Favorite video game soundtrack?


I have too may to list but I’m gonna try.

Any Yakuza OST (0 and 6’s being my favorite after all these years)

Doom 16’
Killer Instinct (1,2, and 2013)
Divinity Original Sin 2
Tekken 7
Street Fighter (3rd Strike’s specifically)
Most of the Shantae games
Every Resident Evil’s

Can’t think of any more recent ones right now.


Currently playing through Yakuza 0 and my god, the soundtrack is ridiculously good.

Putting on Majima’s Slugger style is worth it just to hear this track.


@Spectro889 Please I am begging you not to get me started on one of my favorite game series in the world…but I can’t help it now.

Pretty much all of 0’s tracks are instant killers. Hearing all of the fighting styles themes for the first time is something that I will never forget. My favorite one is Majima’s Mad Dog of Shimano style one “Receive You The Subtype” but also his remixed “Reign” theme which always gets me pumped. (Not sure how far your into the game or if you beat it already but lets just say it plays at this one particular time when you can feel all his emotion coming out with that song!) Also a little sidenote that I love about it and a lot of the recurring character themes like Kiryu’s Dojima style one and Nishiki’s For Buddy, they are remixed versions of the originals in all the games from 1 so its always fun hearing how they changed them up in each iteration.



Headbanging intensifies

Chapter 5, right after the Cafe Alps meeting with Oda.


I’m pretty sure that LiS:Before the Storm has been mentioned already. (Possibly by me) But, I woke up with this song in my head this morning, and eight hours later it’s still there so I have to share. The whole soundtrack is great. A lot if it isn’t…umm…happy…but it’s great.


I am not much of a gamer, but think that the soundtrack of `Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines’ is wonderfully evocative.


Why is this style so OP?
Not complaining though. I love Breaker (and this theme), it’s hilarious to use.

Someone give Hidenori Shoji an award for this soundtrack. His work on Yakuza 0 is insanely good.


Huh whaddaya know, Monster Hunter World actually has good tracks for the monsters. I dont really notice it since i usually get really focused during a hunt, but these are not bad at all. Here’s one for the Aerial-Bombing-Asshat (name me and my friend came up with):


That is because Breaker is mainly for AoE and also lore wise in the future games its the one that has the most invincible frame states when you fight him all the time so I guess they wanted you to finally get to feel like he does at those times.

Which is great cause fighting him in some of the games were even harder than the final bosses sometimes so it would get frustrating. NOW THAT POWER IS YOURS!

Also another great character theme is Kuze’s which has a great emotional remix too but i’ll let you hear that when it finally comes at a pivitol moment.


Pretty much all of the Ace Combat Games. And the music from the The Legend of Heroes games. Especially Cold Steel.

As the title suggests, that ost is the "deified" version of this.


As a kid I loved the Halo soundtrack. But right now, I love listening to most songs of all the Dragon Age games. I also liked most of Skyrim’s soundtrack when I first played it, especially the ‘Dovahkiin’ song at the menu. :blush:

Oh! And I almost forgot the Touhou Project soundtrack. I was so obsessed to almost any song Zun makes for his games in high school. :grinning:


I absolutly love Portal 2 soundtrack and I listen to it even now!
(I am too lazy to link some of them but I am still gonnna list my favorite tracks:
Caroline Deleted
Bomb’s For Throwing At You
Reconstructing More Science
Machiavellian Bach
Courtesy Call)
As for other games I can say that Skyrim and Morrwing had great main theme’s. I can also say that I got really hooked by Mass Effect 3 sad music in the beginning. Bishock has great old songs to listen to as well as Fallout (starting from 3). Mafia II had great song’s in it.
And as much as I like Portal 2 I like games from The Chinese Room. They make amazing games mainly focusing on story (rather than gameplay lol) here’s list of their game’s and in each of them OST was amazing (for me):
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Dear Esther
Everybody Gone To The Rapture


@derekmetaltron @Dark_Stalker This sounds amazing, it really fits Spider-Man. Though this does contain shutter sound effects because it’s a rip from the game’s photo mode, which is where this track is played. It’s the cleanest one I’ve found until the official album comes out.


It’s so lovely. I mean I didn’t think they could ever beat the Sam Rami theme for Spider-Man, but this is so perfect I might cry.




Lets see, favourite Game Soundtrack…

  1. Hopes and Dreams - Undertale

  2. Megalovania - Undertale

  3. Rainbow Road - Mario Kart Wii/ Mario Kart double Dash

  4. Dark Pits Theme - Kid Icarus & Super Smash Bros Brawl

  5. Mother - Earthbound

  6. ORIGINAL Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow start theme - Pokémon

  7. BOTW trailer Theme - Legend of Zelda

  8. LOZ Windwaker start Theme - Original LOZ Windwaker

  9. His Theme - Undertale

That’s all I can think of at the moment, so this is just some I like really


So, this isn’t a soundtrack video. However, the arrangement that accompanies the mission gives out Metal Gear Solid’s sneaky vibe.

The mission starts at 2:35, in case you want to jump in immediately.


Really nice track. Hopefully we get the full version of it soon. :+1:

But the dislikes on that video. I wonder why there’s so many. :thinking:

@Dark_Stalker @derekmetaltron Well, that came out quicker than expected. The full version of Spider-Man’s main theme composed by John Paesano. Sounds like something straight out of the Avengers, which I love.


Well, despite the complaints on their previous video, the guy playing it still uses the novice control scheme (the game orients your craft upside up automatically). And they don’t improve their skill, like shooting to a target behind cliffs.

At least I’m glad that their recording is captured in-game, not “video of a screen showing the game being played.”