Favorite video game soundtrack?


Final bosses from recent Kirby games: CROWNED, Moonstruck Blossom, all three parts of Star Dream, and Void Termina/Void Soul


Excellent video. I’m really happy that Sony are releasing these behind-the-scenes videos for their game soundtracks.

I need John Paesano’s soundtrack for this ASAP, please Sony.
1:01 and 1:22 are so epic.


The theme for this FUCKING PICKLE is pretty good


Great track.

I’m especially fond of the game’s main theme. Tadayoshi Makino did a splendid job.


Anyone remember that song where a lady passionately shouts LELELE LELELELE! like a war cry amidst a cacophony of screeching string instruments and loud, thunderous drums?

…I really liked that one.
(ps. its this one https://youtu.be/UENb3lLSQho )


Oh wow that’s actually pretty good. Never heard more than 10 seconds of that track cause I’m always smashing buttons to get through the main menu faster. The ending track is great tho, and I heard through all of it. Because the credits is unskippable.




At least the ending track is really good. Those vocals, damn. Hopefully it made the unskippable credits more bearable, haha.

@N1GHTMAR3 Love Horizon Zero Dawn’s soundtrack. Bought it a while ago and there are so many amazing tracks in it, that one especially is one of my favourites from the game. Also, happy birthday! :birthday:

Another game I’ve yet to play. Don’t have an Xbox One nor a good enough PC, so it’s another wait for me until I get a better PC.

“Light of Nibel” is ethereal. The progression from 1:12 which transitions into the stunning strings and vocals at 1:30… I’m tearing up. This track alone makes me want to play Ori and the Blind Forest. I’ve never heard Gareth Coker’s work before this but now I’m very interested. When I eventually buy the game, I’m sure as hell buying the soundtrack with it.


It helped, at least now I know half of Japan is employed by capcom based on the length of the credits


Happy birthday.

Edit: I meant Happy Anniversary. Similar icons.


While not my favourite soundtrack, I was very pleasantly surprised with the soundtrack for the second Attack on TItan game. Then again the music for the show is basically the only thing I like about it too

These two in particular were standouts

I also adore the Allayi soundscape in Endless Legend

The Kapaku also have a very pleasant sound

And the techno-tribal mix of the Hissho in Endless Space 2 is gorgeous


lmao, very true. I wonder how long DMC5’s ending credits will be?

I really like the OST for the AoT game too, as well as the anime’s.

Heck, the main theme for the first AoT game is Sawano-styled.



Endless Legend is awesome stuff!

Knowing I love the action part of games, this tune lit up that strategy-mastermind feeling when you plan your attacks and seeing it through. The build up is epic.

For a more soothing, calm song, it’s Terra Amata.

I don’t play E-Space, though. Not really interested in space 4X.


To celebrate the (almost) release of Lethal League Blaze, let me post the main menu theme of the first game. It’s pretty good, and so is the game


Just to add to the LL goodness here, my favorite track and court:


went back to replay Dante’s Inferno after so long and yup still by far one of my top favorite soundtracks from a video game


John Paesano’s soundtrack for Marvel’s Spider-Man is now out, finally!

I honestly didn’t expect the soundtrack to be this good. Paesano definitely blew away all my expectations for this.


The Golden Age and Spider-Man are probably my favorites.


Composed and arranged by Keiichi Okabe, the music director and lead composer of the NieR series. SINoALICE’s soundtrack overall is excellent and the fact that this is for a mobile game is shocking. Square Enix and their soundtracks do not disappoint.


Kingdom Hearts.