Favored genre?


Just wondering, does anyone have a preferred genre they generally play in? Whether it’s tabletop, video games, or CYA type games.

Mine is probably fantasy, but I swing out to science fiction, superheroics, and steampunk depending on my mood. I enjoy the escapism, and even though romance is appreciated, I like a little more action in my stories.




Video games - RPG/Adventure.
Books- Fantasy, Suspense, Mystery
In general, fantasy is ok in my book~[or,video game case.]


Table top, IF/CYA, RPG, World Building, and Life Simulation are my preferred types of game. Within those types of games, I like Fantasy most, but Sci-fi is good too. Romance is an added layer to the story, even if it’s only hinted at, but I can do without if the characters and the world are fun.


definitely lean towards fantasy/romance/historical (any geographical region prior to the 20th century) genres


In books, I prefer historical novels at this time, but I also have read a lot of fantasy and sf books, thrillers, and satires. I am playing boardgames. I like strategy games in board games and computer games alike, particularly the Civilization series, but I also enjoy RPGs when they offer a good atmosphere (like Oblivion or Dragon Age).


Games:FPS,Rpg,mmo,openworld, and anything in between…


Books: Fantasy, Sci-fi, action and adventure.

VG: Basicly the top only add RPG and Shooter. Ohh and multiplayer


Fantasy, psychological horror, science fiction, dystopias, romance, CYOA/IF, RPGs, simulations, and sandboxes.


Pyschological thriller
Depressing… stuff…
Anything where you can just control your surroundings and you’re not restricted…
Anything where the guy DOESN’T get the girl, vice-versa…
Horror (although I am very easily horrified)
Gory stuff


I don’t know about a specific genre, but I like stories that make sense. The more ‘real’ a setting feels, the more I can appriciate it. And I don’t mean that is has to be a real world setting. I love fantasy and books a with magic, but get heavily put off when the ‘rules’ of the world seem to just revolve around making the plot. It makes the setting always feel so paper thin when that happens.

Also, no gore in movies. I can’t stomach it. Ironic, because I can, and have, dealt with it in real life.


I like RPG , and games like star wars KOTOR


RPG, Simulation, Historical and Romance and Humor ^.p


I typically like any genre, but i like games in which two people’s relationship affect the story or the other way around. It doesn’t have to be a romantic couple. It could be siblings, or friends.


Fantasy for me. with a romantic theme.


I like fantasy strategy and relationship


Currently I like Historical, Action, Natural History and Gothic.
So a historical thriller set in a Zoo would be ideal (!)