Favorite video game soundtrack?


I’m in the Bioware Orchestral Camp of video game soundtracks, but outside of those, and ones I can’t see mentioned:

When I’m in the mood for more electronic vibes I hit up Borderlands OST, especially Pre-Seq and BL2, but Tales from the Borderlands season 5 opener is one of my faves:

(Also late to the party but @ashestoashes018 SIMS 1 YES YES)


Banner Saga does have a good soundtrack.

Some others:
Final Fantasy VII
Mass Effect Series
Kenshi (Just the main song)



Totally agree. That was the very first MMORPG that I’ve ever played

And listening to those soundtrack really bring a lot of nostalgic feeling to me


I played it when I was in 3rd grade until highschool… my pc gave up on me


Medieval II: Total War
Total War: ROME II
Witcher 3
Crusader Kings 2
magna carta 1 and 2
expedition vikings
pillars of eternity 1 and 2
divinity original sin 1 and 2
command and conquer series
everlasting summer
There are more but this would take far to long.


The perfect buildup and shivering. Electro, orchestra, choir, and percussion.
This is the BGM for the final boss.


It’s impossible to not love Baka Mitai. Best song and running joke of the series


white Island , best game soundtrack in my opinion ,I especially love the soundtrack that is hummed and sometimes whistled , too bad it’s too hard to find


Human fall flat


magna carta 1 and 2
Crusader Kings 2


Dragon’s Dogma - main theme

I tried playing this game on my low-end laptop, it didn’t run well so in the end I just sat at the menu listening to this song. No regrets.


Some of my favourite OSTs:

  • Trine (all three);
  • Journey;
  • Heroes of Might and Magic IV;
  • Ori and The Blind Forest;
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag;
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer;
  • The Elder Scrolls series;

If only I’d remember them all :sweat_smile:.


Lately, the release of the “Dancing All Night” Persona spinoff games has gotten me back into the music of Persona. My obsession’s gotten bad enough that I have basically just listened to Persona music on my drive to and from work for the past week. My favorites happen to all be from Persona 3, especially some songs I missed because they were portable-only:


Love persona 3 and 4 still need to beat 5
My are
Nier automata
Kingdom hearts
Metal gear solid
Can’t believe I forgot about the tales of series


The life is strange series, playing through it now…and perfect, not good, not great, not amazing perfect, literally the best music ever, and in general the games are the best ever, with the first life is strange being my favourite so far. I would post a youtube link but…well I don’t want to use the word triggered, but listening to any life is strange song seriously would get me really emotional, and I don’t want that right now…


NieR:Replicant is my top fav. The Automata OSTs were great too. I am also fond of Bloodborne’s gothic-tinged soundtrack and JX3’s gufeng styled music.


Oh man… ACNL is sooo good at soundtracks. I’m sure they’re not the only ones to do it but the system of having a theme for each hour of the day is really cool.

Plus… The music itself is just really good. Whenever I listen to it I wanna play ACNL but I know I’ll just restart my game and then abandon after a week… poor villagers.

11PM is probably one of my favourites because it’s just so soft and makes me think of the sun going down or being tired but still having a good day. Idk, it’s just nice. I also really like 4AM. It’s a very different feeling from 11PM though. I think I never actually heard it while playing so that might also be why I really like it.

Anyway, I would kill for the switch game to just be out already. I want it so bad.


Isn’t that just the Dark Arisen theme?

Though yeah love Dragon’s Dogma.


I have not played Nioh yet, but its soundtrack is freaking amazing.