either. Lacks extra oomph, IMO.
But I suppose it fits the game theme? Haven’t played the game .-.