Favorite video game soundtrack?

  1. The main theme of The Last of Us. It sends shivers of pleasure down my spine every single time I hear it.

  2. The tracks Second Son, Speed of Light, Cumulonimbus, Abigail Walker, Serial Tagger, Smoke and Mirrors, and I’m Told That Hurts from the soundtrack of inFamous Second Son.

  3. Great Grey Wolf Sif’s theme from the original Dark Souls.

  4. Vicar Amelia’s and Gehrman’s themes from Bloodborne.

  5. The entire soundtrack of Transistor. Every single one of them.

  6. The original soundtrack of Crypt of the Necrodancer and its metal remix.

  7. 2016’s DOOM soundtrack.

These are just off the top of my head; if I had the time I’d list way too many games.

  1. Ori and the Blind Forest. That soundtrack has got to be one of the best, I was so upset when it didn’t win an award for best game soundtrack.

  2. Life is Strange, it’s just a really laid back and alternative kind of soundtrack that I love to listen to. Also the second installment (Before the Storm) simply because I love the band Daughter to death.

  3. Dragon Age Inquisition, including the barb songs. I actually love the Dragon Age Origins soundtrack too, I listen to it mostly when I’m writing action and love scenes.


for me it’s okami, undertale, most kirby games, shadow of the colossus, and the last guardian.


I actually really really love the music from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s very atmospheric and because it always happens in response to something else it can make those unknowing discoveries all the more breathtaking (like when a dragon slides on up next to you and suddenly the music is playing and you’re just galloping across the canyon with a dragon flying above you- absolutely gorgeous.)

Or you’re running around and climbing up a mountain or flying over a canyon and suddenly you start to hear this soft accordion noise- far away and faint, until you find Kass playing in a meadow somewhere.

The music always just means something special is happening, which makes wandering around just feel so much more… grand.


So many answers.

Metroid Prime. (Phendrana Drifts especially)
Everquest 2 (though that might just be due to the literal years of my life I gave to that game)
Mega Man 2 (Especially Flash Man’s stage)
LiS:Before the Storm: (I’m still totally wrapped up in everything to do with this game)
I could put almost any of the Final Fantasies here, but let’s go with 6 just for the opera.


The entire Persona 5 soundtrack and the main theme of The Last of Us. So amazing.

Oh and Life is Strange. The feels were real with that music.


Skyrim with its lovely background music, managing to complete perfectly the feeling of living in a real fantasy Lord of the Rings style world.

And the entire Arkham series, but Arkham Knight especially. I love the music in this sequence coupled with the feelings that Bruce, Alfred and the others share, coupled with the pretty shocking twist at the end (fyi MAJOR SPOILERS for Arkham Knight if you watch this).

And here’s the music in question, case you wanted to hear it o naturale.


Nope, I don’t have a favorite one, but I do love with my whole heart these gems:

  • Mass Effect 2, 3 + music from DLC. I need to admit that I am crying every time when I listen to it.
  • Dark Souls. Music from the whole trilogy is just great.
  • Nier: Automata, hands down. The most beautiful soundtrack from 2017 (in my opinion)
  • Dragon Age: Origins and Inquisition? Maybe? I mean, I love songs from the Inquisition but I freaking hate 3d game, soooo… I don’t know.


Final Fantasy has my heart… Two cut tracks Messenger and Original Sin from Dissidia and X respectively, are my favorites.


I don’t have an overall favorite. I just love music too much!

The first OST that I fell in love with though was from Grandia II. Particularly the songs Live!Live!Live!, Cancão do povo, & all the Fight!! songs. I learned how to play all of these on the Piano by ear, I loved them so much!

This was followed by Bust A Groove 2. There’s only 2 songs in this OST that weren’t absolutely amazing to me, but they were still pretty good.

Then Kindgom Hearts came out, though out of the series KH2 had the most memorable music imo (not counting Sanctuary, Dearly Beloved, or any other songs that were some kind of liet motif lol)

The World Ends With You has a bomb OST. Even my friends who haven’t played it, just listened to the music, jam out in the car to these songs.

Other favorite OST’s of mine also include Undertale, Transistor, Bastion, Pyre, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


It is Civ4 that has baba yettu. The only start music that comes close to Baba yetu is Final Fantasy series prelude theme. I second that jet set radio future has the best sound track of all time. Also really like the Bayonetta series soundtracks. How can you not like Fly Me to the Moon and Moon River. Persona 3 has some of the best boss battle music with battle for everyone’s Souls. Though lately still love jump up superstar from super Mario odyssey.



Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but The Last of Us.
Brings tears to my eyes, every time.


Oh. Mah goodness. XD

How many soundtracks must I mention? All of those I really like? Let’s see… in no particular order then…
And I’m entirely 100% positive I’m missing a bunch I’d remember if I heard again.

Far too many VNs to actually name individually (usually 1-2 songs each)
Witcher III
Nier: Automata
the Souls games
Black Desert Online
The Shadowrun Returns games (even though the music is a bit blocky it fits the games quite well)
Stardew Valley
Hotline Miami (one I haven’t played but like the music for)
Civ VI
Subnautica (it’s nice and ambient, though I probably wouldn’t listen to it much on its own- well… I might, in the right mood… well okay, some songs I certainly would. XD)
Each of the Telltale games, with at least one song
Warframe (even though I haven’t played the game, great soundtrack)
Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The oldschool(ish) RPG montage:
All the Final Fantasy games (especially VI and VII)
Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross
The Fire Emblem games
Breath of Fire (2 mostly)


Hi guys first post for me!

I adore the music from the whole Dragonage series, still sends shivers through me when I hear the music from origins.

Final Fantasy X We used lots of the music when we got married including our first dance and it’s always been special to me.


Persona 3-5
Nier Automata has a really good one too

Edit: Adding Kingdom Hearts all soundtracks but especially Simple and Clean. That song still gives me the feels.


Risking Everything Here We stand, Sen no Kiseki
Silver Will, sora no kiseki
That persons name is, bravely default
Battle of oblivion, bravely Second
Serpent devouring the horizon, bravely default
Nisus, the Last Remnant
Pride and arrogance, fe shadow of Valentia
Lord of a dead empire, as above
Harbingers, stella glow
Akashic record, devil survivor 2


Sad that I don’t think anyone has mentioned Earthbound.


I have! And it is also amazing! Has an nice feeling to it. But i haven’t played it, like the first parts, so it does not have like a small special place in my heart. But god damn, all of series have a very nice soundtrack!


I skimmed the thread and the ones I love have been mentioned here already… but I haven’t seen VA-11 HALL-A yet. It’s a pretty cool game too.