Favorite video game soundtrack?


Child of Light has a lovely soundtrack. Very whimsical and reminiscent of a classic hero’s journey.


Instead of actually doing any missions in Final Fantasy 15, my whole experience can be summed up in 30 minutes:


Yes-yes, the Thaggoraki is in the ascendance. I love this track, it captures the feeling of facing the Vermintide really well

this one is also really good. If the previous track paint a picture of facing an endless tide of vermin on the field of battle, this one evoke a sense of fear and dread facing a few hundreds in a cavern


Just finished up Yakuza Kiwami 2 and found another good track in Majima’s little sub route

There is another video playing it in its full glory with its “boss clash” scene that makes it even better but I don’t know if it can be considered a spoiler even though its obvious from the start of the route who the big bad is so I won’t post it.


I presume you’re talking about the final boss theme? I’m sure these two videos won’t spoil anything, since they’re just the box-art and title screen respectively.

I like both versions for their own reasons. The Kiwami version clearly is a bit more ‘big’ and exciting, but I always felt like the original Yakuza 2 versions feels a lot more personal since really there isn’t anything bombastic about the fight. Just two guys accepting their mortality, fighting to the death to prove who’s the better man, as only the better one can have the title of ‘Dragon.’

It really shows how different the characters feel towards each other considering the other time two characters fought for the title of ‘Dragon.’


No, I just meant for the Majima Saga. The song I posted is for the final battle there but I feel alot of the songs are amplified when they include their “boss clash” screen (where the songs always start up and then really let loose when it says the character your fighting’s name) rather than just the song by themselves even though they are all still great.

Just didn’t want to show the scene in case someone wants to experience it themselves when they play it.


Skimmed through the topic and was somewhat disappointed to see no mention of the first Xenoblade :frowning:

Was never a huge Nintendo fan but it was the only reason I owned a Wii and it was probably the first point where I started paying attention to video game OSTs (after Kingdom Hearts ofc)

Most people tend to go straight for tracks like Mechanical Rhythm or the Gaur Plains theme but the best track IMO has to be the Satorl Marsh (Night) theme:

The Gaur Plains theme was nice but stepping into Satorl at night with the gorgeous shimmer over the swamp and this track playing was just breathtaking.

I do have to give a thumbs up to the Unfinished Battle theme though, I didn’t think they could top the final boss theme immediately after they played it but they goddamn did it:

I was also surprised no one mentioned the Driftveil City theme specifically? I played this for my boss at work (we have free reign over what plays on the speakers) and he couldn’t get enough of it:

I never even glanced at the DMC series beyond Dante’s inclusion in Nocturne until my friend showed me Nero and V’s themes for DMC5 and needless to say I’m certainly going to be looking more into this shit:

I was somewhat disappointed by Dante’s theme ngl, the vocals seemed so off?

The SMT games all have fantastic music but if I had to pick a favorite it’d be Madness from Digital Devil Saga 2:

Watching my faves pull off these sick crits while this upbeat Sonic Riders-esque track played was the highlight of the game IMO.

I can’t talk about video game OSTs without mentioning my favorite series though- the Warriors games have some of the best music though without a doubt the most obvious choice for a number 1 spot is March:

Hearing this song play in Warriors Orochi as sort of a final boss theme (IIRC) was just so fucking badass I swear

I’m not going to go into any more for now but I’ll just leave a list of a few of my faves:

Bonito’s Theme from GBF
Aria De Mezzo Carattere from FF6
Suteki Da Ne from FFX
Divine Identity from Digital Devil Saga 2
Darkness from Persona 3FES
Wiping All Out from P3P
Kimi No Kioku from P3
Looking Back from Tactics Ogre LUCT
The Sonic Riders theme song
Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night theme
Into Free from Dragon’s Dogma


Three that I think haven’t been mentioned yet.

Medieval 2: Total War. Some epic battle music, some excellent background tracks for the campaign map, and even a few special ones that take some finding.Some of the other Total War games are good, but this was imo the peak so far.

Rebel Galaxy. Evil ways, in particular. It might not be the style of music you;d expect to find in a space combat sim/rpg, but it works really well. Hopefully Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will be as good.

Baldur’s Gate II. The main theme is especially strong, but there’s a really good range of ambient music for all the locations.

An honourable mention to a little visual novel called Negligee, which has a great soundtrack.


It´s a shame that i am usually to focused on micromanaging my armies in Total War: Warhammer 2 to properly enjoy these (battle-/combat-) Soundtracks.


3 things I love about this song: Its a great song for the main menu without lyrics to get you ready for your fights, it’s sung by one of my favorite characters ingame, and it makes for a great ending of a decades long family feud.


I am a huge fan of the witcher, in the third part the soundtracks are incredible. Witcher’s audio track makes a special impression if played with a good audio system or high-quality headphones. Oh, also I do love the Prince of Percia soundtracks.


I dunno if it has been said, but the OG Sims soundtrack is my favorite. I have it bookmarked on YouTube, for when I need a wave of nostalgia.

It was my introduction to modern jazz, and I love it. I wish my computer was cruddy enough to run the OG Sims, just so I could relive the magic.

(PS: Build Mode 1 actually makes me tear up, lol. It’s my favorite song from any video game soundtrack ever)


The only wave of nostalgia I get is from Ragnarok Online. I cry when I hear the background music of Pontera field :sob:


Metal gear solid 3 has one of my favorites https://youtu.be/9aHQnDTd1y4


Climbing intensifies


My favorite game soundtracks were mostly from JRPGs or Online game, since i grown up playing with them instead of western RPGs… I doesn’t have a laptop that capable to run AAA games or home Consoles to play with lol. But here we go…

Originally titled “One who stands against God”, my favorite music up till now, i usually listened to this when i played IFs and currently fight against Godlike bosses… Like that Boss in Heroes Rise, i forgot what’s her name.

Nothing but a good ol’ chrono cross Dragonian Fort’s background music. man, I miss that game.

Yuzo Koshiro’s rule! The theme that plays when you battle against SKY and SEC11.

Another Yuzo Koshiro’s masterpiece, gotta kill the bosses you know…?

VG’s MOBA main Menu music… That soundtrack still give me the chills even after i retired playing the game, SEMC did a good job with it.

It just relaxing and i mentally keep telling myself to find a date before The flower dance event in the game.


This is one of the best soundtracks i have ever heard.
Damn… That trailer was intense.

The Smash Bros Ultimate version of it is not as good, but epic nonetheless


Swery is secretly my favorite gamemaker. I still remember this song from D4


Apparently that track wasn’t actually used in the game and was made just for the trailer. Arranged by Kosuke Yamashita, a brilliant composer.
I agree, it’s excellent.


All of the sound tracks in Bowser’s Inside Story on the Nintendo 3DS