Favorite Halloween Scare


What’s your favorite scare, could be in fiction, real life, stalker or target…


Ha, I am evil. I remember when all night I was scraping at somebody’s door, then did more scary stuff , then I knocked on the door. I scared the woman to death. I had a shoe thrown at my face.


I put on a bleeding skull mask, hood and fingerless glove and stood out my neighbors window with a fake knife…


I’d have to go with target, fiction; Early resident evils and Silent Hill games have the potential to scare me half to death…
As for real life, stalker; my uncle used to dress himself up like a Halloween prop, and wait for trickortreaters to come close before jumping at them and chasing them… He’d also spray people with hoses from inside a bush.


had a friend lay on the front yard another under a truck hidden and i was playing dead at the front door wile a neighbor gave out candy for me. we had the two adults and a 13 or 14 year old and id twitch a little and groan and my neighbor would bop me on the head then id launch up and dive at her pretending to chew on her arm wile she screams and clubs at me, meanwile the criend under the truck rolled out and creaped around thier car waiting for them to come back later and my friend on the lawn would calmy get up and walk behind them making sure to at least make some noise so they might hear them (this is a common conceal carry area next to a military base) sadly they didn’t hear him, he lightly bumped into them and reach out for the candy bowl and the kids shoulder the dad freaked and screamed like a stereotypical anime school girl and ran for the car the mom picked up the teen and ran for the car just as the lady buy the car stood up thinking the scare went to far for this particular family (we usually get more hardy families) wich caused the dad to run down the road a few hundred feet before stopping and recovering the mom just fainted and the teen, she just fell over laughing we checked to see if mom was ok taking off our masks first of course and we all shook hands with the kid for being the only one in the family that took it in stride and wasn’t even scared. they came back every year after that often bringing other families with them from out of town they were kinda cool though they generaly were more prepared for us and only got spooked 2 more times after that but only jumping or darting a few feet before calming down there teen daughter even joined in a few years down the road when she was 17 comicly shes now going out with the girl who originally was behind the car (didnt start dating until she was 18 but she had a major crush on her for a few years) i was 15 at the time the lady behind the car 16 and the guy on the lawn was 18 that day


This one time at school, a few friends and I convinced this guy to hide behind a corner and then pop out and yell at other people. The evil part? We told him to pop out when ‘a friend’ was coming, when it was actually a teacher.

Teacher: crosses corner
Teacher: …
Guy (to self): Well, damn.

More of a random prank than a Halloween thing, but hardly anyone celebrates Halloween here so that’s all I’ve got.


When someone mix the skittles with m&ms.