Favorite video game soundtrack?


not tomorrow by Akira Yamaoka-silent hill


The slap bass. The electric guitar. The drums. This track is a banger.

Arranged by Keiichi Okabe, music director and lead composer of the NieR series. This is pure :fire:

My god, that piano… I need to buy a Switch.


Now thats some childhood nostalgia (my favourite OSTs from the Playstation 1 - Era). :grin:


For all orchestra lovers, MTG:A has relaxing tunes you’ll love.

Now, if only I can find a video with better quality as these sound like recorded with a mic shoved into a speaker… ahem, excuse me. You might want to up your volume into 50%, even on headphones.

The main leitmotif

The more relaxed one


Even more Yakuza but this time, it’s from Kiwami 2’s soundtrack.

Absolutely love this track. Lots of Cowboy Bebop vibes here. Love me some jazz.

Retaining the badassery from Yakuza 0’s soundtrack. SEGA’s sound team are so good. I’m highly anticipating their soundtrack for Project Judge.


This song is my favourite of all the songs I’ve heard in video games.