Favorite video game soundtrack?


Getting off the subject of Persona I’d like to give a shoutout to lots of other games. Starting with the Morrowind main theme, Gehrman The First Hunter from Bloodborne, Soul of Cinder from Dark Souls 3, Wally’s battle theme from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby, Don’t Speak Her Name and Id (Purpose) from Fire Emblem Awakening and pretty much the entire Bastion OST:

I should probably stop now right?




Bought the Bastion, Transistor and Pyre OSTs. Damn, Darren Korb is an amazing composer.

Also his new soundtrack for Supergiant’s latest game Hades sounds fantastic so far. Can’t wait for it to become available for purchase.

Love how the first half is acoustic guitar and then transitions to electric guitar at 2:59. Gives me DOOM vibes.


I like these from Knight of Honour


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It turns out that John Paesano did more music for Spider-Man’s DLC. One of the tracks I’ve linked below:

I love it. 3:06 onwards just has me in complete awe.

Someone put Paesano on a Spider-Man film, please!


So, since I’ve posted the soundtrack on the Games thread, it won’t do it justice if I didn’t post it here, too.

So, this Battle Brothers OST one is the exact same one from the games thread. It’s titled “Bone March” if you have the ost from the DLC.

Who knows the Undead likes upbeat snare drums?

This one is played when fighting human enemies (brigands). Titled “Thug Life.”

Love the acoustic guitar.


To many good soundtracks to pick from. But ill just settle for this one.
Dam this whole games OST is one fucking masterpiece. You have NO SOUL. NO SOUL I tell ye if you are not moved by this epic piece.


Hotline Miami. Both 1 and 2 (in particular Dust from M.O.O.N)


I am truly addicted to that game. Played from the earliests early acess to this day and the bandit track is my favorite by far.
Didn’t imagine that i would find a fellow Battle Brother here. (Or did this game became a lot more popular than It was? At least in my time this was a very well hidden jewel).



those two are magnificent aren’t they.

Here is more beauty form its predecessor

honestly got obsessed with that tune for over a moth before I could move on with life.


Final Fantasy IX, hands down my very favorite OST. Burmecia Kingdom track just LIVES in me and haunts my dreams. <3 (I’m sort of partial to eternal rain…)

Aaaaand…now I know what I will listen to today. :slight_smile:


More OS1 goodness

Yeah, its pretty much my favorite game (OS2) of all time for several reasons and the soundtrack is a big part of that with how epic and catchy pretty much all the songs are. I don’t think a piece of music has made me feel that sense of an epic adventure awaiting like it did when me, my girlfriend, bestfriend, and my sister started up our game together and listened to that during character creation. We all were ready for it and it ended up amazing.

That does remind me though, the version of Sins and Gods that plays at the final epic battle is something I will never forget. A sort of calmness, but filled with so much tension with so much on the line. At that point we had already decided my sister would be ascending and becoming divine…and there the other 3 of us stood determined to get her there.


Its defiantly one of my favourite rpg of al time. Been a fan since the good old days. Back when Divine Divinity came out. Rip the composer who did them al up until OS2. The tavern music I posted earlier is a camo to the original from Beyond Divinity.

Destroyed the source on my first playthrough. Lived happy ever after with my dear Lohse. Still sings for me to this day.:sweat_smile:

Here is some amber ale I bought. Enjoy


I’d have to say the Shin Megami Tensei series and its spin-offs are my flavor. Barring that, action games tend to have stupendous soundtracks like Nier or No More Heroes especially.


I still cry :sob:
RDR2 for life.


I couldn’t get into Nier but I was on Wallpaper Engine just browsing and found a really nice background with this song and fell in love with it.

Also someone made a mod to change 2B’s stage song in Soulcaliber VI to this song and I really like it too.


Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’ soundtrack composed by Noriyasu Agematsu really surprised me. I didn’t expect a free-to-play mobile game to have music this good. Hell, this is good enough to be the soundtrack for a mainline FF game.

“Celestial Battle” and “Onslaught” are so epic, with “Moment of Recall” being a wondrous piece. That’s another soundtrack on my purchase list.



HEY HEY HEY, Are ya ready for some Crazy Taxi? I can’t say it is the best soundtrack in general, but it is a solid compilation of songs that match the tone and speed of the game, songs that make you WANT to keep your foot on the gas. It was my favorite arcade game to play, because I could rock out while driving like a maniac.