Favorite video game soundtrack?


Oh yeah, I’m aware-- I wasn’t calling Kingdom Come a AAA title, I was just referring to AAA as a standard to compare my PC’s performance as a gaming platform. (I run on a laptop, tbh, so not a true desktop.)

And yeah I’ve seen some gameplay footage-- the settings and backdrop are pretty to look at, but I always thought the character models were a little lacking in comparison. (Might be that uncanny valley effect… Hahah.)

I agree with you on TESV. LOL. I think I’ve sunk at least 1000 hours into that game…


I actually tried replaying TES V. It’s interesting, never paid attention to it: the quests are so repetitive I dropped out of the game while 3 hours into it. Didn’t notice back when it came out. I guess this is influenced by modern games; I’m not used to playing the same quests over and over again.


Can’t blame you if you dropped it, everyone has their likes and dislikes. I guess for me sidequests that are just “Go here and kill something” or “Go here and get this one thing” is just not one of mine. XD I guess I’ve just built up a tolerance or something.

I guess I find it soothing or at least mind-numbling that I can do that instead of tend to some other responsibility of mine.


Skyrim: "Yes, I need you to go get this, I’ll make a very specific location on your map, this is the exact location."


OSTs from Silent Hill 2 and 3.
Man, Akira Yamaoka did such a great job regarding soundtracks. And Melissa Williamson’s vocal is dreamy.
Personal favourite - You’re not here


I know the OP said “soundtrack” but I’ll list specific songs for your YouTube searching convenience. Songs with an asterisk get stuck in my head in my daily life if I’m under pressure.

Persona 4 - Reach Out to the Truth
Night in the Woods - Weird Autumn (I love the covers people do of this song!)
*Metroid - Escape
*Strider (Arcade/Genesis) - Counterattack (but also the game is one long song)
*Chrono Trigger - Determination/Main Theme with a dash of To Good Friends
Persona 3 - Burn My Dread
Persona generally - Velvet Room
*Rocket Knight Adventures - Final Boss Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad
Final Fantasy VII - One-Winged Angel
Valkyrie Profile - Take a Flight
Katamari Damacy - Main Theme (but also the whole soundtrack)
Um Jammer Lammy - No Cuttin’ Corners
Persona 5 - Life Will Change
Chrono Cross - opening theme
*Mega Man 2 boss music
Lunar 2 - Lucia’s Theme
Odin Sphere - Main Theme
Civ IV - Baba Yetu
Phantasy Star 3 - Main Theme
Castlevania - the third level theme which I’m sure has a name
The World Ends With You - Twister
Mega Man 3 - ending music


The Undertale OST is stellar as it is.

Cuphead also had some fantastic music to it.

The gameplay of Crypt Of The Necrodancer is practically revolved around the music, so it’s not a surprise that its music is kickass.

And that’s the games I can remember now.


Speaking of Skyrim…

Nice relaxing three hour compilation of background music and atmospheric sounds there. One of these days I’m gonna have to restart Skyrim and play it through fully and properly, only game I ever bought the full guide for, for goodness sake…


And then get distracted from saving the world by wearing Link’s tunic, rebuilding your home, fighting a flock of fire-breathing Thomas the Tank Engine, and sorting the order of your mod list.

Which is basically me.


Lol, well I’ll likely play it o naturale myself if and when I pick it up again, unless I can find some nice visual mods Sony dares to approve… :unamused:


Of all the monstrous beings to habit this Earth they are the most deadly.



Oh god. Since when did Fallout 4 become a horror game?


It’s actually been out for a while now, but here’s the OST for a new bossfight in Hollow Knight.

Two words from me: Majestic and Glorious!


two of my favorites are the soundtracks to Oxenfree and Billy Hatcher. i love how much music can contribute to the atmosphere!


So many , I wouldn’t know if I can choose just one .

But…if I have to…

I would say Amellisan from BG 2 Throne of Bhaal . You hear that music at the end , and it’s sooo bittersweet…cose the game end .

So yeah , BG + BG2 soundtrack is just full of nostalgia for me .

Icewind Dale 1+ 2 also has a great soundtrack .

DAO has an amazing soundtrack .

DA2 has a good one .

One of my favorite is Qunari on the rise !

DAI has a great soundtrack , homewhever some idiot decided that during the game…you wont heart it . Make me wonder why they ever bothered .

Neverwinter Night 1 had a great soundtrack as well .

Kotor 1 and 2…nuff said . Let just say you don’t wanna miss the soundtrack of these 2 .

while I can’t stand Skyrim , it does have a great soundtrack as well .

pillar of eternity …

Urgh there are SO many of them lol so I stop now lol


Lovely thing about this forum; you can see how many people click links. Now that I’ve sampled most of the songs posted here, I can see most of them have been listened to exactly one time. By me. You guys are missing out.

Also, here’s a band called Theodor Bastard:

And here’s a medley on an OST:

And here’s a song not in any way endorsed by the Royal British Legion:

And does Overclocked Remix count?:

And screw it, it counts:


Boo! Boo! The only zelda is a Link to the past! :laughing: