Favorite video game soundtrack?


I’m pretty sure a thread similar to this exists, but this one’s only restricted to video game soundtracks. So, I thought I’d ask: what is your favorite soundtrack from a video game and why? Personally, I’d have to give it a lot of thought and stop onto Assassin’s Creed 2: Ezio’s Family by Jesper Kyd. The Origins version sounds nice too, but it’s not the same. The sound basically makes me relive through all the memories when playing my favorite AC game from the series. Enough with that.
What’s your favorite video game soundtrack?


Ah, love a good soundtrack. Especially piano or violin versions of game songs. FF7 is always a good choice, as are both Chrono games (like a lot of other qualities about it, the music in Chrono Cross is way underrated). Chrono Trigger is probably my overall favorite though.


No points for originality but
Shadow of the colossus
Banner saga 1/2
Persona 5
Metal gear solid rising revengence


A dedicated thread for games’ OST!

I’d say that the Ace Combat series nailed it with their mainly percussion-orchestra OST and weird mixes like electro-classic songs, and I love almost single one of them.

However, here’re some of the few of my favorites.

Melancholic, snappy flamenco and heroic orchestra.

Bang your head with strings and drum.

Soft strings and prominent leitmotif.

These are more electro-rock-orchestra, defining the genre for the whole franchise.

Other than that, check out this percussion-orchestra-ish OST from an indie game in development.


My would be…

Dragon age: inquisition (Menu theme) and the other “The shadow comes” or something like this. Where all the cast is singing. Still fives me chills…

Dragon age: Origins and 2: love every single of them. I am a big fun
Battlefield: All of theme.

Witcher 3: Ladies of the Wood and Steel for Humans and more. Can’t remember them.

Mass effect: most of them. I just plain love the game.

Assassins Creed: Ezio’s family, black flag.

Fallout: all of them again😂 except the radio station.

Undertale: something about a hero?? Cant remember either.

Crusaders Kings: Menu theme.

Omg! I don’t know how i forgot this one!

Heileen series. Interactive novel with pic and all by winter wolves!!! The soundtrack just kills me!!


I have A LOT but off the top of my head: 3030 Deathwar Redux

I recently played it and the soundtrack was ASTRONOMICAL, literally cuz the setting is in space


Yep, I also agree that Udertale soundtrack is great.

Other than that, maybe soundtrack of Little nightmare or some of the Necrodancer music.

and some of the boss fight soundtrack from Mario or Kirby
especially “Snowy field” and " “Vs Squashini” from Kirby’s epic yarn


Persona 5
Saints Row 2 and 4
Dragon Age Inquisition
Fallout radio stations

Edit: Also Fable 1


Assassins Creed 4
Dragon Age inquisition
Mass effect
Splinter cell blacklist
Persona 4


Dark Souls soundtrack is something special. The gothic orchestral can be bombastic at times or it can be a soft melody at others. Plus the lack of music throughout the rest of the games make each track a lot more memorable. Also each track is personalized for a specific boss so they’re even more memorable. My favorite track has to be “Ornstein and Smough”, those 2 can fuck right off.

Second favorite from Dark Souls is probably “Gwyn Lord of Cinder”. Thus track is just so different from the rest that it stood out. A simple piano solo that evoke sadness, perfect for the character it was attached to.

Witcher 3 is great too. Everyone love some Eastern European (Balkan? Whatever region Poland is in) music. They’re exotic and evoke a real sense of fantasy. My favorite is that “Oy Lazare” song (steel for human? Silver for monster? One of those), that band is great. “Ladies in/of the Wood” is really good too. Special mention for “Gaunter O’Diim Theme”

Edit: you know what? I’m just gonna go ahead and say that anything Motoi Sakuraba make is gold. I’m gonna add another one of his work from a criminally underrated JRPG Baten Kaitos here. I give you "Le Ali del Principio"

Nier stuffs is great too. But I feels like I’m rambling now.


Fantasy General

Civ 4 and up. Which one had Baba Yattu? Was that 4 or 3? If it was 3 then that and up.


Warframe (“This is what you are” is just perfect)
Warhammer 40k : Dawn of War 2… Actually… all Wh40k-games
(except DOW3)
Dark Souls (1/2/3)
Guild Wars 2
Evil Within 2

Edit: How could i forget to mention Crysis 2?


austin wintory is just great,my favorite one of him is the banner saga
remember me
nier automata
hotline miami,perturbator is one of my favorite musician these days


Nowadays, I really love Nier automata’s soundtrack. It’s been accompanying me through basically everything for the past weeks :smile:

Final Fantasy series has an overall masterful soundtracks. To name some specifics would be FFX and FFXIII (Imo, the game is bad. But, the GOD the soundtrack is awesome.)

I spent most of my childhood playing Kingdom Hearts. Back then, I wouldn’t even notice how awesome the soundtrack was. Growing up, some of its OST’s has been on the playlist on my phone to accompany me through basically my whole life growing up. Tracks like, Dearly beloved, The other promise, xion’s theme, and hikari is the stuff that I would recommend.

Enough talk about SE’s property (Seriously, when in terms of OSTs Square Enix’s stuff is like the first thing that popped up in my mind). The next thing that I would recommend is DOOM, the new, bethesda one. I’m not really a big metal head, but soundtracks from doom could easily awaken the little head-banging metal head that I am. lol. If I recall, on youtube you can find some of the behind the music stuff. Tell you what, its awesome.

Thats it. Feel free to give it a listen :smiley:


Has some good music. Like this:


Persona 4 (Sadly I haven’t played P5 since I don’t have any of the consoles to play it and I was really hoping for a romance route with Yusuke despite the odds being lower than a fem protag so my hype did die out quite a bit)
The World Ends With You
Ace Attorney
Dramatical Murder
The Second Reproduction


Drakengard 2 delivers a stunningly beautiful and melancholic orchestral soundtrack that exudes the aura of medieval wartime fantasy slowly builds up throughout the course of the listen. An example of such being either of the Exhausted tracks.

Drakengard 3, whilst lacking in the orchestral department, provides an experience that is both enrapturing and unsettling.
While it contains beautiful, haunting melodies and vocals by Emi Evans yet also distorting it in explosive tracks like Phaneul, Galgaliel and Zophiel that easily get your blood pumping and all the more enthused to trudge through the less than stellar gameplay if it means being able to listen to the music and enjoy the story.
Examples being Kuroi Uta and Exhausted for both the chilling atmosphere and how drastically different they are.

Nier is yet another gem by Keiichi Okabe that Drakengard 3’s soundtrack seemed to build upon. While DoD3 offers chaotic and fast-paced sounds suited for its hack-and-slash gameplay, Nier goes for the more elegant and refined sound that makes it all the more epic when it dips into more savage and primal type of sound in tracks like Blu-Bird.
With Keiichi Okabe at its head, it’s a given that it’s going to have a gorgeous soundtrack.

DOOM is something you’re likely to have already heard so I doubt I’d need to go into much detail about its music.

Persona 4 & 5 are also certainly enjoyable and distinct that if you were to play a song from any of the three recent games to a Persona fan that they’d be able to recognize the game in a heartbeat.
Sadly, the impressions they leave are not always good, as is the case with P3’s Jika Net Tanaka.
I hate that song so much.

Bloodborne’s gothic and eerie soundtrack is pretty Nito too.

Binding of Isaac is another nice orchestral metal soundtrack that I don’t see as many people talking about that much. While not as grand as DOOM or Bloodborne, it still has its own charm.

The Earth Defense Force is fun too just because if the EDF song.


Jet Set Radio Future is my all time favorite game soundtrack.

Persona 3 (Portable Edition) takes spot two, with Persona 5 coming in at third.


Witcher 3 has nice soundtracks, yeah. I really like Hunt or be Hunted. Blackflag’s cool too, but AC 2 just has nostalgic music.
Here, have you listened to the Origins version?


Too many to count, to be honest and for many different reasons. From the fun, adventurous music in Wind Waker to the calming music of Journey and Flower, I’ve found myself enjoying a great deal of video game music.

But one particular song that really caught me off guard in a good way while I was playing the game? Heal from the game Ico. I still remember the day I first heard it.

It was my first time on the game and I was a bit tense. I was playing a little boy with no visible means of protecting myself, exploring a castle far too large and far too unknown for my taste. For a little while, my confidence during the exploration grew a bit and by the time I found a young woman in a cage (Yorda), I even felt like this was something I could easily handle.

Then I met my first Shadow enemy.

I’m not ashamed to admit I froze up for a moment it appeared; the being was eerie in all the right ways and seemed far more imposing than my little kid self could ever hope to be. It took me a moment to react to the fact that it was trying to drag the caged girl off, but when I realized it, I quickly grabbed that stick and fought to protect the strange girl. The game did a great job reminding me that I was a kid trapped in a castle of horrors, not a well equipped warrior armed to the teeth for the future dangers. But it also did a great job of jolting me into the mentally ‘I may be a kid in over my head, but I WILL get out of this place and I WILL protect this girl while I do it’.

Needless to say though, that first encounter with the Shadows had me on edge. It seemed far too interested in the older girl I was guiding and something in my gut told me that the next time I see one, it won’t be alone (a theory I would unfortunately proven right on). My newfound companion drew my attention to my first stone couch, and I sat down to experience Heal for the first time.

I was caught REALLY off guard by the gentle music; I was used to save points just dulling the background music or doing some version of the opening menu song (if it even had any music at all). But that was the first time I heard a save point music that really had a identity and feel of it’s own. It was soothing and calmed my nerves from my earlier encounter; it really made the save point feel like a type of safe sanctuary in a number of ways.

Hilariously, I ended up saving then accidentally falling asleep to the music. Guess it was too soothing. :laughing:. But it certainly has cemented itself as a particularly memorable video game track ever since.

It’s my go to song now whenever I am struggling to fall asleep or feeling really stressed.