Favorite video game soundtrack?


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Michiru Yamane is…almost as good as Bach. <3 )

And Pyre…I love that game so much, and the soundtrack is just gorgeous. Darren Korb, glorious. (The vocal tracks are beautiful, too.)


forgot to bring up rayman legends and owlboy.


Portal 2, Okami, WoW and Borderlands 2


Definitely Fallout 3 or Fallout 4



Despite being underrated, the game has nice soundtrack. This one is a favorite from the game.


A new track(s) for the new 5v5 mode.

Vainglory 5v5

Source (Under It’s actually above the “ALL-NEW 5V5 MUSIC” section)



I have been obsessed with the Nier:automata soundtrack lately, blew me away completely!


This cannot continue

Weight of the World


My absolute favorite video game soundtrack has to be Jet Set Radio Future. I played that game so much as a kid and even today I love the music. I honestly think it had a big impact on the type of music I like today. But honestly SEGA is pretty good when it comes to music. Sonic games pretty much always have great music even if the game itself is lack luster.

Also The World Ends with You has a great soundtrack. And I’m so excited for the remake coming out for Switch.

Also Katamari Damacy has some really fun songs.


No “A Beautiful Song”? What sort if blasphemy is this? Just kidding, every track is great so I forgive you for not putting this track in your post.


My all time favorites include Dragon Age, Skyrim, and Persona 4.

Recent favorites of mine are Persona 5 and Undertale! (The latter I discovered by caving in and watching Cry’s let’s play of a pacifist run. It’s not something I can play, but it’s an absolutely amazing game.)


The game too spec-demanding, eh?
:smile: Just kidding.
Anyways, the game’s got a great soundtrack, I agree.


Hahaha yesiree, I’ve got a potato PC, why do you think I play so many Choice games?

I kid of course! What I meant was that since I had no impulse control and watched a let’s play, I already know what happens so I can’t play now. ^^;

BUT yeah. I listen to it on repeat when I work on my art. (I’m torn between Metaton’s and Asgore’s boss themes as my all time faves from that OST.)


Got a pretty lame PC myself too. I did play through Undertale though. As good as it is, IGN messed up bad by giving it a “10” rating while underrating other games.


Gahahah i never take IGN or Kotaku or any of those review sites seriously anymore for that same reason!


I’m looking at some Kingdom Come: Deliverance gameplay. It looks amazing. A shame I can’t play it myself. (I can probably save up for the money, but the game’s too demanding and said to be poorly optimized).
We’re also kind of destroying the point of the Games thread.


I love Dragon Age; Origin’s- Inon Zur ( I guess it was called like this)


We’re in the off-topic section anyway, we should be able to free talk. LOL

That said, yessss. I’m also looking forward to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’ve been looking for a more realistic take on the medieval period that wasn’t mostly based on PvP combat (a la Mount and Blade, from what I hear.) I think my PC can handle it… I think. XD My specs aren’t exactly good for AAA 4k Ultra settings and resolution.


I think Inon Zur was the composer for Origins’ soundtrack, yeah!


Kingdom Come isn’t a AAA game though. Animations sometimes look bad and there are camera glitches. I like the setting as well but people keep complaining about combat. To me, it looks fine, not clunky as they say. It’s a challenge as no skilled swordsman could (back in the medieval era) handle 6 opponents at once (if they were all armed and he/she wasn’t wearing full plate armor). So, yes, accurate to real life. Plus defeating enemies gives more sense of accomplishment.
If people want “easy” and “fun” (sarcasm, I love TES but its combat is nowhere near fun), buy TES V.